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Australia has not had an easy time of it when it comes to online gambling laws of late. A recent shift in the online casino Australia gambling laws has made it tougher than ever for Aussies to bet on their favourite online casino games. With the changing times, many are now suggesting that the Australian online casino market is now even more heavily restricted than the American one. What has happened, and can Aussies still play their favourite online casino games?

Online gambling laws in Australia
Australia has always taken a rather dim view of online casino gambling and online gambling in general. However, they didn’t shut the door completely. Although Australia refused to allow local operators to offer their services to players inside the country, they did nothing to stop Australian players from playing at offshore casino sites. Now, a change in the gambling laws of the country could eventually see that door close.

Recent developments in Australian online gambling laws mean that Aussie authorities are now trying to close that loophole, too. With hefty fines in store for any operator which offers its services to players in the country, many offshore casinos are now starting to close their doors to Australian players.

Of course, there are still no punishments for Australian players themselves, so any Aussie who decides to gamble at any offshore casino which will accept them is not doing anything wrong. It is only the operators that the Australian gambling authorities are after. With the net closing on many of the larger online casinos which offer their services to Australian players, locals are going to find the number of casinos which accept them drastically reduced. Most of the major (and most secure) ones will back away from the market, leaving Australian players running the risk of playing at less secure offshore casino sites.

Cryptocurrency and banking options for Australian casino players
Australian online casino players are not spoilt for choice when it comes to banking options in the first place, and the new anti-gambling regulations being imposed in the country are likely to cut those which are available down even further.

Credit cards are currently accepted, but most Australian online casinos do tend to charge a fee for withdrawals, and credit card withdrawals can take several days to be processed. The same is true of wire transfers.

E-wallets are probably the best option currently available for Australian players, with PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill the most commonly used ones. However, POLi is also widely used by Australian players to deposit into casino accounts. Paysafecard certainly makes the most sense in terms of security, since this is nothing more than a coupon code, and since it does not require any banking information to be handed over to the casino, there is no danger of your data being hijacked. However, Paysafecard is a one-way only payment method, and whilst it can be used for deposits, it cannot be used to withdraw funds.

If you’re thinking of Crypto and Bitcoins, you can look no further. Despite Australia threatening to bring in some tough laws to make purchasing bitcoins illegal, this was shown to be fake news. XRP is particularly popular these days having shown itself to be the standard for all cryptos to try and follow.

Australian casino safety and security
Until very recently, most Australian players would choose to play their favourite casino games at the larger offshore casinos, the more recognisable sportsbooks and big money casino sites which are popular in the UK and other places. In an ideal world these would be the top destination online casino Australia. However, since the new laws have come into place, many of those leading offshore casinos have shut up shop for Aussie players. This means that casinos licensed out of more respectable jurisdictions (and thus the more secure ones) may not be available.

Wherever possible, it is advisable to play at offshore casinos which are licensed out of the UK, Gibraltar or Malta, Kahnawake or the Isle of Man. These casinos tend to be the most regulated and the safest. Casinos out of Curacao are often safe, too, but casinos licensed out of Panama and Costa Rica often have a bad track record when it comes to regulation and may actually be rogue or blacklisted casinos. You should always do your homework before deciding to play at one of these casinos, even though in the future, you may not have too much choice in the matter.

Mobile casino gaming in Australia
Mobile casino gaming is also an area where Aussies don’t have too much open to them. When the bigger offshore online casino Australia sites were available and accepting Australian players, Aussies could try their hand at any number of mobile-specific games, such as those on the NetEnt Touch platform. However, as the net closes and only a handful of offshore casinos stay under the radar, it is unlikely that these smaller-sites will carry too many major mobile titles. That doesn’t mean to say that mobile casino gaming in Australian won’t be possible, though.

Australian casino games – Dinkum pokies games
The offshore casinos which Australian casino players call home are equipped with countless games for Aussies to play. For starters, almost all major traditional casino games, including blackjack, baccarat, roulette, table poker and video poker will be playable alongside numerous variants of those games. Instant win titles and oddities such as keno and bingo should also be playable at Australian online casinos.

Of course, slot machines can be played, too. Australian casinos can offer players 3-reel classic slots, 5-reel video slots, 3D slots, progressive jackpot slots and non-progressive games at this moment in time.

Online casino bonuses for Australian players
Australian casinos have never been too hot on massive bonuses. Australian gambling authorities frown on them, and so most Australian players are usually exempt from being able to claim truly astronomical welcome bonus offers. However, smaller-scale deposit bonuses are often available for players trying their hand at such casinos.

It is not uncommon to find moderate welcome bonuses, no deposit bonuses and a host of loyalty deals at Australian casinos, too. It is not clear what will become of these when some of the larger offshore casinos which accept Australian players leave the market in the future.

How does a Pokie work at a Australian casino?
How exactly do pokies work? That’s that the biggest question, after all, because you want a fair dinkum experience. So here’s how it works. Before you spin, you’ll see a pay table that shows you what all the combinations pay — and the amounts you’ll get when you win! A reel is the line of three symbols you see when the spinning stops— that line determines if you have a winner. But remember, there’s never just one way to win — every reel has numerous winning lines, you can bet on as many or as few winning lines as you want, and there are multiple reels! Once you choose how many lines you want to bet, start the spin — and start cheering for big jackpots!

Just like slots in a regular casino, our online pokies randomize numbers to produce probable results. As you’re playing at an Australian crypto casino, our pokie is constantly churning through thousands of random numbers to determine what the reel will be when the spinning stops. It’s a true game of chance — but it has a definite number of winners! Once you press spin, a totally random number is selected at that exact moment — and that determines what the final reel will be. When the spinning starts, the excitement builds. Gather a crowd, get some amber fluid, and make it a party that’s fun and social. Before long, you and your mates will be shouting things like, “Come on, give me the moolah!” or maybe, “This spin is going to be crickey!” No matter how you choose to play and whatever you want to say to encourage a winning reel is, of course, completely up to you.

As you’re playing, there’s a credit meter on the pokie that keeps track of how much you’ve won and how many free spins you’ve earned, so you can always see a running tally of your progress. Watch that number grow and feel the rush as it does! There’s nothing better than riding a hot streak when you’re playing a great pokie.

Monster Pokies Multipliers
Not every spin can be a winner, of course, but that’s what keeps things going and makes it such a blast whenever there’s a reel that pays. After all, there could be no excitement and no giant jackpots if you won every time! But you can be sure that over multiple sessions, our pokies always deliver a fair crop of winners — over 90% of the cash that players put in goes back to payouts! Sometimes there are monster multiplier winners and sometimes it’s random trigger payouts or game credits, but there is always action going on!

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Nothing Bodgy or Dull!
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Online Casino Australia: A Thriving Hub for Gaming Enthusiasts

Australia, known for its stunning landscapes, unique wildlife, and vibrant culture, is also home to a burgeoning online casino industry. With a population of avid gamers and a penchant for leisure activities, online casinos have found a receptive audience Down Under. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of online casinos in Australia, exploring their popularity, legal landscape, key features, and the future of gaming in this vibrant country.

The Popularity of Online Casinos in Australia

Online casinos have gained substantial popularity in Australia, and several factors contribute to this trend:

Internet Access: Australia boasts a high level of internet penetration, ensuring widespread access to online gaming platforms.

Proliferation of Mobile Devices: The widespread use of smartphones and tablets has made it convenient for Australians to enjoy online casino games on the go.

Variety of Games: Online casinos offer a wide range of games, including pokies (slots), blackjack, roulette, poker, and more. The diversity of gaming options caters to a broad spectrum of player preferences.

Live Dealer Games: Live dealer games, where players interact with real dealers via video streaming, have gained immense popularity in Australia, providing a more immersive gaming experience.

Bonuses and Promotions: Online casinos frequently offer enticing bonuses and promotions, attracting new players and keeping existing ones engaged.

The Legal Landscape

The legal status of online casinos in Australia is nuanced:

Interactive Gambling Act (IGA): The IGA, passed in 2001, prohibits the provision of real-money online gambling services to Australian residents. However, it does not criminalize individuals who gamble online.

Regulatory Changes: In recent years, there have been discussions about amending Australia’s online gambling laws to introduce more stringent regulations and player protections.

Licensed Operators: Some Australian states, such as New South Wales and Victoria, have introduced their own licensing regimes, allowing local operators to provide online casino services within specific jurisdictions.

Key Features of Online Casinos in Australia

Online casinos catering to the Australian market offer several key features:

Secure and Fair Play: Reputable online casinos prioritize security and fairness, employing rigorous testing and certification processes to ensure a transparent gaming environment.

Payment Options: Australian-friendly online casinos offer a variety of secure and convenient payment methods, including credit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers.

Customer Support: Responsive and helpful customer support is essential, providing assistance to players with inquiries or issues.

Responsible Gaming: Operators promote responsible gaming practices, offering tools for players to set deposit limits, self-exclude, and seek help for gambling-related problems.

The Future of Online Casinos in Australia

The future of online casinos in Australia is likely to be influenced by regulatory changes and technological advancements. As discussions surrounding online gambling legislation continue, the industry may see more standardized regulations and enhanced player protections. Additionally, the continued growth of mobile gaming and the introduction of new technologies, such as virtual reality, may shape the gaming experience in Australia in the years to come.

In conclusion, online casinos in Australia have carved out a significant presence in the country’s entertainment landscape. As the industry evolves, responsible gaming practices, security, and a commitment to providing engaging experiences will be pivotal in ensuring the continued success of online casinos in this diverse and gaming-loving nation.



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