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How do I register?
Joining 7Casino is easy. Click here, follow the simple sign up instructions, and you’ll be good to go in no time.
What is the 7Casino Welcome Pack and how do I claim it?
Everything you need to know about our 7Casino Welcome Pack, including how to claim it and all the terms and conditions of the offer, can be found here.

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What payment methods are available?
We have many payment methods available to our customers, including (but not limited to) Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Maestro, Skrill, and Neteller. Methods available can vary dependent on where you are located; this will be reflected in the options presented to you at the cashier.
What is the minimum amount I can deposit?
The minimum deposit amount is £10.

Please note: deposit fees do apply; check below (or our full terms and conditions) for more information.

What is the minimum amount I can withdraw?
You have the right to withdraw your deposit balance at any time.

Please note: withdrawal fees do apply; see below (or our full terms and conditions) for more information.

Can I set my own deposit limits?
Yes. Go to your account and you should spot a ‘Deposit Limits’ tab, where you’ll be able to set a limit on how much you can deposit. Alternatively, you can contact us. to do this for you.

Please note: if you decide to increase your deposit limit at any time, you’ll need to contact us.

How do I add a new payment method or remove an existing one?
Select the deposit icon on the right-hand side of the homepage when logged in. Your existing payment details should then appear. To add another payment type, select the option of your choice and add the relevant details.

To remove a card, or to change an expiry date of an existing card, you will need to contact us on Live Chat or email. Find our details on the Help page.

What are the timescales for withdrawing funds?
Withdrawals are processed daily. After a withdrawal is pledged, it will remain in a ‘pending’ state for up to 24 hours; during this time, you can request to reverse your withdrawal and continue playing with your funds.

Once the pending period has passed, we’ll carry out our security checks and process your withdrawal quickly. Your withdrawal can take 3-5 working days for card withdrawals and bank transfers, but will be instant for online wallets like PayPal.

Please note: with card and bank transfer options, the time taken to withdraw will to some extent depend on your bank and/or card issuer.

Are there fees for depositing or withdrawing?
For any deposit below £500 (or currency equivalent), an additional tax offset fee of 2.5% of the deposit amount will be charged across all payment methods. A minimum fee of 50p will apply. There is a fee of £2.50 for all withdrawals.
Can I play using a credit card?
We currently accept credit cards. However, due to new government regulations, you’ll no longer be able to use a credit card to play with us or any other casino from April 14th 2020.
What’s the purpose of these new regulations?
The idea is to encourage safer, more enjoyable gambling across the UK. As proud advocates of responsible gambling, we are in full support of the changes.
Can I still use an e-wallet when the new regulations come into effect?
You can continue to use e-wallets like PayPal, providing they are funded by debit cards. You will not be able to deposit money using an e-wallet funded by a credit card after April 14th 2020.


What’s the best way to stay up to date with the latest promotions on the site?
All our latest promotions can be found on the Promotions page here. We’ll also update you via email and SMS (unless you have opted out) and Inbox Messages directly to your account. Just remember to add us to your safe senders list and keep your details up to date to avoid missing out.


As a new player do I need to provide any documentation to verify my account?
We will always try and complete a verification check on your account automatically when you first join. If we do require anything further from you for verification, we’ll let you know.
If you do require ID from me, how do I send this to you?
We recommend you either scan these documents into your computer or use your camera phone to take pictures. Once you have the images saved, you will need to send each one to us as a separate attachment via email. It is essential that the copies are legible and can be easily read. This will allow us to verify your details with no delays. Once we have received and verified these documents, your account will be updated.
What documents are accepted for verification?
We require a valid, up-to-date photo identification document. This can be in the form of a Passport, Driver’s Licence (front & back of card), National ID Card (front & back of card), or a UK Citizen Card (front & back of card).

We also require proof of address. We must be able to verify the address as registered on your 7casino.com account. A recent utility bill, solicitors’ letter, bank statement, tenancy agreement or any other similar legal document sent to your registered address is acceptable. This document must be no more than 3 months old at the time of verification. Your full name and address, as well as date of sending and senders stamp/headed logo must be visible. Please note: mobile phone statements and vehicle related documents are not acceptable as valid proof of address.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us. You can email us or talk to us on Live Chat. Information about how to do so can be found on the Help page.


Can I re-open my account?
If you have previously requested the closure of your account, and wish to re-open that account, you’ll need to contact us by Live Chat or email. We’ll need to confirm why you are re-opening the account and ask a few security questions – just so we can be sure we are speaking to the right person. Don’t worry, we can do this all very quickly. Once we have checked our records, and you have passed the relevant security checks, we’ll happily re-open your account.


I can’t seem to see that Live Chat is an option?
Live Chat is available to players between the hours of 10 am and 10 pm, and is accessible from the Help page. If you do not see the icon, it means we are closed. In this case, please email us using the form here or try again during our opening hours.
What are the opening hours of the Customer Service and Responsible Gaming Team?
The Customer Services and Responsible Gaming Team are on hand to help with all queries during the opening hours of 10 am to 10 pm, 7 days a week. Our Live Chat and email services are all available during these hours.


I need to reset my password. How do I do this?
Click on the ‘Lost Password’ link at the top of the homepage and we’ll send you a temporary password immediately.


I am not in control of my gambling; how can I close my account?
Please visit our Responsible Gaming page by clicking here, or contact our Customer Services and Responsible Gaming Team via our help page
I am self-excluded from bgo.com, powerspins.com, vegasluck.com or chilli.com. Can I set up a 7casino.com account?
No. As bgo Entertainment Limited owns bgo.com, powerspins.com, vegasluck.com, chilli.com and 7casino.com, you will be excluded from all four sites.
If I self-exclude from my 7casino.com account, what will happen to my bgo.com, powerspins.com, vegasluck.com or chilli.com account?
If you self-exclude from 7casino.com, you will also be excluded from bgo.com, powerspins.com, vegasluck.com and chilli.com.


What are all the balances on my account?

You can have up to five different balances when you have Bonus on your account:

  • Real Winnings: This is any winnings that you have received from wagers made from your Buy-In Balance, you can withdraw this at any time.
  • Bonus Pending Winnings: This is any winnings that you have received from wagers made from your bonus funds.
  • Buy-In Balance: This is the Cash funds that are tied to the bonus; you can withdraw this at any time.
  • Main Balance: This is the rest of your cash funds that are not ringfenced to any bonus; you can withdraw this at any time.
  • Bonus funds: This is the Bonus amount you would have received from a promotion.
In what order are my funds used?
When placing a wagering on Promotional Games with a Bonus on your account, your funds are used in the following order:

  1. Real Winnings
  2. Bonus Pending Winnings
  3. Buy-In Balance
  4. Main Balance
  5. Bonus Funds
What happens if I place a wager using funds from multiple balances?
If you place a wager using a percentage of different balances combined, then any winnings from the wager will be allocated to the respective funds in the same percentage. If your wins are larger than your original Bonus or Buy-In balances, then additional winnings will be paid into the Bonus Pending winnings (for Bonus wins) or Real Winnings balances (for Buy-In Balance wins). For example, if you place a wager of £100 using £30 of Buy-In Balance and £70 of Bonus Funds that is successful, winning £300. £90 will be winnings from Buy-in Balance and £210 winnings from Bonus Funds. If you had £70 in Buy-In Funds and £70 in Bonus Funds, then you’re new balances will be: Real Winnings Balance: £20; Bonus Pending Winnings: £140, Buy-In Balance: £70, Bonus Funds: £70
What games can I play with my Bonus?
The games that you can play on with your Bonus funds will be outlined in in the terms and conditions for that bonus.
What games can I play with my Buy-In Balance Cash?
When you take a Bonus, some or all of your cash funds will become “ringfenced”; this means you can only spend those funds on casino games.
What funds are available for me to withdraw?
You can withdraw any funds from your Main Balance, Buy-In Balance or Real Winnings balances. Withdrawing when a bonus is active will forfeit any Bonus or Bonus Pending Winnings.
Can I withdraw my Bonus or winnings from my Bonus?
To withdraw your Bonus or Bonus Pending Winnings, you’ll need to complete all the wagering requirements as outlined in the promotion. Once you have met all the wagering requirements, your bonus will move into your Main Balance, where you can withdraw it or wager it on non-promotional play.
How do I cancel my Bonus?
You can cancel your Bonus by making a withdrawal or by speaking to our Customer Services and Responsible Gaming Team here. Please note that if you cancel your bonus, you will also forfeit any pending winnings from your Bonus.
Where can I see my Bonus and how much I’ve wagered?
You can see what Bonuses you’ve received as well as the details about the wagering requirements (including how much you have got left to wager) on the Bonus tab on your account here.

The 7Club Rewards

What is the 7Club?
The 7Club is our ongoing loyalty scheme, that allows you to earn a new reward every 7 days.

Opt in now and, each week, you’ll unlock levels as you play from Monday to Sunday. The more levels you unlock, the better your weekly reward.

How do I join the 7Club?
You can opt in to the 7Club for free at any time. Simply visit the Rewards page.
How can I see what level I’m on?
You can check how many levels you’ve unlocked this week, and what reward your current level would earn you, by visiting the Rewards page.
How do I level up?
You’ll notice a progress bar on the Rewards page when logged in. The charge on this bar increases as you wager on any of our games using real cash. Each time it hits full charge, you unlock a new level.
How many levels are there to unlock?
Each week, you’ll have the chance to unlock up to 10 levels.
What rewards are available?
You’ll earn a reward based on the final level you unlock each week.

– Level 1: Chance to win up to 10 Free Spins
– Level 2: Chance to win up to 20 Free Spins
– Level 3: Chance to win up to 50 Free Spins
– Level 4: £10 bonus
– Level 5: £25 bonus
– Level 6: £50 bonus
– Level 7: £100 bonus
– Level 8: £150 bonus
– Level 9: £200 bonus
– Level 10: £500 bonus
What’s the Mega Wheel?
Your weekly reward could be a go on our Mega Wheel. This is a wheel-of-fortune type game that gives you the chance to win Free Spins.
If I opt in now, will my play from earlier this week count towards my next reward?
Yes. If you opt in to the 7Club now, all your play from Monday onwards will count towards this week’s reward.
When do I get my reward?
Your reward for each week will be credited the following Monday by 6pm. You can find it by opening the Rewards page, or clicking on the club icon you see when logged in. It will be available under the Prize & Offers section.
I know I had a reward to use; why is it no longer available?
It’s possible that your reward expired. All 7Club rewards must be redeemed within 3 days of being credited.
I remember opting in; why am I no longer a 7Club member?
If you opt in to the 7Club but do not unlock at least 1 level for 4 consecutive weeks, you will be automatically removed. Don’t worry though. You can opt back in at any time by visiting the Rewards page.

Diamond Rewards

What are Diamonds and how do I earn them?
Diamonds are another way we reward you at 7Casino. As you play using real cash, we’ll credit you Diamonds to exchange for perks in our Rewards Store. You’ll earn 1 Diamond for every £10 you bet on slots, plus 0.1 Diamond for every £10 you bet on table games.
How do I access the Rewards Store?
Visit our Rewards page and open the Diamonds tab. You should then see a ‘Spend Diamonds’ button, which takes you directly to the Rewards Store.
Why is my Diamond balance not increasing?
Diamonds are not credited instantly. All the Diamonds you earn today will be credited by 12:00 GMT tomorrow.
Why have I lost some of my Diamonds?
Diamonds have a 30-day expiry. Make sure you use them within this period, or you’ll miss out on rewards.

Source of Funds Documents

What Employment documents are accepted for source of funds?
· Copy of a payslip (or bonus payment) / P60

· Letter from employer confirming salary.

· Latest audited accounts (if self-employed) and company bank statement.

What Business Activity documents are accepted for source of funds?
· Copy of latest audited company accounts.

· Copy of unaudited accounts prepared by an accountant.

· Business bank statements showing funds received from trading activities of the business.

What Sale of Shares or Other investment documents are accepted for source of funds?
· Investment/savings certificates, contract notes or cash-in statements.

· Bank statement clearly showing receipt of funds and investment company name.

· Signed letter detailing funds from regulated accountant.

What Sale of Property documents are accepted for source of funds?
· Signed letter from solicitor.

· Copy of sale contract.

· Signed letter from estate agent.

What Inheritance documents are accepted for source of funds?
· Grant of probate (with a copy of the will), which must include the value of the estate.

· Signed letter from solicitor/bank statement showing funds received from regulated law firm.

What Company Sale documents are accepted for source of funds?
· Signed letter from solicitor or regulated accountant.

· Copy of contract of sale.

· Bank statement showing proceeds.

· Copies of media coverage (if applicable) as supporting evidence.

What Gift documents are accepted for source of funds?
· Donor’s source of wealth (requirements of evidence as stated above for each individual source of wealth and a letter from the donor confirming details of the gift).
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