Bugs Party bingo

Bugs Party

Bugs Party
Infest in Your Future
Have you heard the latest buzz? Then surely you’ll make a beeline for Bugs Party,a video bingo game from Play’n GO that allows you to infest your money on up to four fortuitous bingo cards per round. Simply cover one or more of the prize-winning lines or patterns on a card to win! If your card comes close to winning big after the first 30 numbers are drawn, you can buy up to 10 extra balls to boost your flight time and your chances of landing on a great prize!
Cover the rectangle pattern to trigger the bonus round and win up to 150 times your bet. Listen to the Beetles play while you feast your bug eyes on delicious jars of jam just waiting to be opened for fun and profit – at least until the formidable frog or the evil exterminator raids the fiesta to end the fun.
The Bugs Party bingo game is fly!
Bugs Party
Unfinished Games
If your game round is disrupted, all game information and placed bets are stored until you re-open the game. You may continue your unfinished round from the point of interruption. Malfunction voids all pays and plays.
Game Rules
Bugs Party is a Video Bingo game where you follow a couple of crazy Mexican bugs to party all night long! 30 balls will be randomly drawn from a total of 60 balls. You can toggle and play on up to four cards, each with 15 randomly generated numbers.
The Extra Ball feature is triggered if you are one number away from winning a prize of x8 or more. You will be able to purchase up to 10 extra balls, each with a cost that is calculated based on the probability of winning.
You will enter the Bonus game by winning on the square pattern shown on screen. Pick and choose colourful jars of jam, where you will find prizes waiting for you! In some of the jars there are multipliers that will increase your winnings on the next jar you pick. Watch out for the hungry frog and the angry pest control that will spoil the party and end the Bonus game if chosen! However, you can keep the party going by picking the correct instrument symbol!
Paytable – Toggles the display of the paytable.
Auto Play – Click the AUTO PLAY button to enable/disable the Auto Play feature. In Auto Play mode, a number of consecutive game rounds are initiated automatically using your current bet settings (i.e. #lines, #coins/line and coin denomination). The Auto Play mode is automatically disabled depending on your settings or if your balance becomes too low.
Fast Play – Toggle on for a significantly faster gameplay.

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