Wise ways to promote Cryptos on TV


Let’s make crypto FUN again!

The cryptocurrency market might be showing the occasional week or two of volatility but for the general public crypto as a whole died in January 2018. Nobody out there in the real world is interested, nobody is talking about it and nobody cares.

Late 2017 was all hype and everyone wanted to know about this great new hope for making lots of money (let’s not pretend anyone cared about bringing in a new dawn for humanity) but now the only people left in the game are the poor old hodlers, the traders profiting from pump and dumps and from carefully protected trading strategies, and last but by no means least the grand manipulators pulling the strings, ripping off leverage gamblers, laundering money, using fake tethered ‘dollars’ to create fake volumes and control the prices, exit scamming and countless other nefarious bad practices.

So what is everybody doing to make crypto “sexy” again? What are we all doing to get crypto back in the public eye for when (and it is coming soon) real utility, real liquidity and real use cases take over and the bad actors have all sold out and left?

Bitcoin and Litecoin are being used for online gambling which is a real use case and a large one at that. And XRP is being used by banks and global remittance companies and utility is growing by the week. But what about the rest of crypto? Who is making the general public care about crypto again? Who is making crypto FUN again?

One crypto casino took the innovative decision to promote Bitcoin to the mass public by paying for the Bitcoin logo to be placed on the sleeve of English Premier League club Watford. Sadly Watford are in dire straits sitting rock bottom and looking like dead certs for relegation, but the visibility is fantastic nonetheless.

Litecoin have made some bold moves to publicize vague partnerships with some other sports teams.

And Dogecoin sponsor a Nascar.

slots rtp all over the World Darts Championship

slots rtp decided to sponsor a number of darts players for the PDC World Championship currently to be seen on TVs all around the world! We thought it would be good to get crypto out into the real world once more and give crypto fans something new to cheer on! We have also agreed deals to sponsor players for the entire 2020 season as well, with Krzysztof Ratajski, Luke Woodhouse and Matthew Edgar all already signed up for next year and with more names still to come!

Luke Woodhouse followed up his exploits at the Players Championship Finals last month (where he defeated reigning champion Daryl Gurney) by beating the legend Paul Lim in the first round and then went on to defeat last years World Championship runner-up Michael Smith in round 2.

The response to seeing crypto on TV has been very positive with a lot of crypto fans following the progress of our players closely and really getting into the darts and some crypto fans even dabbling in darts betting supporting our players.

So how are Team slots rtp doing at the world championship?

So far we have played 6 games, won 5 and lost only 1 match:

  • Darius Labanauskas 3 v 0 Matthew Edgar (First Round) – Loss
  • Luke Woodhouse 3 v 0 Paul Lim (First Round) – Win
  • Michael Smith 1 v 3 Luke Woodhouse (Second Round) – Win
  • Steve Lennon 2 v 3 Callan Rydz (First Round) – Win
  • Ryan Searle 3 v 2 Robbie King (First Round) – Win
  • Krzysztof Ratajski 3 v 1 Zoran Lerchbacher (Second Round) – Win

How to cheer on Team slots rtp?

If you want to support our players (listed in bold), the upcoming games are as follows:

Thursday December 19

Afternoon Session (1230 GMT)
2x First Round, 2x Second Round
Justin Pipe v Benjamin Pratnemer (First Round)
Ryan Joyce v Jan Dekker (First Round)
John Henderson v Richardson (Second Round)
Steve Beaton v K Anderson (Second Round)

Evening Session (1900 GMT)
4x Second Round
Chris Dobey v Meulenkamp/Robb (Second Round)
Danny Noppert v Callan Rydz (Second Round)
Dave Chisnall v Van der Voort (Second Round)
Gerwyn Price v O’Connor (Second Round)

Saturday December 21

Afternoon Session (1230 GMT)
4x Second Round
Keegan Brown v Mansell/Asada (Second Round)
Simon Whitlock v Ward/Razma (Second Round)
Steve West v Ryan Searle (Second Round)
Adrian Lewis v Reyes (Second Round)

Sunday December 22

Afternoon Session (1230 GMT)
3x Third Round
Clayton/Joyce/Dekker v Bunting/Monk/Justicia
Labanauskas v Hopp/Clemens/Van de Pas
Aspinall/Baggish v Krzysztof Ratajski

Monday December 23

Afternoon Session (1230 GMT)
3x Third Round
Cullen/Wilson/Kurz v Wattimena/Humphries/Petersen
Lewis/Reyes/Ilagan v Webster/Meikle/Yamada
Luke Woodhouse v Van den Bergh/Payne/Portela



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