XRP Casinos (Ripple Casinos)

After years of uncertainty due to the SEC filing a security lawsuit against Riplle labs the judgements is finally in. Judge Torres has ruled that XRP is not a security!

We have explored the very real possibility of XRP becoming The King of Altcoin Cryptocurrency Casinos in the very near future.

Ripple and their hundreds of partners have never focused on the gambling market but are instead focussing on legitimate real world use cases like cross border payments, live streaming payments and the internet of value. As such there are very few online casinos currently accepting XRP. XRP gambling is far cheaper, faster, and safer than many other cryptocurrencies and we fully expect the regulated online gambling industry to embrace XRP as a payment option in the near future.
In the meantime we will be adding Ripple casinos, XRP slots, crypto casino xrp and xrp online casino sites once we find some that are legitimate, trustworthy and reliable.

mrBit Casino

mrBit Casino

Restricted: Australia, Afghanistan, Belgium, Curaçao, France, Italy, Iraq, Iran, Latvia, Malta, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States.

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USA, UK, AUS = Restricted
Shazam Casino


USA, AUS, UK = Accepted.

Restricted: Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bhutan, Bulgaria, China, Costa Rica, Croatia, Curacao, Estonia, Guam, Hungary, India, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Netherlands Antilles, Pakistan, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Syria, Ukraine, Vietnam.

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USA, AUS, UK = Accepted.


Restricted: Australia, Afghanistan, Belgium, Curaçao, France, Italy, Iraq, Iran, Latvia, Malta, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States.

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Restricted = USA, UK, AUS


Most Countries Accepted

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Most Countries Accepted
Rich Palms Casino

Rich Palms

USA, AUS, UK = Accepted.

Restricted: Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bhutan, Bulgaria, China, Costa Rica, Croatia, Curacao, Estonia, Guam, Hungary, India, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Netherlands Antilles, Pakistan, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Syria, Ukraine, Vietnam.

Hello Casino

Hello Casino

Casino General Terms and Conditions Apply.
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18+ Only.

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Casino General Terms and Conditions Apply.
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18+ Only.

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Winaday Casino


USA Accepted.

Restricted = Australia, Bangladesh, Belarus, China, Czech Republic, France, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Vietnam.



USA, UK, = Accepted.

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USA, UK, = Accepted.

Advantages of XRP Ripple Casinos:

Virtually Instant Deposits
Almost Instant Withdrawals
Virtually Zero Transaction Fees Using XRP Compared To Bitcoin
Most Stable Currency (Less Volatility)
Price Closer to USD
Great XRP Casino Bonuses

Ripple Casino information (XRP gambling sites)
Ripple is one of many different cryptocurrencies that you can use to bet online with. Ripple is a rapidly growing currency. The payment method is now one of the top five that you can use to deposit and play at casinos with. In the past, the currency has made strides to become the second-largest cryptocurrency option (after Bitcoin, of course), but often falls back to be the third, fourth or fifth most frequently used.

If you want to know a bit more about Ripple before you use it online, here is our guide to the cryptocurrency payment method.
New Ripple Casinos
Ripple first started in 2012, as a San Francisco-based company. The currency code for the cryptocurrency is XRP, and its currency exchange and payment network are known as RippleNet and are run by Ripple Labs. This is a cryptocurrency which simply loves to hear its own name.

Unlike Bitcoin, this cryptocurrency is controlled and run by Ripple Labs, which some consider a strategic weakness in how it operates. However, the software and technology behind Ripple are not to be dismissed so quickly, with many leading financial organisations trusting the blockchain tech which runs the cryptocurrency. Ripple is the ideal platform for new XRP casinos.
Is Ripple Legal to Bet With?
Ripple – like most cryptocurrency options – is a complicated currency to use if you don’t know what you’re doing. Most Western governments don’t approve of cryptocurrency betting but don’t go out of their way to ban it. That is where we find ourselves with Ripple.
Top Ripple Casinos
The number of Ripple casinos pales in comparison to the number of Bitcoin sites out there. However, the idea is gaining traction. There are also several perks to choosing Ripple Casinos over their rivals, such as:

Anonymity: As most Ripple casinos work on the basis anonymity, players are not required to go through the KYC (know your customer) process at such sites, which may be a perk. This is particularly true if you’re playing in a country where gambling is illegal.
Speedy Cashouts: Another major plus with Ripple is speediness. Ripple argues that millions of dollars’ worth of cryptocurrency can be transferred in mere seconds. Ripple Casinos may out their users in record time, considerably faster than even Bitcoin sites. On the same token, the rates attached to XRP transactions are cheaper and more flexible than Bitcoin or FIAT currencies.
Earn Bonuses by Playing: Many Ripple casinos provide players with XRP just for wagering and playing their favourite games. This is not true of all leading Bitcoin casinos out there on the net. However, most FIAT currency casinos do offer similar perks.
Volatility Less of an Issue: Because Ripple is centralised, it is not as volatile as we’ve seen with Bitcoin. This issue matters to some players and provides them with that extra bit of stability we talked about earlier.

There are only a handful of top Ripple casinos for you to play at right now. However, the number is slowly growing alongside the increase in cryptocurrency sites in general.

Terms and Conditions Apply 18+ Gamble Responsibly
Before you accept an online casino bonus at any online casino including Ripple casinos, please remember that Terms and Conditions will apply.
Always very carefully read the full Bonus Terms and Conditions as well as the casino General Terms and Conditions.

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Ripple XRP is without doubt one of the top 3 cryptocurrencies in the world. With 50 central banks already on the books (including Bank of England, Bank of America, Thailand, Saudi Arabia etc), 200 global banks on board, a new bank added at least every week, Western Union, MoneyGram, Wallmart and many more companies and financial instutitions. Backed by Google, Santander, SBI, etc.

XRP Casino Reviews – Ripple Casino Reviews
Why is Ripple/Xpring/XRP ignoring the internets largest liquidity pool?
Ripples ODL (On Demand Liquidity) service relies on XRP liquidity which is why it is only slowly being rolled out corridor by corridor. ODL would benefit hugely from more and more retail users buying and selling XRP all around the world. So why is it that they are completely ignoring the absolute hands down number 1 source of retail online liquidity in the world?
No, I am not talking about Amazon – Ripple may or may not have something going on with them, who knows… they keep using Amazon as example in speeches and slideshows but after many years of using Amazon (and Uber) in their presentations they are starting to sound a little bit like Justin Sun.

No, I am of course talking about online gambling. Some clever people in the Bitcoin Community saw very early on that Bitcoin Casinos was a massive, massive industry waiting to happen. Bitcoin cornered the market in the early days of crypto. But once the flaws of Bitcoin were exposed to the world, the crypto casino industry needed something better, something more reliable, something faster. They needed something as a backup for all the times when Bitcoin transactions are backed up and take more than 12 or 24 hours. Who stepped in? Litecoin. Yes this pale copy of Bitcoin stepped into the breach and has picked up the slack.

Online gamblers like to gamble. And they like to gamble NOW. They don’t want to wait for a day to play (Bitcoin) and they don’t even want to wait 30-60 munutes (Litecoin). Once a gambler decides he wants to have a punt, he wants it immediately.

XRP is the answer. 3 second transaction times are a gamblers wet dream. XRP could – and very much should – dominate this industry. But it doesn’t and is therefore losing out on billions of dollars worth of potential liquidity every single day. And it is not as if it is very difficult to set this up. The XRP ledger is designed perfectly for this use case and a small handful of innovative bookies and casinos have taken it upon themselves to add XRP support. But most haven’t.

A quick phone call and meeting with white label crypto casino suppliers like Rival, RTG, SoftSwiss, etc and XRP can be integrated into ALL of their casinos in the blink of an eye. Dozens and dozens and dozens of casinos using XRP would trigger the domino effect and see the rest all firing up their jets to join the bandwagon.

I understand the “ethical” issue with gambling but nobody is putting a gun to somebodys head and forcing them to gamble. Gamblers make their own minds up before they have a flutter and adding a better payment system is not encouraging gambling. But in the world of crypto not even mighty Ripple has any guilt over the fact that people are losing money hand over fist so that is not an argument in any case.

A huge and very naive missed opportunity. If XRP wants to be number 1 then these kinds of simple oversights need to be stamped out.
Let’s just take a look at how many XRP casinos there are versus Bitcoin and Litecoin casinos:
XRP Casinos:
We have scoured the internet and only found a very small handful. There are a couple of really shonky ones as well as a small number of decent ones.
Litecoin Casinos:
There’s quite a lot of these out there.
Bitcoin Casinos:
And then there’s good old Bitcoin of which there are literally hundreds. Mostly shady clip joints but some of the better ones are included on this site.

Great news for XRP Casino fans as two new online casinos add XRP as a payment option!
USA based Ripple fans as well as Zerpers all over the world can rejoice as both Drake Casino and Gossip Slots add support for XRP for both instant deposits and for withdrawals.
Play 3D Slots, Mobile Games and More Flash Casino Games at Drake!
When it comes to game selection and variety, Drake Casino is at the top of the industry with over 160 thrilling games to choose from. And what truly separates Drake Casino from the pack is how the 160-plus games are offered across a number of specialized categories such as 3D slots, High Roller Tables, Casino Table Games, Progressive Slots and Specialty Games, just to name a few. Finding the tranditional or 3D casino games you love has never been easier!
Players can enjoy the Drake gaming selection through different platforms too including a Flash Casino and a Mobile and Tablet Optimized Casino. With so many different options available, it’s worth expanding on both the Drake games and playing platforms.
3D Casino Slots – The Ultimate Visual Experience
The 3D Slots section is by far one of the most popular areas of Drake Casino. It’s not hard to see why either because all 36 of the 3D casino games offer stunning graphics and very entertaining animations.
House of Fun is certainly a good example of this since players are treated to a riveting and spooky video introduction before seeing exciting animations unfold on the reels. Anybody who’s looking to bring the Las Vegas experience into their living room should try Mr. Vegas, which is full of glitz, glamour, and flashy cutscenes. Finally, those who’d like to unleash their inner musician while chasing big payouts and prizes should definitely try RockStar Slots.
Win Big with Progressive Slots
The quickest way to win huge payouts involves playing progressive slots, where the jackpot increases with every bet. Some of Drake’s biggest progressive jackpots can be found on Slots Angels, Tycoons slots, and The Ghouls. Of course, these are just a small sample of the progressive jackpot games that can be found at Drake Casino.
Tables Games – Bring the Casino to You
If you’re looking for the most realistic online casino experience available, Drake’s casino table games can certainly provide this. The graphical detail and realism make it seem as if you could reach out and touch the table felt on the other side of your screen. And this is certainly nice for those who want to emulate James Bond on the baccarat or single deck blackjack tables. There are a variety of other lifelike Drake table games too such as Caribbean poker, craps, European blackjack, European roulette, Pai Gow poker, pontoon and more.
No Download Flash Casino
Why waste your time and hard drive space downloading online casino software? Drake offers a way around this problem with our Flash Casino games, which allows users to play games directly through their browser. And this is great because players don’t have to wait on slow-loading software before playing. All the Flash Casino requires is the Flash program, which many people already have on their computer. But anybody who doesn’t have Flash can download it within seconds – and with little space wasted on their hard drive!
Play Anywhere through the Mobile Casino
For those who’d like to play Drake Casino games on the run, there’s both a ‘Mobile and Tablet Optimized Casino’ and an ‘Apple Optimized Casino’. These options enable Drake players to make wagers through their Android and/or Apple products. With both a Flash Casino and mobile options available, anybody can enjoy a fantastic and convenient 3D casino experience at Drake.

XRP Casinos (Ripple Casinos) 11-02-2020

Ripple wins another lawsuit (and other good XRP news)

Game changing companies like Ripple today just like Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon and Uber before them are constantly under attack from frivoulous lawsuits. Right now it seems we are at 2 down and only one to go! Ripple has just won their latest case (a patent infringement lawsuit filed by Cooperative Entertainment Inc). On January […]

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XRP Casinos (Ripple Casinos) 05-02-2020

Ripple and Intermex Partnership Enhances Cross-border Remittances Between U.S and Mexico

On Feb. 4, 2020, Ripple announced that it had entered into a remarkable partnership with International Money Express, Inc. (Intermex), a company that offers remittance services in South America.  The agreement will see Intermex utilize Ripple’s On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) product via RippleNet, the blockchain startup’s flagship product that connects financial institutions and enables them to […]

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XRP Casinos (Ripple Casinos) 01-02-2020

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation of Japan Invests to Ripple’s MoneyTap

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC), the second-largest banking institution in Japan, announced that it had partnered with SBI Holdings to build a Blockchain-based financial service platform. As part of the partnership, the megabank plans to invest in the blockchain-powered payments app, MoneyTap, developed by Ripple and SBI Holdings. SMBC will invest in a related company […]

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XRP Casinos (Ripple Casinos) 01-02-2020

XRP Among the Cryptos Projected to Outperform BTC in 2020

The dawn of the new decade will see the 3rd BTC Halving in May 2020. This, combined with accelerated regulatory efforts by numerous central banks worldwide, is expected to create perfect conditions for an increase in cryptocurrency prices. BTC has been leading in the crypto world for the longest time. After all, its underlying tech […]

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XRP Casinos (Ripple Casinos) 31-01-2020

Mass crypto adoption tipping point is here at last

Crypto and blockchain have been searching for a real leader to drive mass public awareness and mass adoption. Where Bitcoin has failed to see much adoption over its decade long lifespan, XRP on the other hand has been signing up partners and customers at light speed. But having hundreds and hundreds of banks and financial […]

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XRP Casinos (Ripple Casinos) 28-01-2020

Ripple’s XRP Now Available As a Payment Option for Tax Refunds on Refundo

On 28th January 2020, Refundo announced that they had added Ripple’s XRP, Ethereum (ETH), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as payment options for federal and state tax refunds through their coinRT service in their continued effort to become champions for the low-income taxpayer. As a leading provider of tax-related financial products, Refundo now has four cryptocurrency payment […]

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XRP Casinos (Ripple Casinos) 24-01-2020

Davos, Trump, Ripple’s Brad and the Bitcoin narrative

Because the Harry and Megan story is getting a little old, the worlds media attention once again focuses on blinding and scaring everyone with a simple case of the winter sniffles (every year in the USA alone over 50,000 people die directly or indirectly from the common influenza virus and even the humble Norovirus outshines […]

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XRP Casinos (Ripple Casinos) 15-01-2020

FUD or Fact – Is SEC Set to Call XRP a Security?

The controversy surrounding Ripple regarding whether or not XRP can be categorized as regulated security has hit the crypto space for quite some time now. There have been mounting allegations against Ripple in regards to the XRP tokens with some alleging that Ripple used the token to increase its wealth. The rising allegations resulted in […]

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XRP Casinos (Ripple Casinos) 14-01-2020

XRP powered MoneyGram expand throughout India!

MoneyGram and EbixCash Sign Exclusive Strategic Agreement to Expand Presence in India January 13, 2020 07:28 ET | Source: Ebix, Inc. Millions of consumers across the EbixCash network of more than 75,000 villages and 4,000 cities will access MoneyGram’s leading capabilities and global platform Strategic Partnership aims to bring inward remittance volumes of $3 Billion […]

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XRP Casinos (Ripple Casinos) 09-01-2020

RippleNet expansion explodes as Real World Adoption takes off

So far this had been a good day for news relating to real world adoption of crypto with Ripple releasing big news updates from two of their partners whilst Bitcoins own magical money printing machine Tether steps up the expansion of their own privacy sidechain “Liquid”. Full details below: 1. Millions across Asia tap in […]

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