Ripple donates $29 million to public schools via DonorsChoose


Ripple donates $29 million to public schools vis Donors choose

Ripple is often criticised by the crypto “Purists” and mainstream crypto media, much of which because they are a company producing channels of utilization for the XRP cryptocurrency. We wonder how they will respond to waking up to the headline “Ripple donates $29 million to public schools via”? Here at Let Em Spin we can only be full of praise for this oustanding announcement.

What does this donation entail:

  • Cryptocurrency startup Ripple donated $29 million to fund public schools.
  • The donation, which is the largest-ever cryptocurrency gift to a single charity, fulfilled thousands of requests from teachers on the website
  • The money will be used to buy classroom materials for more than 28,000 public school teachers across all 50 states.
  • Visit

Charles Best, founder and CEO of, said he approached Ripple based on CEO Brad Garlinghouse’s previous involvement with the foundation. He sent Ripple executives an email laying out the possible impact of fulfilling the teachers’ requests.

“To my own shock, they said yes,” said Best, who founded the charity 18 years ago. “It was mind-blowing.”

Stephen Colbert is very excited to announce that the folks at Ripple donates $29 million to public schools via This means they have funded every classroom project currently on!

March 27th 2018:

Every Rippler, from the executive team to our newest hires, started their careers in one place — the classroom. It’s in this pivotal setting that children’s dreams are forged and legacies begin.

Take, for example, Ripple’s mission to establish an Internet of Value: a world where money can move like information. In part, it’s the teachers we encounter in our formative years that enable us to pursue ambitious goals like this.

We’re thrilled to announce that Ripple and its executive team are giving back to America’s teachers with a $29 million dollar donation in XRP to

Through, teachers can easily create classroom project requests that support their students’ needs, and donors are able to give to the projects that inspire them.

Our donation fulfilled every request listed on the nonprofit’s website yesterday. Today, nearly 30,000 public school teachers in every state and approximately one million students are receiving books, school supplies, technology, field trips, and other resources vital for learning through

You can join us by contributing to the new projects that teachers are already creating on As part of the #BestSchoolDay campaign, you can give to teachers and students within your community, where you grew up or just because they inspire you.

As a company, we’re focused on removing the friction from cross-border payments to promote more inclusion and accessibility within the global economy. applies the same principles of inclusion and accessibility to education.

We’re proud to be working with to nurture the next generation of leaders at public schools across America.


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