Play CelerX games to win BNB


Binance has announced a joint promotion with Celer, one of the blockchain projects which held it’s IEO on Binance Launchpad. Play CelerX games to win BNB.

Play CelerX games to win BNB

Binance blog 13/08/2019:

Binance and Binance Launchpad project Celer Network have together committed a total of$100,000 in BNB tokens, a Trip to Osaka, and a number of other prizes to give away to users to celebrate Binance’s 2nd anniversary and Celer Network’s upcoming alpha-mainnet launch.

Promotion period: 2019/08/14 0:00 AM to 2019/08/21 0:00 AM (UTC).

Promotion A: Trading Competition – $50,000 in BNB to Win!

All users will be ranked in terms of the total CELR trading volume traded on their Binance account (including both Buys and Sells) across all CELR trading pairs during the competition period.

1st: $15,000 in BNB 

2nd: $10,000 in BNB

3rd: $5,000 in BNB 

4th-20th: equally split $20,000 in BNB

Promotion B: Play CelerX Games and Win $50,000 in BNB

All users that download the CelerX APP and play skill-based games with CELR or ETH will be eligible for this activity.

How to Participate:

Step 1: Install the CelerX App and input your Binance Referral ID as the “tester code” in Account->Tester Code.

Step 2: Play games and accumulate Participation Points.

Participation Points are calculated as: [Unique number of opponents that you played with  x Unique number of opponents that you played with x Total number of games you played].

At the end of the promotion period, users will be ranked and awarded according to their final amount of Participation Points as per below.

1st: $3,000 in BNB 

2nd: $2,000 in BNB

3rd: $1,000 in BNB

4th to 50th: equally split $10,000 in BNB

51st to 200th: equally split $10,000 in BNB

201st to 1000th: equally split $24,000 in BNB

Notes & Hints:

  • Certain jurisdictions and locations will be geo-restricted from this activity.
  • Download CelerX App here. The CelerX iOS app version is still in beta and must be downloaded through Testflight.
  • Only CELR and ETH games will count towards your participation points.
  • Detailed instructions on how to input your referral code and deposit into CelerX can be found here.
  • To receive high Participation Points, invite as many friends to play with you as you can. You will be able to check your updated rank every day here.

Promotion C:  Play more games in CelerX and increase your chance to win a trip to Osaka, Japan and attend one of the most reputable Blockchain events, as well as having a chance to become the hero character in one of the future CelerX games.

All users who play a minimum of 5 games will be eligible for a lucky draw. One winner will be awarded with one free round-trip flight ticket to Osaka, Japan and one Ethereum Devcon 5 conference ticket. The other winner will be given an exclusive right to customize the character in next CelerX’s game.


  • CELR trading pairs include:CELR/BNB, CELR/BTC and CELR/USDT
  • Binance reserves the right to disqualify trades that are deemed to be wash trades or display attributes of market manipulation.
  • Binance reserves the right to cancel or amend the Competition or Competition Rules at our sole discretion.
  • Trading volume refers to total buys and sells (excluding wash trades).
  • Rewards will be issued within 2 weeks after the competition ends. You will be able to login and see your prize via Distribution History > Account Center.
  • BNB price will be determined based on the average price of the promotion ending day.
  • For Activity C, the winner notification will be delivered to the emails used register Binance.
  • Trading volume stats will now be updated at 2:00 AM on the following day.

Risk warning: Cryptocurrency investment is subject to high market risk. Binance is not responsible for any direct, indirect or consequential losses as a result of the trading competition. Please make your investments with caution.


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