Ladbrokes UK Open Media Release


The 2020 Ladbrokes UK Open will now feature two sessions on Saturday March 7.

Due to a broadcaster request, play had originally been scheduled to be in one session from 1530 GMT on Saturday, with the fifth and sixth rounds being played back-to-back.

However, following the postponement of next weekend’s planned Six Nations rugby union fixture involving Ireland and Italy, ITV4 will now be able to broadcast two sessions.

As such, the afternoon session from 1230 GMT will feature the fifth round, with the sixth round then in the evening session from 1900 GMT.

The revised session times for the 2020 Ladbrokes UK Open are now:

Friday March 6

Afternoon Session

Play from 1100 GMT on Stages Two-Eight, Main Stage from 1200 GMT. TV coverage from 1145 GMT

First, Second & Third Rounds

Evening Session (1900 GMT)

Fourth Round

Saturday March 7

Afternoon Session (1230 GMT)

Fifth Round

Evening Session (1900 GMT)

Sixth Round

Sunday March 8

Afternoon Session (1245 GMT)


Evening Session (1900 GMT)

Semi-Finals & Final


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