IG Partners with Sports Management Worldwide 


With literally thousands of “news” stories coming out on a weekly basis, it is easy to miss announcements of widespread global awareness of cryptocurrencies. One such article we missed ourselves comes from the world of e-sports.

Having two young sons has given me a greater awareness of online gaming, and as such a whole world of e-sports opened up to me. Esports is BIG business and competitions in a huge array of games take place on a daily basis pitching players from every corner of the world against each other.

These players come from every walk of life and are being paid huge salaries to represent (among others) soccer teams like Real Madrid and even NBA basketball teams. Soccer and basketball are two global sports where professional players are scouted before and during their careers and have management to take care of their best interests.

IG Partners with Sports Management Worldwide

The announcement made on 28th February of the partnership between Intergalactic Gaming and Sports Management Worldwide is another huge step for esports, blockchain technology, and crypto awareness.

Intergalactic Gaming 28/02/2019:

We are excited to announce our strategic partnership with Sports Management Worldwide(SMWW), supporting their entry into the esports industry. Our values align as we believe education is important to nurture the future leaders of the competitive gaming industry, and so we are excited to align with SMWW to support their new ‘Business of Esports’ course.

Who are SMWW?

SMWW’s vision has always been to revolutionise the traditional sports industry by providing excellent representation and making a positive impact in the space through education and providing opportunity.

SMWW works to achieve this goal in two ways:

  • Provider of Education: SMWW strive to prepare the next generation of sports business executives with knowledge, critical thinking, ethics, integrity, skills, and the passion to succeed.
  • Course models: Their 8-week online courses provide in-depth knowledge of key areas of specific sport industries, by connecting students with well-known industry professionals.

They have now made the strategic move to enter the exciting esports industry, providing an 8-week online course covering the business of esports, which is expected to surpass $1 billion in global revenue this year. As the competitive gaming industry grows, so will the demand for talented, business-minded people who are passionate about esports.

If you are keen to pursue a career in the fastest growing entertainment vertical in the world, then read on!

Esports Careers The Course Prepares You For:

Learning from a respected esports veteran like Ben Watley will give you an edge against the competition for jobs in esports. To thrive in the business of esports requires a versatile skill set including event management, coaching role play, player management, sponsorship, content creation and more.

This cutting-edge course will prepare you to enter the world of esports with a diverse array of skills designed to attract organisations like Blizzard Entertainment, Riot Games, Activision, ESL, Razer, DreamHack, and collegiate teams!

Esports careers that this course will help you find your passion for:

  • Content creators
  • League operations personnel
  • Social Media coordinators
  • Shooter/Editor
  • Player development
  • Scouting/Analytics
  • Video coordinators
  • Esports internships
  • …and more!

‘Business in Esports’ Course Details:

The link below will provide you with further information regarding the course. If you want to enrol in to this course you will also need to follow the link below. Apply today and mention Intergalactic Gaming when you sign up!

SMWW Website

Price: $1450 / £1094.22 [6month free financing available US Only | military discount | earn college credit]

Duration: 8 weeks

Prerequisite: Must be 18 or older to participate and have a passion for sports

Galactican Discount Code: ESPORTS [$100 Discount until 11 March 2019]

What You Will Learn

The 8 Week Curriculum:

  • Week 1: Business Competences — Esports Landscape
  • Week 2: Esports Event Management, League Operations & Fan Engagement
  • Week 3: Coaching Studies
  • Week 4: Esports Psychology
  • Week 5: Esports Team Management
  • Week 6: Content Creation/Video Production
  • Week 7: Esports Sponsorship
  • Week 8: Esports Broadcasting/Streaming

This course focuses on interactive live audio chats directly with your course mentor, Ben“FooJee”Watley, allowing you the opportunity to build a personal relationship with a veteran of the esports industry.

After completing the Business of Esports course, SMWW will help you redesign your resume to highlight your new skills and include that you have been taught first-hand by FooJee!

Ben Watley Profile:

This course is taught by Ben“FooJee”Watley, who is a former professional gamer, broadcaster, caster, team coach, general manager, and esports entrepreneur. He is a respected voice in the industry, and is excited to share his skills and knowledge with you so that you can break into the rapidly expanding global esports industry.

Ben got his start in esports when he co-founded and co-owned Gankstars esports. In this role, Ben focused on growing the company, creating relationships with those in the community, and seeking sponsorship. Ben then focused on playing professionally in Vainglory(MOBA),which was developed by the Super Evil Megacorp.

After he retired from professional play, Ben went on to become a caster and analyst with Twitch. Ben has experience in coaching and management with Echo Fox, specifically in Vainglory, preparing his team for competitions, structuring practices, planning strategies, motivating players, and managing the roster. Ben even went on to work with Super Evil Megacorp as their Head of Esports to grow Vainglory’s notoriety and exposure on the international scale and solidify sponsors for the game!

Check out Ben’s profile below. There is no one more qualified to help you find your fit in the world of esports.

SMWW Ben Watley

LinkedIn profile

We are excited to be involved in this initiative by SMWW and look forward to building our relationship with them as they enter the competitive gaming landscape.

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