Lilith’s Passion

Lilith's Passion

Lilith’s Passion – Spinomenal Slot review

Lilith has indwelled among us for as long as the world has existed, this near-goddess entity can be found in different cultures and mythologies, and it’s, in essence, the epitome of seduction and sin. Spinomenal, one of the greatest game creators in the slot gaming industry thought about what she represents in the mythological and religious world, and because of this, it has created a glamorous game with a sophisticated dark twist. Who wouldn’t want to be trapped by this seductive dark deity and immerse itself in the sweet smells of sin? Under a mysticism fabric, this game presents the life of Lilith and the sweet temptation of becoming a part of her world for all eternity. Let’s see in detail what’s this game about!

Temptation at its finest

When it comes to design this game does not disappoint, you can feel enticed with Lilith’s passion from the moment you start playing. It’s almost like music along with graphics transport you to a limbo where your deepest desires emerge to the surface. The design and presentation of the symbols are an important part of this mystical and sinful experience. On the one hand, the colors are quite intense, and on the other, the attention to details on each one of them gives it that extra quality.

A seductive gameboard

Lilith’s board design is very practical and easy to understand. At the bottom of the board, you will find the buttons to change the bet per line, this bet can vary between 0.1, 0.3, 0.5, 1, 2, 5 and 10. Next to these controls, the player will see three main buttons, the help button, the button to activate the reels (a turning arrow), and the “Autoplay” button. In addition to this, players will find in the upper left a drop-down menu in which are shown all the special features this game has to offer. The detailed information of all these functions and the detailed specifications on how to win with this game are shown in the help button which will open a window with this information. To expand a little more the idea of “autoplay”, this is technically a game mode in which you will allow the computer to play a specific number of turns for you; this comes handy if you need to be away from the computer for a period of time.

Lilith’s passion features

Lilith’s Passion has a great variety of special functions for players to enjoy as they play. One of the best is the bonus function, if a player gets 3 or more scatter symbols it will start the bonus function (this can only happen while playing the base game). Another special function is the wild symbol. This symbol counts as any other symbol except for the free spin symbol and the scatter. If you get 5 wilds on a winning line you will be paid x200 per bet on each line. The symbol of free spins is another special symbol that gives you the opportunity to win free spins, you only have to get 3 or more symbols of this and it’ll make you win 10 free automatic spins, and on top pf that, if you win in this mode the game will pay X3 the total bet. The bets per line are the same as those you had set when you activated the free spin mode.

If there’s something to note in this game that is the special functions. For starters, one that particularly stands among the rest is the Stacked Wild. If you get 3 wilds and they happen to completely occupy the reel, they will become a stacked wild, activating a free automatic spin in which the stacked wild will remain in place. During the base game this can happen in reels 2 and 4, and during the autoplay mode in reels 2, 3 and 4. The sticky wilds are symbols that appear during the free spins option and once they appear will remain fixed in that space until the free game ends. Wild symbols replace any of the simple symbols. Finally, you will find two special symbols to play with the mystery symbol, and the win multiplier symbols. Once the reels stop spinning, if there’s a mystery symbol this will reveal 1 random symbol except in the cases of bonus and free spins. The win multiplier can appear when the reels are spinning, and can apply a multiplier of X2, X3, X4, or X5 the winning round.

In conclusion, this game is not only about design and appearance, it is a very well thought out game that offers multiple ways of winning in a compact and well-elaborated slot.

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