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Samurai Path – Spinomenal Slot review conclusion

This game mixes a classic touch with astonishing features and elements. While graphics are not incredibly detailed, this is substituted with the most representative icons and a one-of-a-kind outlook. If you’re looking to immerse yourself in a truthful Japanese adventure, this game is the perfect choice.

The history of Japan is rich in so many ways, but without a doubt one of the most representative icons of Japanese culture are samurais. These warriors were originated in the Heian period (794-1185) when they were hired by lieutenants who had become powerful and independent of the central government and hired armies for their own protection. Ever since then samurais have been acknowledged as lethal human weapons who act silently but deadly. Of course a game with such characteristic sounds more than thrilling, and fortunately, this is now a reality with Samurai’s Path. Spinomenal invites all of us to succumb to a samurai’s life while creating our paths. Let’s discover a little more what’s this game about and what are the best ways to take advantage of it!

Simple but fatal

Japanese elements are normally sober, and that is precisely what Spinomenal developers thought of while creating this game board. The reeling area is designed to look as the interior of a typical Japanese building, while the exterior region emules a peaceful garden with beautiful colored trees and a stunning sunset. Titles and buttons are embellished with golden tones, and brown bambooies are used to separate the icons on the reels. Finally, typical music effects decorate the slot with a traditional Japanese accent. Let’s give it a closer look to the buttons and what they’re used for!

Classic outlook and distinguished elements

When it comes to usability, Spinomenal developers didn’t hesitate with Samurais Path. This slot is so easy to understand and each one of its functions are well located and designed. For starters, at the top of the Japanese roof is located the title of the game, and right below this there’s an indication of the fixed pay lines integrated (25). At the bottom of the board, there are the buttons to place our bet, to spin the reels, to find help, to play in a fast mode, and to activate an automatic play. The titles of these buttons are written in our alphabet but emulating Japanese writing style.

On the “Per line”space there are two signs (+ and -) with which we can increase or decrease the coin size among 0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.1, 0.3, 0.5, 1, 2, 5, and 10. This coin selection will be multiplied by the 25 lines of the game, resulting like this the minimum bet of 0.25 and the maximum one of 250 credits. Next to the “Per line” section there are two little windows showing the win, and the balance after each spin, and this is followed by the “Play”button which spin the reels. Right below this there are the Help button, the Fast Play button, and the Auto bet button.

Samurai’s path features

One of the most interesting features this game counts with is the 3 modes of free spins available. Under free spin rounds, 3 types of wilds can appear, the expanding wild, the sticky wild, and the multiplier wild. The first one is represented by a dragon, this symbol will expand on any reel; on the other hand, the second wild is represented by a Monk character which will stay in place until the free spin ends, and finally, the third wild is represented by a beautiful geisha, this wild will multiply the winning line by 2, 3, 5, or 10 times at random.

In addition to this, there’s a substitute wild represented by a ninja. When this symbol appears it may send shurikens to the board in order to transform other symbols into wild substitute symbols.This wild substitutes any symbols except for the free spin and bonus ones.

Similarly, the free spin symbol is represented by a typical Japanese building, and whenever 3,4, or 5 of these land on the reels free spins are triggered and the total line win is multiplied like this: 3 symbols – x3 multiplier + 12 free spins, 4 symbols – x10 and 12 free spins, and 5 symbols – x100 and 12 free spins. Finally, the bonus symbol is represented by a set of golden Buddhas, 3 or more of these will trigger the Buddha bonus feature.

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