The Cryptocurrency Exchange Justcoin Will Open It’s Doors Again

We just received the good news for the Scandinavian Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency trading community. The Norwegian-based cryptocurrency exchange Justcoin will start operating again, this time by the help of the Hong Kong-based ANXPRO Team. Starting on the 24th of November the exchange will be fully operational, trading the same cryptocurrencies as before, Stellar, Ripple and Bitcoin. This is fantastic news for the formerly 70,000 active traders. As the exchange closed it’s door last month after the Norwegian banking system said No to Bitcoin.Letter from the Justcoin team:

Starting November 24th, will be back, managed by the ANX team.

ANX has been servicing clients since June, 2013. It was founded by two Australians and a Canadian, and is incorporated in Hong Kong. The team is very transparent, more information is available here.

“Andreas and Klaus have set a high standard of customer service and transparency. We have no illusions that the trust they have built must be earned all over again by the new team. We are looking forward to this challenge!”
Dave Chapman, COO, ANX.

ANX recently undertook a full third party cash and crypto audit.

Ready to continue trading STR, XRP, and BTC? To have your account sent to the new, and qualify for a month’s free trading click here:
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Klaus and Andreas
The Justcoin Founders

PS: If you wish to opt out of the transfer, simply don’t click the link/button.

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