Retail Investors should embrace Ripple XRP sales


Retail Investors should embrace Ripple XRP sales is not the title of an article you will see online very often. On the contrary actually, as most of the online crypto media at the moment are feeding the “retail investors feeling the pressure of Ripple sales” narrative to the masses. We examine why retail investors should embrace the sales of XRP by Ripple.

Paid for services pushing the Pressure angle

Hidden by pay for content versions of their websites, paid for “newsletter” subscriptions, and expensive “financial research” companies are spamming social media with “stories” of the pressure on retail investors.

Flashy headlines linking to the articles of which the first 300 words are free, and every word thereafter hides behind the Paywall. This paywall can be removed by potential (retail) investors for the price of a couple of well prepared steaks at a higher end NYC restaurant, a weeks groceries for a US family of 4, or a months salary for the average employee in India (worlddata info website).

Whilst the average (retail) investor I mentioned might be willing to forego a weeks necessities for their family to pay for information they could potentially use to their benefit, perhaps some will prefer to wait for a flash sale 30% limited time only offer to appear, or maybe  even a 20% limited pre launch special? Alternatively they could buy some crypto with that money using freely available resources and adhering to the DYOR adage. For example today they could buy:

0.01526128 BTC

0.86114997 ETH

571.843312 XRP

1.80819 DASH

9,377.613 TRX


2,338.3593 XLM

(prices accurate at time of writing using BitPanda)

Retail Investors should embrace Ripple XRP sales

It would be easy for me to be critical of others and just carry on with this piece. However, before I do, and in the interest of disclosure, I own some of all the coins I listed in the price example above, and the majority of it is in XRP and BTC. Furthermore, this is an independent and self-funded website that aims to keep it’s advertising to a minimum and as noninvasive as possible.

Ok, so why do I state that retail investors should embrace Ripple XRP sales? I can only use my own reasons for having bought XRP, some of which I find echoed on Twitter and Facebook from long term retail investors such as Michael B and Kieran Kelly (there are many more I could have included, my apologies to them):

  1. Ripple sales were very much a part of the reason I invested in XRP in the first place. Why i hear you ask?! Simple, if they could sell XRP over the counter in large volumes, then institutional investors are buying. You simply can’t sell something without a buyer.
  2. I know who is selling. The company was backed as a startup by, among others, Banco Santander, Google Ventures, SBI and Standard Chartered. These companies don’t invest lightly and need a return on their investment, preferably as a project moves along. By the time I came along as a retail investor looking to invest my hard earned cash, these companies were still actively involved including Ripplenet products in their business model, and XRP is the fuel of Ripplenet.
  3. The company’s long term vision is to dominate global finance with a lightening fast payment mechanism utilising XRP for settlement, thus freeing up fiat from nostro/vostro accounts and removing forex costs. Any over the counter sales happening now are simply the foundations being laid for this goal. $5 trillion is transacted on a daily basis and there are 100b XRP (there are less as each completed transaction burns a small amount of XRP). Sure they might not achieve global domination but for me it was an investment risk worth taking.
  4. I invested for the long haul with my primary investment (and most since) leaving a small amount for trading and speculation. My initial investment was made after 11 months of research, and subsequent buys/sells have been based on daily research I continue to do. I set myself a target price I thought was a realistic goal in the mid to long term and as long as my daily research doesn’t make me waver negatively with this target then nothing will put my retail investment under any kind of pressure. If you invest as an individual you should always have a long game. You are only under pressure as a retail investor if you invested more than you could afford to be without for a number of years.
  5. My daily research has allowed me to not only see progress being made in terms of partnerships and (potential) takeovers which will increase the usage of XRP fueled products, but also investments made through XPring. This for me has been huge as XPring invests in proven entrepreneurs and developers who receive funding for their projects with the understanding that they will utilize XRP.
    In business it is easy to become blinkered and restricted by the corporate roadmap and this can lead to a company and products not achieving their maximum potential. Having these proven experts developing products using XRP whilst Ripple continues to work on Ripplenet and use cases is a massive plus. Here I must give a huge shout out to the guys at XRPLabs who I had the pleasure to meet in Amersfoort. One of the first recipients of the XPring funding, they are a massively motivated and extremely talented team of developers with a clear vision of what they want to do, and are achieving it.
  6. I don’t allow myself to get lured in by negativity, hype, paid shills and I certainly don’t allow them to influence my decision making. (Nor should you, please do your own research and don’t simply take my word for anything, this article is written in our wise words section. Wise Words is the only section of our website that we allow ourselves to comment completely freely).

Sure, I can’t speak for everyone, each person has their own reasons for investing in a cryptocurrency just like they do when investing in a house or car but this retail investor is feeling no pressure from anything to do with Ripple, nor my investment in XRP. And, if you have followed common sense and basic investment rules nor should you or any other retail investor.

Stay safe out there, crypto is volatile, and if you you want to gamble with your money please don’t call it investing, there are hundreds and thousands of casinos for that kind of thing!

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