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Unlike most cryptocurrency ratings published online, the Wise Crypto ratings have nothing to do with the current or future price of the currency. Whether or not a crypto is over or undervalued or priced today is completely irrelevant. Our research focuses on the sustainability of each project, the security, the use case, decentralisation, environmental impact, the technology, the scalability and the developers and teams behind the projects.

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XRP (XRP) Rating = 580/1,000 = 50.0%

Technology (0 to 300) = 235

  • Speed (0 to 50) = 40
    Transaction times of 1 to 5 seconds and a theoretical max currently of 1,500 transactions per second is damned impressive. But there’s still room for improvement.
  • Cost (0 to 50) = 50
    1 drop is the cost for an XRP transaction which is about 1 millionth of a dollar cent. It doesn’t get any better than this and it shouldn’t, any cheaper and it is free and that would bring new challenges due to spam fake transactions.
  • Scalability (0 to 50) = 40
    With Cobalt promising even faster transactions and up to 50,000 tps we are already preparing for incredible speeds. Throw in Coil, ILP and all the other developments (which can scale to unimaginable speeds) currently ongoing and XRP seems an unstoppable beast! And even though the Cobalt upgrade seems to be on hold, the XRPL team have admitted they can the ledger to hit almost those speeds even without Cobalt.
    Minus 10 points for the fact Ripple don’t seem to have much intention of actually implementing any improvements.
  • Reliability (0 to 50) = 45
    To date over 50 million ledgers closed and over a billion transactions succesfully completed over many years and not a single issue to date. We would give maximum points for this but security reliability never be underestimated and can always be improved upon.
    A group of Bitcoiners recently tried to crash the XRP Ledger by taking advantage of the decentralised nature and low cost of the XRPL and installing a Dapp on there and then spamming the ledger with hundreds of transactions per second, all containing high volumes of data as well as sensitive (pornographic) images, phishing files and such like. After many days of this mass attack the XRPL stood up and didn’t miss a single beat proving it to be ultra secure and able to handle mass volumes of transactions and data.
  • Environmental Impact (0 to 50) = 50
    XRP is the greenest cryptocurrency and also more environmentally friendly that Visa, gold, the dollar or any other form of currency. An independent charity is also collecting XRP is planting trees with these funds and aiming to make the XRPL carbon neutral.
  • Decentralisation (0 to 50) = 10
    Ripple controls only a small fraction of the XRPL validators and is by far more decentralised than any of its peers. The transparency in escrow releases of XRP into the market is impeccable and something all other cryptos should be doing. Open source and with dozens of companies building on the XRP platform means this ledger is going to grown and decentralise exponentially in the future. People also seem to forget that Ripple is not just one single entity owned by a handful of people but has angel investors and hands on partners including Santander, SBI, Google, Standard Chartered, Accenture, Seagate and many more.
    The fact that Ripple does have a very large say in the way things are currently moving forward loses them points here but actually is something we should be grateful for. They are pushing crypto into mainstream and are a huge credit to the entire cryptosphere.
    Update: as we move forward it seems like XRP is once again getting more and more centralised with Ripple in complete control.

Security (-250 to 0) = -35

  • Reorg, 51% & Brute Force Attack (-100 to 0) = -5
    An attack on XRP is virtually impossible but -5 points to keep them on their toes! Security cannot ever be underestimated despite the ledger standing up to the Bitcoiners mass attack recently.
  • Potential For Being Banned (-100 to 0) = -5
    XRP is not a privacy coin and doesn’t rely on damaging proof of work. They also work closely with all the governments, central banks and regulators and is therefore the safest crypto in the world in this regard. But never say never.
  • Network Vulnerabilities (-50 to 0) = -25
    XRP is as secure as they come. But nothing is 100% so no resting on their laurels, they need to keep on top of this.
    The only issue is can you trust Ripple? Big question marks there.

Use Case (0 to 500) = 260

  • Initial Main Use Case (0 to 100) = 10
    XRP is a bridge currency. It works and it is the biggest single use case in crypto. If we discount all the fake volume, money laundering and criminal activity in the crypto market we can already see that XRP makes up well over 90% of all legitimate cryptocurrency volume today and it has barely even begun. We can probably expect this number to eventually rise to 99% of all legitimate crypto volume.
    Update: Ripple changed their game plan in June 2020 removing high value payments. This seems more a reflection on their numerous failings rather than a conscientious choice on their part. ODL volumes have dropped off drastically.
    Update: Swift have overtaken Ripple rendering this use case almost useless.
  • Mainnet Live (0 to 200) = 200
    The XRP ledger has been live for years and works impeccably.
  • Additional Use Cases (0 to 100) = 20
    R3 Corda, Coil, xrptipbot, Xumm, Forte, Codius, etc etc etc. XRP can handle any use case any other cryptocurrency or blockchain project can think of. And already a great many of them are being worked on.
    Update: Coil looks like it will never pick up any traction, being monopolized by a small handful of XRP obsessives. Cinnamon is a barren wasteland with the all time number 1 video having a meagre 11,5k views and only 4 videos having over 2,5k views. New videos are lucky to make double figures! MoneyGram are rumoured to be being bought out by Western Union and MoneyGram have also signed a deal to use Visa for remittances rather than XRP. Forte have to date made zero impact despite the huge funding from Ripple. The list of failures goes on and on.
  • Additional Working Products (0 to 100) = 30
    Coil is already handling billions of transactions, xrptipbot is working flawlessly, XRPayments was a beta and scaled down version of the upcoming Xumm yet still works like a dream. The list goes on and on.
    Update: The use of XRP outside of Ripple has bottomed out at virtually zero. Despite all the hype, not much has actually materialised.
    Update: As of September 2021 nothing is happening at all despite all the promises.

Core Team, Partnerships & Developers (0 to 200) = 100 40

  • Core Team & Developers (0 to 100) = 50 20
    The Ripple team is a who’s who of the greatest minds in technology, finance, security, business, banking, leadership, politics and more. Just so damned impressive.
    Rating downgraded 20 points however for the shameless shilling Ripple continue with, mentioning Amazon, Google and Uber at every possible turn having hinted for 3 years of partnerships which never came.
    Rating downgraded 10 points for the lack of empathy they show the XRPcommunity, continually dumping on the market even when they claim not to be doing so. With Brad Garlinghouse, Jed McAleb, Chris Larson and Arthur Britto still holding such a large percentage of total XRP supply they are completely non transparent about their own holdings.
    Update: The Ripple leadership is looking very fragil right now with unrest coming from all angles. Given all the hype and promises things look to be going backwards very fast and they are looking more like Tron by the day with fake hype, sneakily released and retracted press releases teasing fans and very little by way of actual achievement. It is not entirely unthinkable that Ripple will one day scrap XRP altogether and plug their system into a new xCurrent model of some sort.
  • Partnerships (0 to 100) = 50 20
    No other crypto can come close to XRP in terms of the number of partnerships they have ongoing. In fact combined the other 3,000 or so cryptos TOGETHER don’t even come close.
    Not only does XRP have massive numbers of high quality partners, but the Xpring initiative is investing in and even buying other companies and organisations in order to progress the utility and use cases of XRP. Notable acquisitions include the Logos Network, Algrim and a percentage of MoneyGram International.
    Rating downgraded 20 points as the partners do not seem to care about protecting investors and the price, dumping the XRP they receive from Ripple investments.
    Update: Things are not looking promising, we were promised hundreds of banks and central banks using XRP however none have materialised aside from using the xCurrent part of ODL. Even practucally bribing MoneyGram to use XRP has not paid off. Bleak times are ahead.
  • Update: Ripple are self confessed members of the fascist/communist New World Order. The global destruction the NWO and their lying puppets have caused since the start of 2020 is immeasurable. All trust and faith in Ripple could easily evaporate and see them receive a negative rating here but we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt despite the risk they could easily just use an expanded global Ripple network for the communist single global digital currency the UN and WEF are pushing for and have their evil friends in high places mark the entire crypto market as illegal globally. -30 points for both sections in this category.

One possible outcome moving on is that Ripple technology becomes the framework for global digital currencies while all cryptocurrencies including XRP get banned outright. Considering the great evil of the New World Order which has made its face public in 2020, nothing should be ruled out.

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