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What happens when a company which developers graphics for Walt Disney decides to invest in the online casino world? Rabcat happens. The Austrian casino software developer made such a jump back in 2013 and immediately found fame with their Castle Builder slot. Since then, it has been an up and down time for Rabcat. What makes this provider so unique and where can you find their games. It is time to dive in and find out…

About Rabcat Casinos
As mentioned, Rabcat started out as a graphics design company (for video games) for Walt. Disney. Since its origins in Vienna in 2001, Rabcat has always excelled at producing beautiful imagery. In 2013, they decided to try out something new and joined the online casino world for the first time. The results were, as you may have guessed, immediately impressive.
One of the first games to spring up from Rabcat was Castle Builder. This game provided a revolutionary new way of playing slot machines. It involved spinning the reels as usual but acquiring materials to build up castles in a side-game. Levelling up was introduced to the slot world in much the same way it had to video games.

The immediate success of Castle Builder saw Rabcat win plaudits and awards. Castle Builder was the Game of the Year in 2013. Unsurprisingly, such a small developer would never have been able to make it on their own. Rabcat was one of the first software developers to join forces with Microgaming and enter the Quickfire open gaming platform. Many others have followed since, with Rabcat games still commonly found at Microgaming casinos.

Rabcat Slots and Games
Because of the nature of their games, the complexity of having so many different, unique gaming engines, and the elegant imagery, Rabcat games take an exceptionally long time to produce. Rabcat takes excellent care to ensure that every game is state-of-the-art, so very few titles are released by the Austrian game developer each year. As you can imagine, this means that Rabcat’s portfolio is quite a considerable bit smaller than some of their counterparts.

Some of their most successful games (apart from Castle Builder) include Dragon’s Myth, the Game of Thrones-inspired Forsaken Kingdom, an adaptation of Moby Dick, and the ever-popular Legend of Olympus. Gnome Wood is one of the more fantastical new releases to debut from Rabcat. Despite the popularity of the original Castle Builder slot, Rabcat was unable to replicate their success with Castle Builder II. The game suffers from being too complicated. In an effort to create something overly stunning, Rabcat sometimes pushes too hard and creates overly challenging slot games.

Casinos Featuring Rabcat Software
Rabcat’s slots are quite unlike anything else you would find from rival providers, so many online casino websites tend to snap them up. You will likely find Forsaken Kingdom, Moby Dick, and Castle Builder with ease. Your best chance of finding top casinos which carry Rabcat games is to head to one powered by Microgaming. More importantly, those casinos should feature the Quickfire open gaming platform.

Any online casino which features games from ten or more software developers – this is common at Quickfire casinos – will likely carry titles from Rabcat. There are not too many to choose from, but players are guaranteed to find them exhilarating. Rabcat games are usually mobile-friendly, so it helps to visit online casinos which are geared towards this platform. Moreover, the nature of the graphics in Rabcat’s games means that casinos must be able to fully support these highly intensive and memory-hungry titles. Most modern-day online casinos can handle that process with ease, so are ideal places to start looking for Rabcat’s slots.



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