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DreamPalace Casino Review

Fun fact, casinos originated in Europe but casino culture is typically American. BUT casino culture is mimicking European high society culture. Casinos are thus a cross-crossover of many cultural influences. Why are we telling you this? Well because of the name of the casino we’re discussing in today’s review: Dream Palace Casino.Not only does the name sound rather fairy tail-ish, also the casino interface and design remind you of the old Las Vegas movies. This casino took the best of multiple imaginations and fused it together in what is quite a nice online casino. It might not be anyone’s taste, but it is very stylish to us. The casino has a rather simple interface, which is nice because you can access it from almost any device that has internet on it. This is immediately one of the selling points it has going for it: great mobile dis- and game play. So let’s dive into the dreams of our palace and see what we can find!

Beautiful bonuses

Living in a palace must be splendor all around. And the bonuses of Dream Palace Casino are maybe meant to represent just that. There are quite a lot of bonuses going around at any time, which makes it a bit overwhelming even! What to choose?! Luckily, we can just start off with the welcome package, although even that is made up of multiple bonuses! Once we have completed doing those, we can continue with the weekly free spins, new game promotions, holiday offers etc. The wagering requirements on the bonuses are a bit on the high side, but nothing you can’t manage with the time that you are given for it.

Life is a game… but what about dreams?

Dream Palace has something we don’t see too often: a relatively modest, but well balanced games collection. There is a reason behind this as well. They want all their games to be viable on almost any screen, so the games have to be responsive as well as entertaining and challenging. The result of this policy is that they are ‘cherry picking’ the best games from the best providers. With the collection growing each month, they now have over 500 games from over 20 publishers! No chance of getting bored here. The games are slots, table games such as roulette and blackjack, but also scratch cards and jackpot games. NetEnt also hosts LIVE Table action on Dream Palace Casino. Be sure to check it out!

Feel safe

I don’t know about you, but when I put my hard earned money in a casino I want to be sure it’s ‘legit’. Especially when winning a large amount, I feel safer having 5k in my wallet than having 5k on a screen. That is why I always look for a number of things when playing in an online casino such as Dream Palace: do they have the proper licenses? Do they have the proper security? Do they have the proper deposit and withdrawal methods and do they have proper support? If any of these are answered with a ‘no’, I’m out. As for Dream Palace, they have the highest standard of licensing (UK Gambling Commission and Malta), they have SSL-Encryption on their software, they have over 10 deposit and withdrawal methods and they have a reliable support that you can contact through live chat or mail. Check, check, check, check. Get me on board!


If you like the old school Vegas feel of a casino and you like playing with your mobile phone, you should definitely try out Dream Palace. The welcome package is quite generous, so it won’t hurt depositing once. Their games collection is really diverse and you won’t get bored easily. This is not the most progressive casino on the internet; there are not many unique features. Rather it is a solid classic casino that opts to deliver quality core service and games and they succeed in doing just that!

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dream palace casino review

Dream Palace

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