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Platooners slot – Welcome to Hollywood!

The air vibrates of expectations. The studio is prepared with backdrops, lights, cameras and microphones. Everyone is excited and eager to get started with the production of the new action movie, especially the stars of the show who stumble and fumble around. All three recruits are armed with impressive rockets, heavy machine guns and grenades, all in order to battle and hopefully defeat the gold-filled snakes. All parts of the snake, from the tiniest coin to the big head, glare and shine in the light of the cameras, but what is hidden in the snake’s treasures?
The three Platooners are impossible to control, but as always eager to please. It is entertaining to see how they fire their rockets, machine guns and throw grenades resulting in respins, additional wilds and paylines of 5 of a kind in the base game. It works as test shots of the real action scene production taking place in the bonus game. All Snakes of Fortune are fully loaded with coins wins and mysterious bonus coins which reveal bigger wins, additional ammunition, increased attack power or even bombs at the time of explosion. Defeating one snake intensifies the action even further as the Platooners’ weapon become more powerful and they are challenged with an even stronger snake, which is also considerably more valuable and awarding.
Platooners is an action-filled 5 reel slot designed for Mobile First. It brings the familiar Bloopers back to action in an appealing Hollywood setting. Respin features are combined with an innovative and very rewarding bonus game. Connecting paylines generate up to 178 ways to win the sought after 250,000 coins. Action stations – spin!
Action Spins!
The excitement is boosted in every single spin, since a Platooner might turn up any time after a spin and fire his weapon as the reels start spinning again. All three recruits have their individual way of interacting with the reels, but always in the favor of the player.
Stunts – In the early days of movies, stunt effects were done by the use of models, false perspective and other in-camera effects, unless the creator could find someone willing to jump from car to car or hang from the edge of a skyscraper. In our game, the Platooners are doing all the stunts by them selves.
Innovation – We are proud to be able to say that we are innovative and always create new games. Reskinning is for others. There are so many interesting ideas bubbling in the studio so the challenge is to apply sure instinct and to realize the number ones.
Hand grenades – Do not try to pulling the pin in the “movie”way with your teeth or other types of tricks. In real life trying to pull the pin with your teeth will make you lose some of them. Take as a rule of your life to never use any grenades at all …
Hidden slot – A mystery buried in time
Professor Taylor and his nephew Benjamin leave rainy London behind to take you on an exotic adventure. They are deeply determined to solve the big mystery of the Great Pyramids’ missing golden topstones. Have these top-stones ever existed? If so, where are they buried now?
Flashbacks of ancient Egypt – The desert heat makes the air vibrate, and the intense sunlight makes you squint your eyes. It is almost as if the pyramids come alive, appearing in white and gold, and the Anubis guards look straight at you with their clear blue eyes. During the Flashback Respins feature one, two or three of the middle reels get completely covered by sticky wilds, resulting in more generous payouts.
Hidden is a colorful slot with five massive falling blocks. The 178 connecting paylines offer a clear and lucrative payout.
Get ready for a dazzling ride in time!
When old became ancient – The earliest known Egyptian pyramids are found at Saqqara, northwest of Memphis (constructed 2630 BC–2611 BC). The pyramid and its surrounding complex were designed by the architect Imhotep, and are generally considered to be the world’s oldest monumental structures constructed of dressed masonry.
Flashback Respins: Every spin in Hidden tickles more than usual, since the exciting Flashback Respins feature can trigger at any time! Suddenly the sky and clouds come to life, you are sent back in time to ancient Egypt, to get a glimpse of what the pyramids once looked like.
An existing wonder – The Pyramid of Khufu (also known as the “Great Pyramid” and the “Pyramid of Cheops”) at Giza is the largest Egyptian pyramid. It is the only one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World still in existence.
Mobile First! – We believe people are different, and enjoy playing differently. Therefore when playing Hidden, the gaming experience is flawless regardless of what display mode is chosen. Functionality and icons are kept the same to ensure recognition between the different modes.
Birthday slot – Birthday! is about surprises
Celebrating birthdays gives the perfect excuse to bring wonderful people together. With famous ELK characters gathering round the bar you’re invited to share a memorable evening full of surprises. Pling-plong! The feast continues as new guests ring the doorbell bringing all kinds of gifts.
The more the merrier
Different guests arrive with rewarding respins, free spins and wilds. Bringing more guests to Birthday! means combining multiple features at the same time. With all guests arriving randomly you will never know who’s next.
A feast of features
There are three types of main features: Happy Spins, Free Spins and Wilds. Happy Spins feature can be combined with both Free Spins and Wilds. Free Spins feature can freeze or que in the players favor until other features are completed.
Birthday! is a 5 reel slot designed for Mobile First. Connecting paylines generate 178 ways to win. It comes with randomly trigged respins, free spins and wild features.
Everyday promotions
Birthday! is a game optimized for running various promotions. It’s the ultimate choice when creating special campaigns for players on their birthdays and can also be used for different events taking place throughout the year. The star of the promotion can be anything from a famous person to celebrating a business anniversary or public holiday.
Give someone each day the gift of a smile!
The birthday tradition
The early signs of celebrating birthdays goes all the way back to ancient Egypt and revolve around worshipping gods. Today, birthdays are celebrated worldwide with a birthday song, cake and lit candles for that special person to make a wish before blowing out. The birthday card was first seen in year 1902.
Meet with our characters
All Birthday! features come with well-known characters from some of the popular and previous releases within our game portfolio. Among all the characters showing up for the feast are Anne Bonny, the notorious pirate from Wild Seas, handing over a valuable respin gift and Electric Sam giving out sticky symbols.
When cake goes wild
When celebrating birthdays, apart from the person who everyone is there to greet, the cake is often the center of attention. Just like surprise gifts it seems as sweetness always puts people in a good mood, especially with our cake symbol being a wild.

Lake’s Five slot – Five to rescue
The rumor about the poor little monkey is spreading like a wildfire throughout the city. The story goes that he has been taken wildly kicking and under strong protests into Mr. Romano’s impressive tower but then no one has seen him again. Many are the speculations and there is great concern – is he still alive? Can he be saved?
The Heist
The slick Mr. Lake gathers his five most suitable friends and sets off to make a heist on Mr. Romano. His plan is to rescue the poor little monkey and gets his hands on Mr. Romano’s enormous fortune. Keys are collected to unlock wild features and to get additional free spins. Walking wilds move from reel to reel, and the climbing wilds move from row to row. The different moving wilds can easily cross each other’s paths or come across a sticky wild making them end up on the same position resulting in multiplier wilds. The different wild features build up golden mats and great chances for massive and generous wins.
Lake’s Five is a 5 reel slot designed for Mobile First. It mixes the disco fever from the 70s with free spins loaded with golden wilds, sticky wilds, walking wilds and climbing wilds. Connecting paylines generate 178 ways to win and a chance to win up to 216,000 coins.
Ocean had his eleven, Lake has five – Lake’s Five!
Wild bonanza
Walking wilds moving reel by reel and climbing wilds moving row by row are valuable and rewarding as they are, but when they cooperate is when the magic happens. Crossing each other’s paths or coming across sticky wilds result in multipliers and mats of golden wilds.
Ocean’s Eleven
Ocean’s Eleven is a 2001 American heist film and a remake of the 1960 Rat Pack film of the same name. A team of criminals goes to Las Vegas ro rob a casino. The game Lake’s Five saves animals as well.
“A picture is worth a thousand words.” We take the quote seriously and put numerous of hours into polishing every art piece to make it astonishing. This also include the presentation of all type of text. Identifying the suitable typography and style for a game is essential to give the game the correct feeling and packaging.
Las Vegas
Las Vegas, known primarily for its gambling, shopping, fine dining, entertainment, and nightlife, had in January 2018 167 different casinos and around 40 of them at the Las Vegas Strip area, the most famous part of Las Vegas.
Kaiju slot – Let the battle begin!
Kaiju are majestic creatures, cursed to grow crystals and gems on their skin. These heavy stones hurt and turn the Kaiju into angry beasts, taking out their frustration on humans.
All hope lies in the hands of our female cyborg, HA-42. She moves at the speed o light with her superhuman strength and infinite power source. Still, even more important than her endless endurance is her compassionate human heart.
Spin and join HA-42 in the battle for mankind!
Human Android no 42
HA-42 is the ultimate weapon of humanity. Powered by a compact nuclear reactor, she hunts the hurting Kaiju down and removes their heavy crystals and gems for them to get back to their harmless state of hibernation. The collected stones are being used as a currency for trading among the humans, which makes them not only precious but essential for the survival of mankind.
Kaiju is a futuristic 5 reel slot designed for Mobile First. It brings a unique mix of free spins, wilds, sticky wilds and expanding reels. Paylines generate up to 7 776 ways to win and a chance to win as much as 130 440 coins.
The Japanese word ‘’Kaiju’’ literally translates to “strange beast,” but is often translated in English as “monster”. In movies Kaiju are associated with a genre of films originally made in Japan in the 1950’s with creatures big as houses. The most famous Kaiju in all history is Godzilla.
Expanding reels
With Kaiju slot a new feature with expanding reels was introduced. Expanding reels generate more ways to win and allows the player to get up to 7776 paylines, if the Red Kaiju is defeated during the Kaiju Battle bonus game.
93 movies
Between the years 1954 and 2017, 93 Kaiju movies have been released. Of those 77% where made in Japan, 12% made in USA and only one Kaiju movie comes from Scandinavia, produced in Denmark 1961.
Vertical laser
A vertical laser is generated by three or more identical symbols connecting vertically. The vertical laser gives a laser beam which reveals a wild symbol on the row above and open up more ways to win and bigger payouts. In the Kaiju Battle bonus game a vertical laser further opens up the game grid by expanding the reel upwards.
Game progress – Make your third spin!
Out of the three Kaiju, the Red Kaiju is the most powerful creature. It is the hardest Kaiju battle for HA-42 to win, but also gives you the sweetest rewards. All reels can expand up to its hot spot. For each expansion one extra free spin is handed out, and so the Kaiju battle bonus game continues.
Try one spin!
Kaiju is a Mobile First game especially designed for portrait mode, with reels expanding upwards. Vertical lasers in the base game generate wilds and additional chances to win.
Make your second spin!
The female cyborg HA-42 appears on the middle reels and trigger the Kaiju battle bonus game with expanding reels. Three or more identical symbols, which are vertically connected, generate a laser beam which in turn expands the reel with a wild. Vertical lasers extend the reels and activate the hot spots. When all the hot spots in each Kaiju’s unique pattern are activated, the majestic creature is defeated.
What is a Kaiju?
Kaiju are Japanese creatures of majestic size, cursed to grow heavy gems on their skin for humans to live on. Harvesting these precious stones release the Kaiju’s anger, and so the battle begins…
Game story
“With no land to grow, humans rely on intergalactic trading for food and other essentials. The precious stones and metals found on earth are essential for our survival, but they are starting to run out.
A female cyborg powered by a compact nuclear reactor, and most importantly her human heart, protects us from total extinction. With her lightning-fast speed, destructive fire power and persistent endurance she is mankind’s ultimate weapon.“
Wild Seas slot – Fire in the hole!
The stormy waters and the fog coming in from the sea surround the merchant ships outside of Port Royale. No one is guaranteed a safe route, especially not if there are valuables onboard. Anne Bonny has vowed for a time to return the treasures to the local islanders who really worth it. Now the time has come…
It is time for revenge.
Loot the Treasures!
Sinking a ship in Break the Convoy! unlocks the second bonus level where it is all about to collect the opponent’s treasure chests, which luckily hit will generate massive sticky wild wins. But watch out for the barrel loaded with explosives, which might take you all the way back to the base game.
Wild Seas is an action filled 5 reel slot located on the Caribbean Sea during the Golden Age of Piracy. The 178 connecting paylines and the leveling feature jointly offer massive wins, all accompanied by an epic soundtrack. So, set sail and experience the Golden Age of Piracy!
History of piracy
The earliest documented instances of piracy were in the 14th century BC, when the Sea Peoples, a group of ocean raiders, attacked the ships of the Aegean and Mediterranean civilizations.
Qualitative games
We take slot gaming very seriously and to make qualitative games is key to us. So therefore, more than 150 million spins were made to ensure the payouts are correct.
Anne Bonny
Our Anne Bonny is a real sailor. She knows the Caribbean Sea better than anyone, and she could manage her ship in her sleep. Anne literally grew up at sea as she followed her father on his adventures across the Caribbean Sea. We spent hundreds of hours to visually identify her and bring her to life.
Pirates of today
Piracy or pirating is the name of a specific crime under customary international law and also the name of a number of crimes under the municipal law of a number of states. In the early 21st century, seaborne piracy against transport vessels remains a significant issue (with estimated worldwide losses of US$16 billion per year in 2007), particularly in the waters between the Red Sea and Indian Ocean, off the Somali coast, and also in the Strait of Malacca and Singapore.
Game progress – Spin again!
The mighty thunder of cannons fired and the fog rolling in from the open sea surround the treasure-loaded merchant convoys. No one is guaranteed a safe passage, especially not if you carry valuables onboard. Anne Bonny vowed for a time when she would get her revenge and bring back wealth and treasures back to the people worthy of it. Now the time has come…
The bonus game takes off with Break the Convoy! in which convoys of sailing wild ships move leftwards over the reels. Three lucky hits sink a ship and reveal the captain’s loot chest, which also unlocks the second level of the bonus game – Loot the Treasures! Now it is time to collect treasure chests to generate massive sticky wild wins, but watch out for the barrels loaded with explosives which might take you back to the base game!
Try another spin!
Anne is a warmhearted pirate, determined to make the life hard for the unpleasant captains and their merchant ships. She wants to help the local Caribbean fishermen who once rescued her when her father’s ship was sunk.
Two Wild Seas symbols land and take you into the bonus game, with merchant ships as sailing wilds moving leftwards. Pirate ships on reel 5 fire their cannons, where each hit breaks the convoy and holds back the hit ship for one spin.
Try one spin!
It is the Golden Age of Piracy and the Caribbean Sea bubbles of trading ships and lurking pirates.
Three merchants and our pirate friend represent the high value symbols. With a few lucky hits, they payout really good.
Route 777 slot – A mythical route
The straight desert highway continues all the way to the horizon. It is a quiet and impressive landscape, and you can almost see the gold glistening in the sunlight. Could this really be it? The mythical Route 777 – the road to riches and fortune!
Hit the road
The exciting ride takes off in New York and brings you towards the west coast, and if you are lucky you will reach all the way to the Golden Gate bridge. Route 777 is a slot machine like no other, loaded with respins and free spins, and not least a very rewarding fortune wheel accompanied by retro styled sound effects. An innovative 3 reels slot which combines the layout of a classic slot machine with a modern dot matrix.
Route 777 is our second game in the suit of innovative Mobile First 3 reel slots. Connecting paylines provide 17 ways to win. Turn up the engine and get ready for a hell of a ride!
Gold Coast Highway
The Gold Coast Highway in Queensland, Australia is almost 40 kilometers long and the busses named Route 777 takes people to and from the Gold Coast Airport. These busses has nothing to do with the mysterious road in the game.
Wheel of Fortune
The rewarding Wheel of Fortune in the bonus game has the tickling feeling, will the peg pass over to the next section or not? Accompanied by an announcer it literally takes you to the funfair of your childhood.
Most famous highway
Route 66 that starts in Chicago and ends in Los Angeles is the most famous highway in USA and sometimes is called “The Mother Road”. The road opened 1926 and has given a lot of inspiration for movies, songs and books through the years.
Sound effects in the game
Finding the inspiration for the perfect sound effects for the game was as turning back the time to the 80s, the time for the classical pinball games. Once found the tweaking phase started, to give them a modern touch.
Game progress – Spin the reels again!
Follow how Route 777 developed from the first spin and compare to the end result.
“Get on your bike and ride highway 78 out of New York. Head on south towards Chicago, cross Kansas City and Denver, continue southwest to Las Vegas and finally head off slightly north towards San Francisco. If you’re lucky, somewhere between the Grand Junction and the west coast you can find it. The road strip – the one and only Route 777. ”
Try one spin!
“Experience the drone of the tires on the tarmac and the wind buffeting your body. As you reach the straight empty roads which almost seem to disappear into nowhere, the speed and the heat from the asphalt can make it hard to distinguish what’s reality. You might see things that go beyond the human mind.”
Ivanhoe slot – Retro style in modern shape
After present times and a quick visit into the future it is now time to take a step back in time and get some retro styled feelings. Ivanhoe is a volatile slot that combines the layout of a classic slot machine, innovative features worthy a top class online slot and a modern dot matrix. It provides both high line winnings and a rich bonus game.
Time for change
Prince John has claimed the crown in Richard the Lionheart’s absence and keeps the town in a tight grip together with his loyal Norman knights Bois-Guilbert and Front-de-Bouef. Ivanhoe decides to stand by his king and fight for him. The bonus game takes the player through different challenges on the rough journey towards increasing multipliers and towards the ultimate goal to get Richard the Lionheart back on the throne. All the visual action in the bonus game takes place in the dot matrix but it is driven by the winnings on the connected reels.
Ivanhoe is an innovative 3 reels slot designed for Mobile First providing an exceptional one-handed gaming experience.
Gear up for a historical adventure!
Saxons vs. Normans
Ivanhoe is a historical novel by Sir Walter Scott, first published in 1820 in three volumes and subtitled “A Romance”. It is a story about the Saxons vs. the Normans and of course, about love.
5 Bonus levels
The five different Bonus levels in the game are visualised in a dot matrix display in the retro style known from classic pinpall machines. The creation of this effect demanded close interaction between both artists and programmers.
Sweden tradition
In Sweden we have an odd tradition. On January 1 every year people spend the day watching the movie Ivanhoe from 1982, eating pizza and recovering from the New Year’s celebration.
Back to the original
The theme behind the game together with the retro style is carefully thought through. The game is travelling a road of nostalgia where everyone can get a flashback of the past. From how the earliest versions on slot games looked like, to the feeling of the pinball machines from the 90’s and from a time where knights saved the princesses.
Sam on the Beach slot: Caribbean vaccation
Do you remember the happy troll fellow Sam from Electric Sam? In this new exciting slot he has brought his family to visit his old uncle Ted in the Caribbean. Sam’s stylish wife Sandra enjoys the relaxed life at the beach, and their daughter Maggie is as always full of pranks.
The strong family bond is clearly shown through the Beach memories respin with a generous chance to win with four Sticky Wilds. Three bells trigger the Free spins which is loaded with the trolls’ individual Electric treats. Everything is performed with a glimpse in the eye, and the Electric treats represent an interesting mix of Sticky Wilds, Imploding Symbols and Multipliers.
Sam on the Beach is an engaging neon slot designed for Mobile First with as many as 243 ways to win.
Spin on and join this crazy but cheerful troll family on the beach!
Electricity from oil and diesel
Still 2015 between 90 – 100% of all electricity comes from oil and diesel instead of renewable energy. A change to solar and wind energy would make the islands less dependent of fuel import.
Uncle Ted
Uncle Ted has a tendency to believe that everything will be fine as long as you relax and put the problems to be solved tomorrow. Sam is the opposite and grabs every problem and solve them with a firm hand.
700 pieces
Islands and reefs, islet and caves. The Caribbean is made of more than 700 pieces and that is all from small dangerous reefs to big island, but only 2% of the islands are inhabited.
To be able to make all the animations of the characters in the game, all parts of the bodies has to be separated in different layers so even every row in Sandras necklace is a complete object by its own and could be animated to dangle when she moves.
Game data
Volatility = 7 of 10
Features = Free Spins bonus game with Electric Treats, Beach Memories Respin, Sticky Wilds, Wilds, Sticky Multipliers, Multipliers, Imploding Symbols, 243 Ways to win, 5 reels x 3 rows and Betting Strategies.
Recommended size and ratio for desktop browsers = For the optimal gaming experience, ELK Studios recommend launching the game in 1440×900 resolution. If scaling is required, use 16:10 ratio.
Wild Toro slot
“Number 13 has become a lucky number for us at ELK Studios. At the 13th EGR Operators Awards, 13 great slot games were nominated for Game of the Year, the most prestigious award in the business.
The win with Wild Toro was a surprise but it shows that hard work, innovative mathematics and never compromising with quality are things which are valued and appreciated, and make players come back to the game time after time.
As an example, 17 millions spins were made and studied prior to the release to make sure they were all correct and not least to ensure that it is a fun and entertaining game also in the long run.
Wild Toro, is a four row, 5 reel slot that offers 178 connecting paylines and an exciting mix of wilds, walking wilds, respins and free spins. It is about the heroic bull El Toro and his rivalry with the sneaky matador Diaz Jr in a old colorful Spanish town. The music is catchy and takes you to the market square, the central point for all the action.
Wild Toro is one of the most popular slots in ELK’s portfolio and have a fan base that continuously grows. Are you one of them?“
A bullfight between the Toro and the Matador
You might be familiar with the evil Captain Diaz, but now you get the chance to meet his sneaky son Diaz Jr. Toro on the other hand is a stylish and friendly one who generates numerous respins as he walks from reel to reel. Watch out though, it gets really intense and many emotions are released as the two of them meet. Come on and join the sandy action!
The air gets filled of sand and dust as the frustrated Toro runs after the matadors and knock them off one by one, leaving a long path of Wilds behind. Three sneaky matadors trigger Matador Respin Challenge with additional chances to meet the sought after Toro.
There are 178 different ways to win in this action filled 5 reel video slot.
100 %
The ELK Studios is always in 100 % in favor for the bull in the theme bullfighting. Therefore the Toro is always winning over the Matador in the game.
17 millions
To test that the game gives the players what is promised in winnings and showing everything correctly, more than 17 millions of spins is made and every spin checked out if they are both correct and shown as the supposed to.
50 injured
Every year, around 50 Matadors are getting severe injuries during the bullfight. Compared to the fact that almost every bull gets not just injured, but killed during the fights.
10 sketches
It took 10 tries to get the right scared eyes for the matador and the feeling of him almost falling backwards in fear of the Toro.
Game data
Volatility = 8 of 10
Features = Toro goes wild bonus game, Matador Respin Challenge, Walking Wilds, Wilds, 178 ways to win, 5 reels x 4 rows, Betting Strategies.
Recommended size and ratio for desktop browsers = For the optimal gaming experience, ELK Studios recommend launching the game in 1440×900 resolution. If scaling is required, use 16:10 ratio.
Poltava slot – The war has raged for nine years
After being in Mexico and Hollywood with Taco Brothers and Bloopers we decided to build a volatile slot with a dramatic scenery.
Poltava is the battle where the Swedish army was defeated by Peter the Great in 1709. Thousands of lives were lost and the Northern War took a dramatical change. Change the past in this army themed slot with fewer but higher wins compared to our previous releases.
Can you change the past? Now is your chance…
One of the main features in Poltava is the Marching Reels Respin, where troops move from reel to reel, building up massive winline combinations. It triggers when one kind of battle army symbol covers a full reel. The player is also on the look out for the mighty Lion symbol. Three Lion symbols trigger the Flames of War Freespins, where extra lions are added as Sticky Wilds to create an impressive wall of flames.
80,000 Troops
The Russian side under Tsar Peter the Great had 80,000 troops to compare with the Swedish side that only had 17,000.
9 month
From the first sketch of the game to the release it took 9 month, and the graphics and animations were polished to the last day before release to make it to perfection.
14 years old
When Charles XII claimed the Swedish crown in 1697 he was only 14 years old, which means that he still was a young lad when the Great Northern War started.
Formations and Freespins
It’s possible to get formations and freespins at the same time in the game Poltava, and that is so unusual that when it did happen to a customer, there had been millions of spin played out and no player or operator had experienced it. A nice surprise for the player…
Game Data
Volatility = 9 of 10
Features = Marching Reels Respin, Flames of War Free Spins, Sticky Wilds, 40 paylines, 5 reel, 4 row, video slot, Betting Strategies.
Recommended size and ratio for desktop browsers = For the optimal gaming experience, ELK Studios recommend launching the game in 1440×900 resolution. If scaling is required, use 16:10 ratio.
Bloopers slot – In Hollywood there are two kinds of people
The ones in front of the camera and the ones behind! In this game we’ve put some extra focus on the ones behind. This game is about setting the final scene in this Hollywood production. To do so the player needs to get into the bonus game and collect the stars.
Hysterical funny, extreme characters, inventive animation designs
Bloopers from ELK studios is a fun game and is has a more volatile payout than you probably would have thought. The bonus game has many features which caters for a long lifetime. Meet Soundtech in the base game or get really lucky and see the Stuntman give you wilds upon wilds in the bonus game.
Volatility = 8 of 10
Features = Freespin bonus game with Blooper features and sticky diva WILDS, random Sountech feature with sticky WILDS and Respins.
Hong Kong Tower slot – The sky is the limit
After touchdowns in the Caribbean, Hollywood and Spain it is now time to turn the look towards the East. Hong Kong Tower brings exciting gameplay at dizzying heights, framed by a colorful skyline. Yin yang ensures the energies are kept in balance and assures significant winnings.
Mystery meets future – The excitement increases as the glamorous logo mysteriously reveal itself into other symbols resulting in additional wins. Three bonus symbols trigger the Yin yang bonus raffle, which offers substantial wins and an interesting leveling factor. All the action takes place in a modern and colorful world.
Hong Kong Tower is a modern slot designed for Mobile First with 99 ways to win. Get ready for a breathtaking experience!
Hong Kong light show – The light show in Hong Kong is, by Guinness World records, the world’s largest light and sound show. Coloured lights, laser beams and searchlights together with the music creates a spectacular show and that feeling is encapsulated in the game Hong Kong Tower.
Wheel of Fortune – The Wheel of Fortune at the roof of the Tower in the game is a lightning and music entertainment that gives the players extra chances to win in three levels.
Pearl of the Orient – Hong Kong has carried many nicknames. The most famous among those is the “Pearl of the Orient”, which reflected the impressive nightscape of the city’s light decorations on the skyscrapers along both sides of the Victoria Harbour.
The music in the game – To find the right music for the game, hours was spent to go through thousands of files of music to find the feeling that could bring the game justice. When the best music was found, a manually timing work started to mix the animations and effects in the game with the exact pieces of music that was a perfect match for the effect.
DJ Wïld slot – For one night, you are the DJ!
Imagine the crowd filling up the stadium. You are in top shape and it’s time to enter the stage. 50.000 fans are screaming for more music. Your gameplay makes the mix of the night.
The soundtrack Fantasize was created by one of the hottest DJs in Stockholm, the home of DJ’s like Swedish House Mafia and Avicii. Click to add it to your playlist:
DJ WÏLD is a volatile game, geared to provide a maximized mobile casino experience. In order to create the ultimate experience, all animations are synced to the beat of the soundtrack through a software DMX light controller. A music game where the party never stops!
DJ WÏLD is a classic 5 reel, 3 row DJ video slot featuring Respins, Sticky Wilds, Expanding Wilds and a Jackpot Wild Symbol. The game has 20 paylines, 10 lines paying left-right and vice versa.
The player is trying to capture DJ WÏLD symbol on reel 1, 2, 4 and 5. Once it hits, the mix intensifies and the symbol expands horizontally or vertically covering 2 or 3 symbols. After payout, a Respin is triggered with the expanding Wild made Sticky. During respins extra Wilds are added to the reels to increase the chance of hitting another DJ WÏLD, triggering more respins. If reel 1, 2, 4 and 5 are covered with Wilds, the Jackpot Wild is added to the middle reel giving a chance to hit the Jackpot win.
100 % mobile
This game was built for mobile first and is the first slot ever letting the symbols cover 100% of the mobile screen.
1943’s party
The first DJ dance party was held in 1943, followed by the idea of using two turn tables in the 1950s.
24 of 100
Most DJs are male, and the DJ world is a man’s world with only 24% of DJs being female.
The graphics in the game is build up by 508 different elements and images with a total size of 19530894 bytes.
Game Data
Volatility = 8 of 10
Features = Respins, Sticky Wilds, Expanding Wilds and a Jackpot Wild Symbol, Win both ways, Betting Strategies
Visual/audial = Full Screen symbols, Software DMX, exclusive soundtrack
Taco Brothers Saving Christmas slot – Winter has come to sunny Mexico
Winter has come to sunny Mexico. Will the warm and cheerful Christmas spirit help the three Taco Brothers to soften the evil Captain Diaz? Snow is falling gently over sunny Santa Maria, transforming the village into a peaceful winter landscape. The three Taco Brothers, Paso, Pepe and Pico are all ready for the festivities, doing their best to save as many tacos as possible as they’re running from reel to reel in the Wild Escape Bonus Game. Luck isn’t always on their side though as the evil Captain Diaz is constantly lurking about, eager to put them behind bars. But there is still hope of escape, as Diaz’s charming daughter, the beautiful Señorita, helps out and unlocks the brothers whenever she can.
Will Christmas be Saved?
Happy villagers have decorated with lights, bow-ties and peppermint crackers, and are jointly wrapping gifts for the upcoming festivities – it is Christmas time! Kids are stoked… but also anxious of Captain Diaz taking their precious tacos. This is an action filled adventure, perfect for the Christmas holidays, a classic battle between good and evil. Will the Taco Brothers succeed with their important mission – saving Christmas?
146 hours
The graphic team has spent at least 146 hours to decorate all symbols and the game with christmas feeling and joyful animations.
160 Countries
More than 160 countries around the world is celebrating a Christmas holiday.
53,336 lines
There is 53336 lines of code in the game and this is lesser than usual. In other games it could be up to 1000 lines more of coding.
100 years ago
To tell scary ghost stories at Christmas Eve was a normal thing 100 years ago.
Game Data
Volatility = 7 of 10
Features = Taco Brothers Saving Christmas is designed for Mobile First and offers an exciting game filled with Wilds, running Wilds, multipliers, respins and free spins. There are as many as 243 ways to win, with the chance of winning up to 150,000 coins in this exciting 5 reel slot.
Champions Goal slot – Let the game begin!
The stadium has just filled up and the visiting fans are chanting on the other side. The firecrackers and flares fills up the scene. You can feel the atmosphere and the match is just about to start. Winning tonight is everything. Losing… you just don’t dare to think about it.
Authentic soccer game
This true soccer slot contains, 5 reels with 10 x 2 striking win lines, scoring scatters and cascading tifos. If you hit the full power supporter bonus game you have the chance to win the maximum. Champion’s Goal is built on an volatile maths model which blends an authentic soccer game experience with the adrenaline rush from the casino halls.
52 files
The music and effect sounds is built together of 52 different sounds that combined give the player a feeling of standing at a soccer game and seeing a real soccer game being played.
5 degrees
A soccer field is called a “pitch” because every regulation field is pitched — or sloped — 5 degrees upwards from one end to the other. The teams switch sides after each half so each team has to play slightly uphill for half the match.
Every symbol in the game had to be made in three different versions to cover the all different situations they would be visualized.
48 kilometers
A professional soccer player runs 48 kilometers, or 3.9 miles, in an average soccer game.
Volatility = 8 of 10
Features = Striking Win Lines, Imploding Free Kick re-spin with multiplier, Derby Free Spins, Cascading Tifos and Sticky Corners.
The Lab slot – Crystals in a multiplying Chemistry
This 5 reel slot gives you a gaming thrill worth coming back to. If you get the formula right you’ll enter the multiplying free spins mode where the real big win happens. This beautiful game is filled with backlight effects, crispy molecules and sound effects, everything based on a solid math’s model.
The Lab might look like an ordinary 5 reel video slot at first glance. But once you get in to the action you’ll discover something else. Hit the Lab symbol and 2 extra reels turn up from nowhere and just keep spinning. Good for you since all winnings are doubled in free spins mode.
Let the crystals spin!
Crystal Molecules gives high wins On a single line winning the green crystal can return 1000 times your bet and 2000 when you are in free spins mode. If the Lab-symbol hits position 2 on reel 2 you entering into free spins mode where all winnings are doubled and the Lab symbol turns into WILD. In normal mode you can hit X Scatters and double or even quadruple your winnings.
The Lab was the first game where ELK Studios used Betting Strategies, a concept players have embraced in all ELK games since.
Chemistry and alchemy were separated as two different areas in 1661 by chemist Robert Boyle, but in 1783 is regarded as the birth of chemistry. Then Antoine Lavoisier discovered the conservation of mass.
1772 °C
The melting point of platinum is 1772 °C and the boiling point of 3827 °C. Gold however, melts at 1064 °C and begins to boil at 2808 °C.
30 times
Although platinum (Pt) count as the most expensive precious metal, and is more than 30 times as rare as gold (Au) as did gold symbol a higher value in The Lab. This is because gold is a more familiar precious metal and has been in most people’s eyes a really high value.
Volatility = 8 of 10
Features = Free spins, wild, multiplying scatter, re-spin on free spin
Ho Ho Tower slot – Thrilling high Christmas slot
This year we are looking towards the sky to find the Christmas feeling. Is Santa and all the Christmas gifts to be found up there? The theme seems familiar from Hong Kong Tower, but don’t make the mistake, this is a new game. Significant winnings are handed out in the base game as well as in the Wheel of the Sky bonus game.
Unwrap the gifts: Three bonus symbols trigger the bonus game, which offers guaranteed wins and a leveling factor that makes every spin as tickling as the expectations of Christmas day. Extra lives collected in the base game makes the Christmas stay longer in the bonus game.
Ho Ho Tower is a slot that takes Christmas really seriously, and a mystery symbol that reveals into another symbol for additional winnings. As always the game is designed for Mobile First.
Get ready for sparkling 99 ways to win!
Hong Kong Winterfest: Christmas in Hong Kong is nothing short of spectacular. Surrounded by towery high skyscrapers, this is the time when the world’s largest permanent light and sound show has its peak. This is when The Symphony of Lights casts the colors of Christmas over the buildings to keep the city warm at night.
Get festive with gifts: The Ho Ho Tower is filled with extra treats. Apart from guaranteed winnings in the bonus game, the game offers two possibilities to level up from the first to the second wheel.
The origin of Santa Claus: The modern Santa Claus, wearing a red and with robe, grew out of traditions surrounding the Greek bishop Saint Nicholas. The name was first used in a New York City newspaper in 1773 and today the jolly figure we call Santa Claus is a bit like Amerika itself – a melting pot of cultures.
ELK Characters come together: Just like the gift of joy will come to you when you give of yourself to others, the true meaning of Christmas is sharing time with family and close friends. In The Ho Ho Tower there is room for all ELK Characters, wishing you a Merry Christmas and keep you company at the different bonus levels.
Electric Sam slot – Electric treats for you!
Sam runs an Electric casino in the troll forest with the troll queen Sandra and their daughter Maggie. Passionate about all things electric Sam has powered up his casino with homemade connections. He has a big heart and wants everyone to have a good time and win big.
Electric Sam is an action-packed fruit slot with 243 ways to win and the chance to win 200 000 coins. The game comes fully charged and loaded with Electric treats such as Sticky wilds, Multipliers and Imploding symbols.
Sparkling characters with a twist – Sandra is Sams total opposite, cool and sofisticated – for a troll! Sandra would never settle for second best. That’s why she treats you an efficient multiplier every time you hit her in Free spins mode.
Maggie was born and raised in Sam’s casino. She loves her dad and mum, although she’s in a rage against some of the things her parents do. Maggie’s Electric treat in Freespins mode is to take out all annoying fruit symbols with an IMPLODING SYMBOL battery zap and simultaneously sneak away herself.
1276 – The year 1276 was trolls was mentioned in the written literature in Magnus Håkonsen’s laws that says “it is illegal to attempt to wake the “mound-dwellers” and the actual word “troll” was used as well.
613 files – It took 613 different items and coding files to put the game Electric Sam together and 185 of those are graphics for the game, and 52 are for music and sound effects.
186,000 miles – Electricity travels at the speed of light – more than 186,000 miles per second!
36 year – The most famous artist considering troll images in Sweden was John Bauer that died only 36 years old. From the year 1907 to his death, 1918, he painted endless amounts of troll images.
Game Data
Volatility = 6 of 10
Features = Sticky wilds, Multipliers and Imploding symbols in Freespin mode.
Recommended size and ratio for desktop browsers = For the optimal gaming experience, ELK Studios recommend launching the game in 1440×900 resolution. If scaling is required, use 16:10 ratio.
Taco Brothers slot – For Tacos and Freedom!
The story behind this entertaining 243 betways, 5 reel slot takes place in the beautiful village of Santa Maria, Mexico. Happy villagers live in peace with tacos for everyone – until one day, the evil Captain Diaz arrives and takes all the tacos and pesos from the innocent people.

All hope now stands to the three Taco Brothers – Help Paso, Pepe and Pico blow up the safe and empty the vault through a secret tunnel in the Wild Escape Bonus Game. You will get a helping hand from Cpt Diaz’ charming daughter, the beautiful Senorita. Free spins, re-spins, multipliers and running wilds, all in this action packed adventure.

Volatility = 6 of 10

Features = Respin with extra chances to enter bonus game, sliding wilds, running wilds, wild escape bonusgame.


Elk Studios Slots – Betting Strategies
Many players change bet size based on the outcome of previous game play, this can be done automatically with Betting Strategies.

A Betting Strategy is a predefined betting pattern which automatically changes the bet level depending on a set of rules.
A player can change or turn off the Betting Strategy after any bet.
Auto Spin works in combination with Betting Strategies.
Activate a Betting Strategy by selecting bet base level and a strategy. Then press Spin button.
The Betting Strategy does not change the theoretical outcome of the game.
Betting Strategies are listed in the pay table.

Are you looking for more action?
Many players change their bet size based on the outcome of previous gameplay. ELK Studios slots introduce a new way of playing casino games with the launch of Betting Strategies. A betting strategy is a predefined betting pattern that automatically changes the bet level depending on a set of rules. A player can change or turn off the betting strategy after any bet. Betting Strategies work well in combination with Auto Play.
Raise on win.
Bet level will increase after every winning round until reaching 4 levels above base level (e.g 10 times base level). Bet level will be reset to base level after a losing round.
Raise on 5 concurrent losses.
Bet level will increase 2 steps after 5 concurrent losing rounds. after another 5 loosing rounds the bet level will increase 2 more steps. Bet level will be reset to base level after a winning round.
Raise on loss.
Bet level will increase one step after every losing round until reaching 4 levels above base level (e.g 10 times base level) Bet level will be reset to base level after a winning round.
Bet % of balance.
The bet level changes automatically, adapting to the selected percentage of your balance. Optimizer is adjusting the bet up and down to the closest bet level below the selected %. Remains active on lowest bet level.

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