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Welcome to online gaming freedom! is operated by Slotland Entertainment S.A., an established player in the gaming industry for two decades and counting. Our experience and player focus allows us to provide you with an innovative concept and stellar service. Are you ready to cut the ties that bind you to traditional online casinos and allow yourself a limitless crypto-gaming experience?

At CryptoSlots every game you play is Provably Fair, allowing for unparalleled transparency every time you play. As a cryptocurrency-only casino, players have maximum control over their funds and can trace every bet they make.

You are promised maximum security with minimum complications. Our experienced team has created an exciting environment where the rewards are sky-high. We provide safety and fun, and endorse responsible gaming at all levels, along with dedicated customer service. Explore games found at no other casino and become a cryptocurrency millionaire.

We like to show not tell, so follow our lead and find out for yourself what makes CryptoSlots special. Your million dollar win awaits!

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Provably Fair

All games at are Provably Fair, which means you can easily verify the randomness and fairness of all game results you play.

The Provably Fair system is a mathematical method that is used to ensure that no one, neither players nor casinos, can know the result of the game before it starts and that the casino cannot tamper with the random operation of the game.

We do this by presenting you a concealed set of the possible outcomes of the upcoming game, all before you even start playing. We then allow you to step into the game by selecting a simple value that will influence the final result of the game. When the game ends, you can verify the initial data and also check how your input affected the result of the game.

To better grasp how it works, try imagine dice in a black cup, which we will shake, and place on a table upside down in front of you. The position of the dice is recorded by a hidden camera and the image is darkened so that you cannot see the number on the dice.

In Provably Fair terminology, this darkened image of the dice is called a server hash. It is a cryptographically hashed set of initial game data. The actual position of the dice is called a server seed and will be revealed when the game ends.

Now you can step in and pick any number between 1 and 6 that will be added to the number on the dice. The final result will be the sum of the number you picked and the number on the dice. In Provably Fair terminology, you picked your client seed: data that has an impact on the game result.

The cup is then removed to reveal the result, and you can verify that the position of the dice hasn’t been changed by looking at the original, now enlightened camera image.

When the game ends you can verify it by checking that the server hash (the camera image) really corresponds to the initial set of data (the server seed or in our example the position of the dice), if they match you know the game was fair.

Note: This casino is not linked with any self-exclusion registers. As such this casino is not on GAMSTOP and this casino is not on BetStop. Here at Wisecryptos we do not advise casino players circumventing schemes like GAMSTOP and BetStop by playing at casinos not using these registers.

Betplay does offer similar services to GAMSTOP and BETSTOP thrpough their own self-exclusion system, but players must realise this casino is not on Betstop and Gamstop and therefore need to exclude themselves.

Please be aware some of these are casinos not on Betstop and as such include pokies not on Betstop. Always play safe and within your jurisdiction restrictions

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