Why we sponsor so many PDC darts players

Why we sponsor so many PDC darts players

Since the start of the PDC World Championships we have received a number of enquiries as to why we sponsor so many PDC darts players (apart from the obvious fact we have loved playing and watching since we were kids when the likes of Bullseye, Bristow, Wilson, Dellar, etc were on our TV screens regularly). As such we would like to answer all of those questions in detail for you.

Background information about slots rtp

slots rtp launched 15 months ago with the intention of bringing real and verifiable news to the crypto enthusiast. We felt that too many online publications were littered with click bait headlines or pointless price predictions serving little or no purpose through their purely speculative nature.

Privately owned and funded slots rtp provides cryptocurrency news and information directly from the source and other than the blogs section does not allow itself any opinionated articles. The decision to avoid the incessant pop up advertising and geo location fake news articles for clicks strategy was a conscious one as we saw endless complaints about news being missed in articles littered with these elsewhere.

Not only did we want to bring real news to the market we also wanted to take the world of cryptocurrencies to a new and broader public. This is where our advertising within the sport of darts came in.

Why we sponsor so many PDC darts players

Our journey into sponsorship started back in September 2018 with our desire to find a new and as yet untapped market for cryptocurrencies. The sport of darts quickly became an area of focus for the following reasons:

1. Who hasn’t played darts or at the very least seen a dartboard? Not many people was our quick answer because even TV shows like Friends featured a dartboard in nearly every episode (Joey and Chandler’s apartment has one hanging on the wall). There are even dartboards in almost every house in the Fortnite video game phenomenon.

2. Darts is a sport that knows no boundaries, unrestricted by age, gender, physical capability or restriction, darts is enjoyed by people in all walks of life.

Bringing crypto to the global television audience

3. The global appeal. The PDC has professional tours across the globe and sees tournaments held in many of the hotbeds of the crypto world with tournaments sponsored by large darts betting sites.

4. Television exposure. The World Championship (currently running) is viewed by many millions across the globe and the sessions are broadcast live in countries as far afield as Germany and Japan. It is in fact the second most viewed sport on Sky Sports in the UK after football and therefore incredible that there are so few full time professional darters when just in the UK alone there are 3,000 footballers earning more than anyone outside the top 32 on the darts world order of merit!

5. Despite the 4 points above it has nowhere near hit its potential yet. Further professionalization, expansion of the professional circuit and further grassroots development are just some of the many ways in which the sport can, and is growing.

Are darts and crypto similar in global recognition?

As you can see there are so many parallels in the 5 points with the state of crypto, and given that darts is shown on TV in hotbeds of crypto development like Japan, Singapore, the USA and Europe, it turned out that it was a no-brainer to use darts as our first venture.

Finding the right player to start with was key. This is where Matthew Edgar came in. Having spoken to Matt a number of times it was decided that he would be our first ever brand ambassador and we agreed terms for the 2019 season. Matt was at a point in his career where with hard work and determination 2019 could be the defining year for him.

Matthew Edgar darts

Sitting outside of the top-64 and with 1 year to make it into the top 64 to ensure his professional status (without having to re-qualify) put him in a similar situation to crypto we felt. Crypto had seen a huge explosion in 2017 in terms of public awareness but a tough 2018 saw public sentiment dwindling and 2019 was to be a defining year. Which crypto would confirm the promise shown, which would fail, and which would need a rebrand or rethink to start again strong?

Another big reason for choosing Matt was his bubbly character, his huge online presence, and his clear devotion to family, sports, personal development and doing good for others.

The impact of the sponsorship of Matthew, and our commitment to long term investments and partnerships meant we quickly (3 months in) agreed terms for 2020 as well. This is another parallel with investing in Crypto, as with any investment a long-term strategy works better in general as it allows for highs and lows.

For the biggest event in the darting calendar we wanted to expand our investment and our commitment to putting the crypto world on the map in new regions as well as those hotbed countries we have previously mentioned.

Ryan Searle came next and we agreed he would represent us until the end of the World Championships and previously at the Players Championship finals. Another family man he offers an example of the diversity in the world of darts (and crypto) being a bit of a rocker (his nickname Heavy Metal gives a good clue). Ryan Searle heavy metal dart

Luke Woodhouse was a player we sponsored for the Players Championship Finals and we extended the agreement to include the world championships. Having met this well spoken and extremely talented player in person we quickly snapped him up for 2020 as he is another example of the growth potential and values we encourage for our brand.

luke woodhouse

When the opportunity came about to sponsor one of the top 20 players in the world in the shape of Krzysztof Ratajski we quickly got to know him a bit better. Once again he fits the bill perfectly. At the age of 42 he brings a balance and solidity to our “Stable”. Like a crypto in the shape of Ethereum or XRP that have been around for a long time, it is clear to see that this gem still has the potential for exponential growth and we are delighted to have him on board.


Jan Dekker is a successful businessman and semi-professional darts player. His degrees in finance and him owning a financial services company (corporate financing) show a link to both worlds, crypto and sport.


Callan Rydz is the youngster in the pack at the age of 21. Like many cryptos he has untold levels of talent and potential and it is a pleasure to be part of seeing if he can reach the full potential he has in him.


Hopefully this detailed explanation of our sponsorship interests in the world of darts has answered the questions we have been asked.

We would also like to hope that those in cryptos now have a better idea about the world of darts, hopefully you will find a similar enjoyment of this great sport as the 10’s of millions around the world have.

And if you are one of those 10’s of millions that love darts but haven’t heard about cryptos before, we hope that you find slots rtp an interesting source of verifiable news and information!

If we have stimulated your interest in the game of darts please head over to our friends at which darts who have very in depth information on dart for beginners. Which darts cover a broad range of topics including the history of darts and the history of dartboards and the materials they are made from.

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