StakeLogic slots RTP


StakeLogic slots RTP – Novomatic Interactive slots RTP

<strong>Twin Joker RTP</strong><strong>: 97.79%</strong>
Twin Joker combines classic slots style with exciting video slots action in a twin-reel game. With TWO side-by-side games, players can choose to play one of the games, switch between the two games or play both games at the same time with synchronized spins. A supermeter game features mystery wins and double multipliers. Your players will have double the fun with Twin Joker!

<strong>Dice Fortune RTP: 95.82%</strong>
Dice Fortune combines the fun of a highly animated slot game with classic dice games and the excitement of the Wheel of Fortune. This innovative and interactive game allows you to choose where to play your dice on the game screen, for better chances at hitting winning combinations. Luck is more than just a roll of the dice in Dice Fortune!

<strong>Game2000 RTP: 95.57%</strong>
Game2000 offers the possibility to play a cool classic style retro slot game twice at the same time! Your players can choose on this Twin Player to play either one machine or both at the same time or even the exact same game on both machines at once. So double fun for your players is guaranteed!

<strong>Hardwell slot RTP: 96.04%</strong>
Hardwell rocks the dance floor – and now the reels! Love the music and love the game. Just like a killer Hardwell set, expect only the best and most exciting bonus features like bonus symbols that awards bonus spins with special reel upgrades! Plus, a very special super spin feature features lock and spin action on the reels and a guaranteed win. Join one of the world’s top DJs for a spin around the turntables and a spin around the reels. Get ready for some hot tunes and big wins with Hardwell!

<strong>Fruit Smasher</strong> <strong>RTP</strong><strong>:</strong> <strong>96.29%</strong>
Fruit Smasher slot game combines an interesting twist on classic fruit machines with exciting bonus features and extreme animations. The blocks in this game are filled with juicy symbols, rich bonus features and big wins. The block symbols in winning combinations come alive and extra juicy game features include free spins, dropping wilds and wild multipliers that will keep your players coming back for more.

<strong>Joker Fortune</strong> <strong>RTP</strong><strong>: 95.89%</strong>
Find your fortune with Joker Fortune! This animated slot machine game combines the fun of classic fruit machines with the excitement of the wheel of fortune, plus jokers are wild. With rich animations, multiple game screens and features like free spins, two different wheel of fortune games and win lines that pay both ways – this game is no joke!

<strong>Spartus RTP: 96.61%</strong>
Enter the battlefield in Spartus! This epic tale of Spartan warriors features our revolutionary Slots 360° background technology. Spartan symbols fill the reels and a series of artistic and dynamic background landscapes bring player immersion to the next level. Our special 360-degree feature gives your players the chance to win different bonus prizes and move to different battle scenes throughout the game. When the background screen pans to the wheel of fortune bonus scene, players spin a three-tiered stone wheel to win different mystery prizes and frees spins of the wheel. With dynamic backgrounds and epic bonus features, Spartus truly is a legendary game – like nothing you or your players have seen before.

<strong>Las Vegas Fever</strong> <strong>RTP</strong><strong>: 96.30%</strong>
Las Vegas Fever gives your players the opportunity of hitting it big in Las Vegas. Las Vegas Fever is perfect for players that crave all the glitz, glamour and excitemint that makes Las Vegas shine. The game has many interesting game features such as a CLICK ME BONUS, FREE SPINS, MYSTERY WHEEL OF FORTUNE and a BONUS DOUBLE WHEEL OF FORTUNE.

<strong>The Amsterdam Masterplan RTP: 96.63%</strong>
The Amsterdam Masterplan will take you on the heist of your lifetime. Join, the inside guy, tech guy and the clever guy and be part of the team that prepares the heist of the century against the background of beautiful Amsterdam. Game features such as a WHEEL of FORTUNE (with a Multiplier up to 250), FREE SPINS, a EXTRA CASH BONUS and EXPANDING WILD will make sure that your players come back for more.

<strong>Dragons Mystery</strong> <strong>RTP</strong><strong>: 96.16%</strong>
What riches are the dragons guarding in Dragons Mystery? An abundance of treasure awaits you in this adventurous mystical world. Dragons and gold coins fill the reels, with expanding wilds and golden multipliers that are awarded on every spin. With multipliers that move progressively from x1 up to x16 on every winning spin, players won’t be able to resist this hot Dragons Mystery.

<strong>King Bam Bam</strong> <strong>RTP</strong><strong>: 95,00 % – 97,00 %</strong>
Meet King Bam Bam! Journey into the jungle to spin the cascading reels at an ancient temple, guarded by the monkey king. Tribal reels are filled with wilds, free spins and multiplier wild symbols. The Bet XXL skull feature awards extra wild and multiplier wild symbols on the reels after every spin, making your players feel like the king of the jungle.

<strong>Extreme</strong> <strong>RTP</strong><strong>: 96.57%</strong>
Extreme is a highly animated slot machine game that is out of this world! Set your sights on the stars with this deep space themed slot where the bonus features can launch your winnings into the next galaxy. Reach for the stars and find with your players the way to intergalactic richness.

<strong>Monkeys of the Universe</strong> <strong>RTP</strong><strong>: 97.16%</strong>
Explore and conquer the universe with Monkeys of the Universe. Follow Mega Chimp and his team while they travel through space looking for new worlds and unlock the infinite hidden treasures of deep space. Amazing graphics make this highly animated video slot game a sure favourite with your players and will set a new landmark in online gaming.

<strong>Football Gladiators RTP: 96.12%</strong>
Football Gladiators combines the world of gladiators and coliseum battles with modern football legends! Step into the arena with your favorite footballers to fight monsters in the coliseum, race against the dark knight on chariot racetracks and much more in this truly unique game.

<strong>Club 2000 RTP: 95.00%</strong>Club 2000 is a quintessential classic TWIN slot game that features TWO side-by-side games, with double reels that are packed with cool retro symbols and special features.
The colorful reels are filled with retro fruit machine symbols, scatter symbols, and special mystery win symbols. Your players can play the left set of reels, the right set of reels, or both sets of reels at the same time, complete with synchronized spinning action!

<strong>The Book RTP: 96.70%</strong>
The Book takes you to the library of The Wizard. Wait for the magical book to turn it pages and transform symbols into Wild symbols. Three bonus scenes will take you to a French cuisine, the African savanna and a magic castle guarded by a Dragon. High quality graphics combined with the possibility to win up to 135 Free Spins guarantee that your players will be enchanted by the magic of The Book.

<strong>John Doe</strong> <strong>RTP</strong><strong>: 95.97%</strong>
Murder, corruption, a mysterious man, a beautiful woman and a private dective trying to solve the case. John Doe takes you to the dark side of the city. This unique slot game combines the love of world class comic book heroes, the fun of cutting edge video slots and the excitement of special features. Try your luck and solve the case.

<strong>Spartania RTP: 97.22%</strong>
Take on the reels of the Roman Empire in all its glory in Spartania™. Dawn your gladiator helmet and head to the Coliseum to collect gold and riches worthy of Caesar himself. This action-packed slot is filled with epic bonus features like the wheel of fortune and a special animated bonus feature game. Step into your chariot and nd your fortune in Spartania™!

<strong>Dreams And Dollars RTP: 96.00%</strong>
Dreams And Dollars™ is a slot machine game where you can live like a millionaire. Hit the exciting free spins bonus feature, go for a mega win and turn those dreams of dollars into reality! This hot new 40 win line, 5 reel, 4 row video slot game is filled with rich images of luxurious cars, boats, mansions and millionaires.

<strong>Dr. Magoo’s Adventure</strong> <strong>RTP</strong><strong>: 96.33%</strong>
Dr. Magoo’s Adventure takes you on a journey into the jungle with many hidden secrets. Join Dr. Magoo while trying to gain access into an ancient tomb and unlock even more treasures. But be aware, the jungle has many hidden secrets.

<strong>Dice On Fire</strong> <strong>RTP</strong><strong>: 96.23%</strong>
Dice On Fire brings the thrill of a roll of the dice to the reels! This hot slot is loaded with fiery peppers, free spins and some seriously sizzling dice action! Spin the colorful reels to hit classic fruit machine combinations, but the real fun begins when you start collecting dice on the reels. Score a 5-dice straight, and the 6th reel will get activated for a chance to score a 6-dice straight. That 6-dice straight will win you a free spins bonus game where you can choose how many free spins you get and the multiplier you play with. Play Dice On Fire and let the good times roll!

<strong>Shocking Wild RTP: 96.13%</strong>
Shocking Wild™ is bursting with rich gemstone symbols and dynamic bonus features that make every spin of the reels absolutely thrilling. On each spin, one of the regular gemstone symbols is randomly selected to be a WILD symbol, turning all of the matching gemstone symbols on the reels WILD for that spin. In addition, an exciting synchronizing reels feature triggers between two and five adjacent reels to become synchronized with identical symbols and unified spinning action. Follow the lightning bolts and watch the winning combinations add up! This electric game is filled with excitement for you and your players.

<strong>Darts Heroes RTP: 96.06%</strong>
Ladies and gentleman are you ready? Let’s play Darts Heroes™! Join us for the intergalactic darts finale featuring Raymond van Barneveld, Michael van Gerwen, Gary Anderson and Phil Taylor! Each of these darts legends represents a unique WILD Feature that will maximize your wins. Spin the reels of this futuristic slot to watch your favorite players unleash their alter-ego superheroes – and use their superpowers to your advantage! Aim for the stars with our new game Darts Heroes™. Game on!

<strong>Midnight Rush</strong> <strong>RTP</strong><strong>: 96.63%</strong>
Midnight Rush brings the midnight hour to live before the clock strikes twelve. Frightful favorites like vampires, werewolves, mummies and skeletons are waiting in the graveyard by Dracula’s castle. Try your chances at a BIG WIN or MEGA WIN in this frightening hot new 10 win line, 5 reel 3 row video slot game. The reels are filled with tombstones, mummies, skeletons, werewolves and vampires. An experience your player won’t forget.

<strong>Lord of Darkness RTP: 96.41%</strong>
Lord of Darkness™ gives you the excitement of cutting edge video slots combined with spectacular graphics and animations. Each spin has a chance to award extra wild symbols and exciting free spins bonus games, starring the Lord of Darkness himself. See the Lord of Darkness turning wild in the special bonus feature and see him walk through the fire. 25 winlines to try your chances in this unique slot game that will haunt you.

<strong>Bank or Prank RTP: 95.33%</strong>
Get ready for a wild ride in Bank or Prank™, a slot game filled with fun twists and turns on the reels that can either pay out big or end in a big joke! Collect mystery symbols and crazy wild symbols that launch special bonus features. The banker can pay you handsomely, but watch out for the bomb symbols that can bust your chances for a big win! There’s never a dull moment in this creative game. Will you win the bank or will you get caught in a prank? Spin the reels and find out!

<strong>Sizzling Peppers RTP: 95.00%</strong>
Sizzling Peppers™ turns up the heat on classic slot games! Hit classic winning combinations on the retro reels, and look for matching bar symbols to get big wins. Plus, special sizzling pepper symbols award mystery win prizes for some truly hot action on the reels!

<strong>Fruits Gone Wild RTP: 95.358%</strong>
Fruits Gone Wild™ combines familiar slot symbols with fresh new game mechanics. Dynamic backgrounds and neon symbols will engage your players as this fast-paced modern classic awards extra and extra-large WILD symbols to enrich the base game reels. Free Spins boost chances of winning even further with yet more WILD symbols added to the reels!

<strong>Devils RTP: 95.57%</strong>
Spin the reels of the Devils™ slot machine and get ready for a devilishly good time! The neon reels are filled with entertaining symbols like devil bells, expanding wilds and an increasing multiplier that makes every winning spin a chance to win extra big!

<strong>Tropical Adventure RTP: 96.04%</strong>
Join a pair of intrepid explorers in Tropical Adventure™ as they brave a jungle expedition in search of valuable treasure! The jungle themed reels are packed with riches and plenty of chances to find your fortune, thanks to generous bonuses like free spins and dynamic wild symbols. A band of mischievous monkeys also bring a fun twist to the game, and they are happy to award you with extra wild symbols. Get ready for an amazing adventure, and spin the reels to see what fortune is waiting for you!

<strong>Valkyries Of Odin RTP: 96.04%</strong>
Valkyries Of Odin™ transports you to the mythical world of Odin’s Valhalla, guided by his alluring Valkyries… This epic game brings exciting battles, fierce dragons, beautiful Valkyries and amazing bonus features to the reels. There are so many ways to win with multiple bonus features that award free spins, complete with giant mecha Valkyrie wild symbols that cover the entire reel and two-way win lines. Spin the reels of Valkyries Of Odin™ for the game of your life and a shot at big wins!

<strong>Power Joker RTP: 95.30%</strong>
Power Joker™ is a classic style fruit machine game with a kick! Jokers are wild and can award big mystery wins. Plus, every winning spin means a chance to play in SUPERMETER mode, for even better odds and more chances at some power wins!

<strong>Sorcerers of the Night RTP: 95.052%</strong>
Sorcerers of the Night™ brings the beauty and mysticism of the world of sorcery and sorcerers to the reels! Glowing reels are filled with enchanting special features like stacked scatter symbols that award scatter prizes and free spins. Get lost in these amazing reels and cast a spell for big wins with Sorcerers of the Night!

<strong>Mariachi RTP: 95.30%</strong>
Mariachi™ brings the thrill of the Wild West – and BIG REWARDS – to the reels! A band of criminals are posing as innocent musicians in a Mariachi band, but don’t be fooled by their appearance. Their instruments are actually hiding weapons and they are ready to defend their loot to the death. Get in on the action with a lock and spin bonus feature that gives you free spins and the chance to capture one of the Mariachi gang members for a big reward! Plus, a special free spins bonus feature awards free spins where the odds get better and better with every spin. Time to help take down the Mariachi gang for some big wins!

<strong>Big 5 Jungle Jackpot RTP: 95.21%</strong>
Big 5 Jungle Jackpot™ Time for an exotic jungle adventure with the Big 5 Jungle Jackpot! Any of the five fierce jungle animals on the reels – tigers, elephants, orangutans, crocodiles, and snakes – could win you a big jackpot! Free spins and lock and spin games keep the adventure going and whenever you look into the eye of the tiger, wild symbols can help you to hit more winning combinations. It’s a jungle out there, but the Big 5 Jungle Jackpot is one filled with adventure and big wins.

<strong>Wild Christmas RTP: 95.78%</strong>
Wild Christmas™ Spin the reels for some Christmas cheer and chances at big holiday wins with Wild Xmas! Christmas themed reels starring Santa Claus and his helpers are filled with prizes and fun bonus games. Collect special candy cane symbols to win mystery prizes and Christmas present symbols to win free spins with locking wild symbols. But watch out for the evil elves, or they could steal the special symbols that you collected! Ring in the holidays the right way with Wild Xmas!

<strong>Cinderella Wintime RTP: 94.97%</strong>
Dreams can come true with Cinderella Win Time! It’s not just a fairy tale – spin the reels of this new video slot game and you could win your way to your own castle! Cinderella is the star of this enchanting game, where wild symbols and mixed winning combinations abound. Plus, a cherry meter awards generous mystery prizes! With Cinderella Win Time, any time could be win time for the fortune of your dreams!

<strong>Samurai’s Fortune</strong> <strong>RTP</strong><strong>: 96.10%</strong>
Bring your inner warrior to the reels in Samurai’s Fortune. Exciting samurai themes and generous bonus features set the stage for a thrilling adventure and big wins in this new highly animated video slot. Look for mystery symbols and free spins games that reach legendary proportions when dropping wild symbols land on the reels to trigger re-spins. So draw your katana, spin the reels, and see if the Samurai’s Fortune will be yours!

<strong>Magical Forest</strong> <strong>RTP</strong><strong>: 96.70%</strong>
Step into Magical Forest and experience a game filled with excitement, big wins, and endless magic! An invisible fairy will guide you through the forest as you spin reels filled with magical creatures and magical bonus features! With the wave of a magic wand, regular symbols on the reels will be magically transformed into wild symbols. Clumped bonus symbols trigger generous free spins, and a magical book decides which magical creature will accompany you on a special set of reels for the free spins!

<strong>Multi Dice 5 Reels RTP: 96.26%</strong>
Multi Dice 5 Reels is a classic style fruit machine game with a kick! dice symbols can award the dice feature with big wins! Plus, stacked symbols and winlines that can pay both ways make for even better odds at some power wins! Try your chances at a big win or a mega win in this hot new 5 win line, 5 reel, 3 row video slot game. The colorful reels are filled with retro fruit machine symbols and special dice symbols. Game features include dice symbols that awards a dice feature with guaranteed wins and/or retriggers! Also winlines that can pay both from left to right, and right to left make for better odds.

<strong>Joker Win Time</strong> <strong>RTP</strong><strong>: 94.97%</strong>
Jokers are really wild in Joker Win Time! This new video slot is no joke though – spin the reels and you could be laughing all the way to the bank! Jokers are the stars of this exciting game, where wild symbols and mixed winning combinations abound. Plus, a cherry meter awards generous mystery prizes! With Joker Win Time, any time could be win time for the fortune of your dreams! Try your chances at a BIG WIN or MEGA WIN in this hot new 50 win line, 3 reel, 3 row video slot game. The colorful reels are filled with classic fruit symbols, bar symbols, sevens, and wild joker symbols.

<strong>Double Gem RTP: 96.04%
</strong>Double your fun and chances at big wins with Double Gem! Double Gem combines two different slot games on one set of colorful reels. Play for winning combinations of precious gems in the base game or double your bet and play the superbet game to hit winning combinations of colorful gems AND brilliant background colors! Plus, every spin of the reels promises a progressive multiplier that can increase your winnings beyond your wildest dreams.

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