slots rtp joins team Edgar darts

Loxley Darts Matthew Edgar. PDC World champship player Matthew Edgar Loxley Darts slots rtp

Today we are delighted to be able to announce that slots rtp joins team Edgar darts for the duration of the 2019 PDC darts season. Matthew Edgar is the current PDC world number 68 and as an official shirt sponsor, slots rtp will be represented by Matthew Edgar in all tournaments and Exhibition events. It is a pleasure to be joining Filta Environmental and A180 as sponsors of Team Edgar.

slots rtp joins team Edgar darts

Matthew Edgar is a 32 year old professional darts player, is currently ranked 68th in the PDC world ranking and made his World Championship debut in December 2018. Matthew is part of the new generation of darts players we see in the modern game, with a long history of athletic prowess that is of huge benefit to a player with the physical and mental demands of this professional sport. A nine time champion wrestler who has tried his hand at MMA, Matthew has served on the coaching staff of Northampton Town FC, and puts his coaching skills to great work at Daventry Rangers. Matthew is the presenter of the YouTube channel EdgarTV giving a highly comical view on all things darts.


Matthew Edgar Loxley Darts

Matthew Edgar Loxley Darts

What is the PDC?

The PDC (Professional Darts Corporation) is the pinnacle of global darts, with 128 players from around the world competing on the main tour. Tournaments take place around the globe, and are shown live on TV in over 15 countries as well as through internet TV. This ever expanding global reach matches the expansion of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology and give the volume of payments the PDC makes worldwide (prize money, location fees, haulage costs, hotels etc) the two should be a match made in heaven.

Who are online casinos?

slots rtp is an independent cryptocurrency information portal set up by two enthusiasts who were fed up with the news information that has dominated the crypto-media for years. With blockchain and cryptocurrencies in their infancy in terms of global reach, we felt that the clickbait articles available to the general public were lacking in facts and solely aimed at creating hype.

Facts not FUD

Through our factual news (straight from official sources) we hope to attract a new generation of people to a market and technology that seems destined to take over the everyday lives of everyone.

With the aforementioned global reach and popularity of the sport of darts (even Joey and Chandler had a dartboard in the series Friends), the sponsorship of Matthew fits our desire to bring crypto awareness to a much broader public.

We wish Matthew a successful and enjoyable year on the tournament circuit!





XRP joins in the sponsorship of darts

Matthew has continued his connection with cryptocurrency sponsorships having recently signed a deal with for the PDC World Championships. online casinos is delighted to see the impact cryptocurrencies can have the world of sport.

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