More hype or will Justin actually deliver


True to form Justin Sun has taken the upcoming Consensus conference as an opportunity to create some TRON hype. Will this announcement of an announcement result in value for the hard suffering investors, or will it once again have as much content as a Eunuch’s trousers?

More hype or will Justin actually deliver?

With Consensus, one of the largest cryptocurrency conferences starting today, it will come as no surprise to many that Justin Sun took to Twitter to create some speculation.

As we have seen over time, Justin is famous for his announcements of announcements. These have been subtle and sometimes not so much, especially in relation to the “connection” he has with the CEO of Alibaba. The tweet has of course rekindled the speculation about this announcement (finally) being the big one:

As always with Justin’s “announcements” some relatively new speculation has been thrown into the mix:

With the crypto markets currently showing signs of a possible bull run many long-term holders of TRX will be hoping that they can join the party. This announcement having significant substance could certainly be the catalyst.

Other signals are showing up positively for TRON to make a move, they are one of the 4 big sponsors of Consensus:

The issue of the mysterious delays in prize winners finally receiving (sort of) their Tesla has been resolved:

Bullrun, Tesla, illustrious companies sharing the Block 4 sponsors group, everything is looking good, a major announcement could mean the Sun is bypassed by TRX on its way to Betelgeuse….

However, buyer beware. This isn’t the first announcement of a mind boggling partnership Justin has made. More often than not he has failed to deliver. Non-delivery on a major partnership could well be the end for Tron with investors finally having enough of the hype machine.

Add to that the news of the defection of the co-founder of Tron along with the strong statements he has made, and although we don’t make any investment recommendations here at letemspin, we will say that we are very much taking a watching brief with this latest announcement. As always please DYOR.

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