Tron Watch Market Mainnet launch


Today saw the eagerly awaited Tron Watch Market Mainnet launch. After extensive trials on the test-net in recent months, the launch of this DEX is a significant milestone for the TRX trading community.

Tron Watch Market Mainnet launch

Official press release:

TronWatch 01/05/2019:

TronWatch Market — Mainnet Launch Live!

The time has finally come — TronWatch Market is now LIVE on TRON’s Mainnet!

After many months of development and hard work, the TRON Community is now able to trade their Mainnet tokens and TRX on TronWatch Market.

If you have been keeping up with our Testnet releases, you should have a good understanding of the exchange. If not, here are some features TronWatch Market supports:

  • Supports Limit and Market Orders
  • Custom Token support for trade of non-officially listed tokens.
  • Flexible Trade Discount Tiers with Free Trading Option
  • Open-Sourced Smart Contract
  • Full Security Audit provided for Smart Contract
  • Full Affiliate System
  • Personal Trade History
  • Modular Layout System
  • 0.025% Fee for Maker Orders and 0.1% for Taker Orders
  • Listed Tokens go through a thorough review process before being listed
  • Orderbook and Chart Highlighting for open orders

With this release, we would like to ensure our community that development will not halt. We will continue to push frequent Frontend updates along with Backend API updates accordingly to make sure we bring the best possible trading experience to TRON-based traders.

Don’t forget to share your affiliate to others using our affiliate code system! This will enable you to receive a 50% share of the user’s trading fees.

We are looking forward to seeing our supporters and the TRON Community trading with us today!

Head over to Tron Watch Market to start trading now!

Our Team

TronWatch is formed by a dynamic team of experienced developers from all around the world including Canada, United States, United Kingdom and Germany.

You can find us on:



The launch of the Tron Watch market DEX is of significant progress for another project on the tron network. Intergalactic gaming has it’s own designated trading area on the DEX, with IGG tradeable against various of their partner tokens.

Press release:

Intergalactic gaming 01/05/2019:

TRONWatch Market DEX Launched with IGG Trading Area!

We are pleased to announce a strategic partnership with TRONWatch Market (TWM) exchange in bringing the much anticipated IG Gold (IGG) base pair!

Galacticans will be able to trade IGG with TRX, but will also have the opportunity to utilise their IGG to purchase Partner tokens in the first IGG trading area!

There are three tokens initially listed in the IGG trading area; DEG, SEG and TWX. The listing of Partner tokens on exchanges, paired with IGG, is a significant milestone in our roadmap. This listing marks the beginning of our aim to support the liquidities of Partner tokens whilst also advancing our mission to tokenise the competitive gaming landscape, nourishing the grassroots competitive scene.

TRONWatch Market (TWM)

TWM is an intuitive and fully-featured Decentralised Exchange (DEX) developed by TRONWatch; they are an experienced development team focused on the creation of TRON-based projects. The TWM DEX will facilitate the trading between TRON, TRC-10 and TRC-20 tokens, in a secure decentralised manner.

TWM will help to increase the liquidity of the TRON network token economy. They will focus on creating the best possible experience while still holding strong to the core principles decentralised solutions — namely, that all interactions with user funds are handled by immutable smart contracts in order to ensure funds are always safe.

Website — Tron Watch Market

IGG Trading Area Launched — Base Pair Arrival

As a community, we have witnessed numerous Partners come on board, both endemic and non-endemic to esports. As we journey through our proposed roadmap, we will continue to see many organizations joining the IG ecosystem, and subsequently adopting the TRON protocol. We will collectively work together to tokenise the world!

IGG as a base currency, in this context, will refer to the requirement of IGG to trade these Partner tokens. There is presently around 12,000,000,000 IGG in circulation, with over 25,000 holders (TRONScan, 30 May). As one of the largest token economies on the TRON ecosystem, we are positioned perfectly to ensure a liquid trading area for our Partners.

In addition, we will utilise these listings as an opportunity to reactivate the rest of our Partners and activate new Partners within the IG ecosystem and TRON network.

First Tokens to be Paired to IGG on TWM:

Demise Esports Gold — DEG (TRC-10)

Established in November 2017, Demise Esports are a professional esports organisation from the UK with a reputable brand. Demise have over 30 professional players competing across eight esports titles. Their aim: to build a portfolio of teams focused on their particular esport, consistently representing the Reapers at professional level. We look forward to working with Demise in joint endeavours to grow the competitive gaming scene in the UK. #FearTheReapers

Sangal Esports Gold — SEG (TRC-10)

Sangal Esports is a Turkish based professional esports organisation founded in June 2017. Turkey has a relatively large esports market, so Sangal Esports feel that adopting TRON’s protocol will bring with it a host of benefits. Entering the Turkish esports market via a partnership with Sangal offers the opportunity for us to further solidify our presence outside the UK. This is essential from a business development perspective. Expansion is vital; we are exposed to an entirely new target audience with our unique value proposition, for which we are in no doubt certain of its success. We aim to work with Sangal to collaborative grow the esports market in Turkey, whilst simultaneously furthering the adoption of the TRON network.

TRONWalletMe — TWX (TRC-10)

TRONWalletMe is a secure open source P2P crypto wallet, which operates on the TRON protocol; it is available to download for Android and iOS. Users have the ability to receive, send, or store any TRC-10/20 tokens they may have, also possessing the ability to freeze TRX and vote for respective projects. TRONWallet have proven themselves to be an integral cornerstone of the network, facilitating the mainstream adoption of TRON and widely, blockchain. They are our first non-endemic Partners, and we look forward to future collaborations that will no doubt provide an innovative, yet seamless access to this new digital age.

The Impact of IGG Base Pair on TWM

This seminal trading area further establishes IGG’s presence as a leading token on the TRON blockchain. Since the initial listing of IGG, the TRON community have witnessed significant volume flowing throughout TRONScan’s DEX. More recently, a number of our holders have been unable to access TRC-20 tokens due to ledger incompatibilities, which naturally caused a decline in overall volume. In spite of this, IGG continues to maintain one of the best liquidity within the TRON network. The ability to trade Partner tokens with IGG will provide value flow and support to Partners’ token economics, as well as our own.

Moreover, the exposure the base pair generates for IGG as a reputable quote currency standard is key; it will spread awareness of IG and opening another avenues of adoption. It also reaffirms our intent to support adoption of token economics as a new paradigm that can have profoundly positive socio-economic benefits around the world.

The overarching significance of the IGG base pair is the strengthening of our foothold in the current esports, and more generally, competitive gaming landscape. Our promise we made to the TRON community to evolve the current grassroots landscape by providing the best innovative competitive experience, as well as bringing certainty to those that may otherwise doubt our long term potential, will be facilitated by the IGG base pairing.

As prosperous as the esports industry promises to be, there are numerous factors that are limiting the potential of this industry being realised sooner. The first being the lack of provisions for grassroots to professional level, and therefore sustainable esports organisations.

The benefits associated with organisations outside the TRON network from partnering with IG to integrate a tokenised model includes:

  • Activation into the TRON network — one of the largest communities around a blockchain protocol.
  • Enables the diversification of value propositions and revenue streams through the use cases provided by tokenisation, which are supported by the IG ecosystem.
  • A valuable marketing tool
  • Transactions are real-time and fees are considerably low.
  • All tokenised stakeholders will have a fair playing field with same amount of tokens (100,000,000) providing a new dynamic edge to the competitive tokenised landscape!

Here, we have outlined a few generic ways Partners can provide use cases for their tokens:

  • Used to get discounts on any merchandise or services provided by the respective Partner on the GGE.
  • Used to incentivise the community to engage and participate ; for instance, incentivising people to watch a stream or share social media posts.
  • Used for competitions and allowing holders the ability to tip followers on various mediums for subsequent value added; IG platform, Discord, Twitter and Telegram.
  • Used by fans to subscribe to any players/teams within our Partner organisations.
  • Used in various additional in-platform features
  • Applications and DApps developed by IG and our Partners.

We are actively working in collaboration with our Partners to establish additional utility for their respective tokens. It is therefore important to note that each Partner will provide an entirely unique proposition to drive the utility of their token. We are working on our platform and other “secret projects” to support IGG and partner tokens within our ecosystem gain further utility and provide additional value to holders.

For further clarity, we will be staggering the deployment for listing Partner tokens; they will not all be listed at once. In addition, the contents covered in this piece pertains to present and prospective Partners alike. If you have an esports organisation, or considering establishing an esports presence, then join our community: our community is full of Galacticans that are passionate about gaming!

With this crucial stage initiated, we will task a developer with creating the script to allow GSG (GSIN Esports Gold) holders to return their IGG tokens. As always, we stress the importance of being diligent. We will never permit an individual to conduct token swaps for us; for that reason, do not send your GSG anywhere other than the wallet address we will communicate through our usual channels.

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