VPN Bitcoin Casinos- VPN gambling all you need to know

VPN Bitcoin Casinos- VPN gambling, all you need to know

There’s no shortage of top bitcoin casinos that accept VPN players out there for you to join. While there are thousands of sites catering to players in specific countries, who want to bet with cryptocurrencies on their mobile in a dozen other ways, there aren’t too many that want you to know they accept players using VPNs. Why? What is it about VPN usage that many casinos seem to shy away from? Join us as we explore online casinos that accept VPN players here today.

VPN Gambling Explained

For those internet bettors not in the know, VPN gambling is the act of wagering on casino games, table games, sports betting and other forms of betting while using a VPN (a virtual private network) to mask your location from the casino and your local internet service providers (ISPs). There may be a dozen reasons why you want to do this, and we’ll explain some of those in this article.

Let us begin by saying that many mainstream online casinos aren’t fans of players using VPNs, and they actively prevent you from doing so. Let’s explain why.

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Why Many Casinos Don’t Allow It

Some of the brightest and best online casinos have licenses issued by authorities and out of jurisdictions with strict regulatory rules. There are dozens of things that casinos can do which could see them fined or lose a licence. One of these things is to offer their services to players in countries where gambling at those sites is illegal.

For instance, UKGC licensed casinos aren’t deemed legal in Sweden unless they also have a Swedish license, and Malta licensed casinos are not permitted in the US. Therefore, to stop players from breaking the laws of their countries (and to stop those countries from fining operators), the casino often blocks access to players in selected nations. A VPN could be used to get around that – so by necessity, they will also block players who use VPNs. Furthermore, players who use VPNs would struggle to verify their identity (particularly the part about residence), making VPNs useless at sites requiring such confirmation.

Do VPN-Friendly Casinos Exist?

Despite many casinos not playing ball – some are VPN-friendly. For the most part, these are cryptocurrency casinos. Cryptocurrency casinos are often available across borders. Unlike FIAT casinos licensed out of strict jurisdictions, many crypto casinos have a more straightforward ID/KYC process. It isn’t as heavily tied to proof of residence – therefore, they don’t have any qualms about players using VPNs.

At the same time, crypto casinos are often more flexible regarding currencies and payment methods. Being global sites on a blockchain that thrives by offering anonymity by default, the use of VPNs doesn’t pose an issue for cryptocurrency casino players or the sites that provide them.

Perks to Playing at A VPN-Friendly Casino

Assuming you can find a VPN-friendly casino, why might you choose to play there? There are several reasons why casino players might decide to gamble with a VPN in place. Amongst the top reasons for doing so are…

  • You can give yourself a touch of anonymity, which is handy if you reside in a country where betting online is illegal or frowned upon.
  • The added anonymity makes it difficult for your ISP or any prying eyes to track your activity.
  • Many cryptocurrency casinos already offer anonymity, so using a VPN won’t breach their policies.
  • Many of us use VPNs to mask our activity online regularly, so this won’t be a new process for some.
  • Using a VPN (at sites that accept them) can allow you to explore a wealth of casinos you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to access without a VPN.
  • Casinos that accept VPNs are more likely to take a relaxed approach to the KYC process, such as proof of residence.

Top Casinos Accepting VPN Players Online

Of course, a simple Google search could be used to find casinos that accept players using VPNs. However, while that might introduce you to a wealth of sites with this feature, it won’t help you find the cream of the crop of VPN betting sites. That is something we can do.

We’ve got a list of top bitcoin casinos and altcoin casinos accepting VPN players online. Our team has reviewed each of these sites, graded them and given them our seal of approval. Any of the top VPN-friendly casinos on our page are guaranteed to accept most players and provide you with a safe, secure and trustworthy online casino gambling experience.

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