Stravaganza is a card game, played with 5 decks. The object of the game is to have a point total higher than the dealer. Card values are similar to Blackjack: number cards count at face value, picture cards are worth 10 points, and the Ace is worth 1 point. However, unlike Blackjack, you cannot bust. The more points you have, the better.

To play the game:

  • Click on chips to increase your bet. Every click on a chip increases your bet by the chip value, and every right-click decreases the bet. Your bet will appear on the table, in the area marked PLAY.
  • Click the Deal button. You will be dealt two cards face up, and the dealer will be dealt three cards face down.
  • Depending on your point total, you have the following options:
    • Money back – get your full bet back, and end the round. You can do this if your point total is 5 or less.
    • Rescue bet – get half of your bet back, and end the round. You can do this if your point total is between 6 and 9.
    • Sit – keep playing with two cards and your original bet. You can do this if your point total is 10 or more.
    • Play on – place a second bet (same size as the first), get a third card, and keep playing. You can always do this.
  • The dealer reveals his hand.
    • If the dealer’s point total is higher than yours, you lose both bets.
    • If your point total is higher than the dealer’s, you win 1:1 on both bets.
    • If the dealer’s hand includes a red ace as the first card, you lose your first bet. If you’ve placed a second bet, you get that back. The point totals are irrelevant.
    • If the dealer’s hand includes a red ace as the second or third card, you lose both bets. This overrides the previous rule.The point totals are irrelevant.
  • Please note that you will need an additional bet to Play On. If your balance does not have enough money to place this bet, the button will be disabled.
  • If you want to play another round, press New Game. Then place a bet as described above and click the Deal button, or click Rebet to place the same bet as in the previous round.

Bonus payouts:

It is possible to get a bonus win on your three-card hand. Please note that bonus wins pay only on your first bet, although you have to Play On and place the second bet to get a third card!

  • If your hand makes up Three of a Kind (three cards of the same value and in the range from fives up to Kings), you get a payout of 3x the Play bet.
  • If your hand contains three face cards (of any rank), you get a payout of 1.5x the Play bet.

Progressive Jackpot Side Bet

In this game, you have the option of making an additional bet to try and win a jackpot. Click on the coin slit above the bet areas to place the side bet. The blinking light above the slit will turn green. The cost of the side bet is shown next to the coin slit after placing the side bet. If you get a winning card combination as described in the Progressive paytable, you get an additional payout.

Hand Payout
3 Kings of Hearts Jackpot
3 identical face cards 10% of the jackpot
Three of a kind (Jacks to Kings) 100x
Three of a kind (5s to 10s) 50x
Any 30 10x

The highest progressive payout is the progressive jackpot and is won upon receiving 3 Kings of Hearts. Progressive wins are awarded at the end of the game round. At the top of the screen is the progressive jackpot ticker, which shows the jackpot amount that you can win.

The Progressive paytable is displayed in the game when you click on Show Paytable on the left side of the screen, just under the ticker that shows the current size of the jackpot.

Jackpot Fund

The progressive jackpot fund is composed of two parts – the seed and the progressive pot. The jackpot fund begins at the seed value, which is the guaranteed minimum amount of prize money contributed by the casinos. This ensures that even if you get a jackpot result in the game right after someone else has won the jackpot, you will still get a large win.

The rest of the jackpot amount comes from a progressive share, which is accumulated over time based on the bets that are made within the game. A small amount of money is added into the progressive pot for each bet that is made in the game by the players, in each of the casinos offering it, equal to a percentage of that bet (called the contribution rate).

Please note:

  • The mechanics of the game prohibit simultaneous jackpot winnings. If two players win the jackpot in close succession, the first player will be awarded the seed and the progressive pot, and the second player will win the seed together with any possible progressive share that has accumulated between the two wins.
  • In some games you have to make a specific bet to be eligible for the Jackpot.
  • If you get disconnected in the middle of a game round, your game does not change the value of the Jackpot. The state of the game up to that point is remembered by the casino; the next time you log in you can finish your game round with the same odds and without placing a new bet.
  • If a Jackpot is being discontinued (a game is closed and removed from the casino client), you will be notified of it by the casino.

The Jackpot for this game works like this:

Seed (how much money the Jackpot starts out with): 10 000 x your jackpot bet size.
Contribution rate (how much money is added to the jackpot for each bet, in relation to the bet size): 15%
Win condition (the result you have to get to win the Jackpot): 3 Kings of Hearts in the player’s hand.
Win requirements (what you need to do to be eligible for the Jackpot): Place the jackpot bet.


Deal Deal the cards.
Money back Get your first bet back. This is possible if you have 5 points or less.
Rescue bet Get half of your first bet back. This is possible if you have 6 – 9 points.
Sit Keep playing with your two cards. This is possible if you have 10 points or more.
Play On Place a second bet, the same size as your first bet, and get a third card. Then play against the dealer’s hand.
New Game Start a new game round.
Rebet Place the same bet as in the previous round and deal the cards.
Clear Bets Clear your bets.

Return to Player

The theoretical percentage return to player (RTP) is 97.46% on the main game.
The RTP on the Side Bet is 72.26%.

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