Litecoin named official cryptocurrency of the Miami Dolphins


When seeing Litecoin named official cryptocurrency of the Miami Dolphins I read further, I had to verify this from the source. As a payment method alongside Bitcoin for the half time raffle and nothing more, I had to wonder. Seeing only a one sentence quote from a Dolphins source also had me wondering. Checking the Miami Dolphins websites and social media there is no mention of Litecoin or this deal whatsoever.

So before publishing anything about this story I had to verify with the Dolphins and asked them for an official statement. Sadly the Dolphins did not wish to make a statement or make any official publication on any of their media outlets, but they did point out the press release from the Litecoin Foundation as being legitimate.

So the Litecoin press release is in fact endorsed by the Dolphins, even though they don’t actually appear to want to endorse Litecoin themselves. Press release with Litecoin named official cryptocurrency of the Miami Dolphins can be found below.

Litecoin named official cryptocurrency of the Miami Dolphins

The Litecoin Foundation announced today that Litecoin has become the “Official Cryptocurrency of the Miami Dolphins.” As cryptocurrency continues to be adopted by businesses, institutions and individuals across the globe, this unique partnership creates a powerful alignment between Litecoin and one of the world’s most recognizable sports brands in the Miami Dolphins. 

Launching for the 2019 NFL season, the collaboration with the Miami Dolphins gives Litecoin the ability to tap into one of the NFL’s largest and most passionate fan bases through in-game branding and advertising opportunities at Hard Rock Stadium, as well as inclusion across the team’s various online properties and digital content. 

Through the partnership, the Miami Dolphins, Litecoin and Aliant Payments intend to give home game attendees the ability to pay with Litecoin and Bitcoin when purchasing tickets for the team’s 50/50 raffle, where half of the proceeds benefit the Miami Dolphins Foundation and its charitable causes. The 50/50 raffle tickets can be purchased both online and at 14 kiosk and raffle seller locations throughout Hard Rock Stadium.

“We’re thrilled to see Litecoin become the official cryptocurrency of the Miami Dolphins,” said Charlie Lee, creator of Litecoin and managing director of the Litecoin Foundation. “This collaboration propels Litecoin in front of an audience of millions of people around the world at a time where adoption of cryptocurrencies continues to gain momentum and the ecosystem is able to support real world use cases in ways previously not possible. We see this as a powerful way to raise awareness and educate people about Litecoin and cryptocurrencies on a tremendous scale.”

“The Miami Dolphins are always looking for ways to enhance the fan experience, and this partnership with Litecoin provides the ability for guests to enjoy our 50/50 raffle while donating to a great cause,” Miami Dolphins Vice President & Chief Information Officer Kim Rometo said. 

Litecoin, consistently one of the most readily available and most frequently transacted cryptocurrencies in the space, continues to gain popularity as a faster, less expensive and more secure means of payment for individuals, and a path towards growth for merchants. To date, tens of thousands of businesses around the globe allow their customers to #PayWithLitecoin.

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