Telcoin increases in app trade options by 75 percent

Telcoin, a decentralized financial technology platform putting blockchain-powered mobile financial services at consumers’ fingertips worldwide, has announced a huge update in the digital assets available to customers.

Telcoin increases in app trade options by 75 percent

Telcoin increases in app trade options by 75% with a major update to the trading app. Telcoin is a platform that uses blockchain technology to provide mobile financial services around the world. the latest version of the Telcoin App (version 3.7) released today, has enabled adding the ability to store, send, and trade (where available) an additional 82 cryptocurrencies. The total number of DeFi assets available on the app is now 110.

Telcoin App updates in version 3.7

The app also has some new features and improvements that make it easier to use. Users can see live prices of all the digital assets on the app in the Market View section, which they can access from the new bottom navigation bar. They can also switch between Wallet, Trade, Account, and Market View screens with a simple tap. To see their personal wallet address and Deposit QR code, they just need to tap the top right corner of their card on the Wallet screen. They can use this code to deposit tokens from other accounts into their Telcoin App.

What does the Telcoin App offer

Users in some countries can deposit USDC into the app with a debit card or a bank account, and withdraw fiat currency via bank transfer. More countries will be supported soon. The app also allows users to send money to mobile money platforms across the world at low cost. Telcoin Group is based in Singapore and has licenses and registrations in several countries, including the US, Canada, Australia, and the EU. In the US, Telcoin helped pass a law that allows state-chartered banks to offer digital asset services.

Telcoin and version 3.7 Summary:
  • Telcoin is a blockchain-based mobile financial platform
  • The app supports 110 cryptocurrencies and has new features and improvements
  • Users can deposit and withdraw digital and fiat currencies in some countries
  • The app enables low-cost remittances to mobile money platforms
  • Telcoin Group has licenses and registrations in various jurisdictions
Paul Neuner, Telcoin CEO on the updates:

“We’re excited to offer an improved trading experience and support a lot more assets in the Telcoin App, and continue to grow as a legitimate alternative to centralized exchanges and the myriad issues plaguing a number of them over the past year,”

“Our emphasis on DeFi, our assisted self custody model, and our strong focus on compliance in every market where we operate has put us in an excellent position to capture users fleeing uncertainty to a safer, more trusted platform.”


As always please do your own due diligence when trading financial instruments. Cryptocurrencies like any other trading or investment vehicle carry risks. Never invest more than you can afford to lose.

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