XRP to $692 and Bitcoin to $200,000 – We answer if it can happen.


We have seen hundreds of posts reporting on varied 2020 price predictions for Bitcoin ranging from Zero to 1,000 at the low end right up to 100,000 or 200,000 to even 1 million dollars at the high end.

Not content with pissing everyone off with years of $589 price predictions for XRP, we are now seeing more and more crypto websites quoting a price this year of $692 per XRP.

So we decided to perform a full, in depth analysis of all the ways these crazy high prices are possible. We have spent the last 2 weeks running all the data and all the permutations and even brought in almost a dozen financial, trading and political experts to help us calculate and report our findings as fully and correctly as possible.

Can XRP reach $692 and can Bitcoin reach $200,000 in 2020?

Short Answer:

> NO.

Long Answer:

Stop it and stop it now. Oh dear god would all you shilling “journalists” and delusional fan-boys please just stop this bullshit right here and right now.

Thank you!

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