Ladbrokes UK Open PDC Media Release

The draw has been made for the first three rounds of the 2020 Ladbrokes UK Open, with the schedule of play also confirmed for the festival of darts which begins on Friday March 6 at the Butlin’s Minehead Resort.

The unique multi-board tournament will see 160 players in action live from March 6-8, with the first round featuring Tour Card Holders 97-127 along with the eight Challenge Tour Qualifiers, nine Development Tour Qualifiers and 16 Rileys Qualifiers.

The opening three rounds will take place in the afternoon session on Friday March 6, with the top 32 entering at the fourth round stage in the evening session.

Friday’s play begins at 1100 GMT on Stages Two-Eight, while the Main Stage action begins at 1200 GMT as Lisa Ashton opens the tournament against Belgium’s Mike De Decker.

History-maker Fallon Sherrock returns to PDC action against Kyle McKinstry in another first round game on the Main Stage, after Australia’s Brisbane Darts Masters winner Damon Heta takes on two-time BDO champion Scott Waites.

Stage Two’s matches from the first round include former UK Open runner-up Andy Hamilton against Patrick Lynskey as well as New Zealand’s Cody Harris, Hong Kong’s Kai Fan Leung and Czech debutant Karel Sedlacek – with the Stage Two action to be streamed in PDCTV on Friday and Saturday.

The first round winners will be joined by Tour Card Holders 65-96 in round two, as former BDO number one Mark McGeeney faces Scott Baker and Canadian ace Jeff Smith plays Greece’s John Michael in the Main Stage Games.

Friday’s opening session will also see round three take place, featuring the winners from round two along with Tour Card Holders 33-64 as World Youth Champion Luke Humphries faces Australian number two Kyle Anderson in a tasty tie on the Main Stage.

Round three will also see 2012 winner Robert Thornton face Kim Huybrechts on the Main Stage, while Ireland’s World Cup finalist William O’Connor plays Jan Dekker on Stage Two.

The world’s top 32 come into the event in Friday evening’s fourth round, including defending champion Nathan Aspinall, world number one Michael van Gerwen and former UK Open champions Peter Wright, Gary Anderson, James Wade and Adrian Lewis.

The action continues on Saturday March 7 with the fifth and sixth rounds in one bumper session, before Sunday’s closing stages are played out on the Main Stage.

At the conclusion of the third round, an open draw will be made live on the Main Stage for round four. The draw for the fifth and sixth rounds will be conducted on the Main Stage at the conclusion of the fourth round, while the UK Open’s unique open draw format will remain in place.

Players will compete for a £100,000 top prize, with a total prize fund of £450,000 on offer being paid down to the last 96.

The Stage Two action on Friday and Saturday will be streamed exclusively for all PDCTV Subscribers worldwide at

The 2020 Ladbrokes UK Open will be broadcast live on ITV4 for UK viewers, through the PDC’s international broadcast partners and through PDCTV for Rest of the World Subscribers.

2020 Ladbrokes UK Open

Friday March 6

Afternoon Session (1100 GMT Start, 1200 GMT on Main Stage)

First, Second & Third Rounds

Main Stage

Mike De Decker v Lisa Ashton (R1)

Damon Heta v Scott Waites (R1)

Kyle McKinstry v Fallon Sherrock (R1)

Scott Baker v Mark McGeeney (R2)

Jeff Smith v John Michael (R2)

David Pallett v Doets/Thompson (R2)

Heaver/Noguera v McKinstry/Sherrock (R2)

Luke Humphries v Kyle Anderson (R3)

Kim Huybrechts v Robert Thornton (R3)

Josh Payne v Luke Woodhouse (R3)

Stage Two

Cody Harris v Scott Taylor (R1)

Kai Fan Leung v Kelvin Self (R1)

Adam Hunt v Karel Sedlacek (R1)

Keane Barry v Alan Tabern (R1)

Andy Hamilton v Patrick Lynskey (R1)

Marko Kantele v Dirk van Duijvenbode (R2)

Heta/Waites v Geert Nentjes (R2)

Larsson/Meikle v De Decker/Ashton (R2)

Menzies/Brooks v Nick Kenny (R2)

Ryan Searle v Cristo Reyes (R3)

William O’Connor v Jan Dekker (R3)

Vincent van der Voort v Smith/Michael (R3)

Koltsov/Van Trijp/Davidson/Borland v Larsson/Meikle/De Decker/Ashton (R3)

Stage Three

Steffen Siepmann v Krzysztof Kciuk (R1)

Peter Jacques v Ciaran Teehan (R1)

Michael Barnard v Steve Brown (R1)

Daniel Larsson v Ryan Meikle (R1)

Harry Ward v Gavin Carlin (R2)

Kirk Shepherd v Leung/Self (R2)

Hunt/Sedlacek v Barrie Bates (R2)

Hayden/J Clark v Richardson/Penhall (R2)

Ron Meulenkamp v Richard North (R3)

Jones/Blades/Whitehead v Steve West (R3)

Devon Petersen v Menzies/Brooks/Kenny (R3)

Justin Smith/Jenkins/Beeney/Harms v Atkins/Murray/Bunse (R3)

Huckvale/Burton/Van der Meer v Heaver/Noguera/McKinstry/Sherrock (R3)

Stage Four

Jason Askew v Greg Ritchie (R1)

Jason Heaver v Jesus Noguera (R1)

Adam Smith-Neale v Ben Cheeseman (R1)

Darren Beveridge v Nathan Rafferty (R1)

Andy Boulton v Reece Robinson (R2)

Nathan Derry v Maik Kuivenhoven (R2)

Justin Smith/Jenkins v Beeney/Harms (R2)

Telnekes/Kleermaker v Madars Razma (R2)

Jamie Lewis v Ross Smith (R3)

Evetts/Van Peer/Roelofs v James Wilson (R3)

Steve Lennon v Barnard/Brown/Barry/Tabern (R3)

Mickey Mansell v Zonneveld/Hamilton/Lynskey (R3)

Stage Five

Adam Huckvale v Stephen Burton (R1)

Rhys Hayden v James Clark (R1)

Cameron Menzies v Bradley Brooks (R1)

Kevin Burness v Harald Leitinger (R1)

Jonathan Worsley v Matt Clark (R2)

Carl Wilkinson v Siepmann/Kciuk (R2)

Ted Evetts v Van Peer/Roelofs (R2)

Barnard/Brown v Barry/Tabern (R2)

Justin Pipe v Shepherd/Leung/Self (R3)

Ryan Joyce v Jacques/Teehan/Meeuwisse (R3)

Jose De Sousa v Williams/Owen/Gray (R3)

Van Duivenbode/Beveridge/Rafferty v Jamie Hughes (R3)

Stage Six

Aaron Beeney v Wesley Harms (R1)

Boris Koltsov v Danny van Trijp (R1)

Andrew Davidson v William Borland (R1)

Lewis Williams v Robert Owen (R1)

Harris/Taylor v Jason Lowe (R2)

Atkins/Murray v Christian Bunse (R2)

Mike van Duivenbode v Beveridge/Rafferty (R2)

Niels Zonneveld v Hamilton/Lynskey (R2)

Derry/Kuivenhoven v Gabriel Clemens (R3)

Darius Labanauskas v Kantele/Van Duijvenbode (R3)

Hayden/J Clark/Richardson/Penhall v Toni Alcinas (R3)

Matthew Edgar v Smith-Neale/Cheeseman/McGuirk/Rydz (R3)

Stage Seven

Martin Atkins v Ryan Murray (R1)

Shane McGuirk v Callan Rydz (R1)

Wayne Jones v Gary Blades (R1)

Berry van Peer v Owen Roelofs (R1)

Rowby-John Rodriguez v Askew/Ritchie (R2)

Jacques/Teehan v Yordi Meeuwisse (R2)

Williams/Owen v Adrian Gray (R2)

Burness/Leitinger v Joe Murnan (R2)

Martin Schindler v Benito van de Pas (R3)

Baker/McGeeney v Boulton/Robinson (R3)

Worsley/M Clark v Harris/Taylor/Lowe (R3)

Telnekes/Kleermaker/Razma v Heta/Waites/Nentjes (R3)

Stage Eight

Justin Smith v Andy Jenkins (R1)

Derk Telnekes v Martijn Kleermaker (R1)

James Richardson v Darren Penhall (R1)

Kevin Doets v Alfie Thompson (R1)

Huckvale/Burton v Vincent van der Meer (R2)

Jones/Blades v Conan Whitehead (R2)

Koltsov/Van Trijp v Davidson/Borland (R2)

Smith-Neale/Cheeseman v McGuirk/Rydz (R2)

Jelle Klaasen v Rodriguez/Askew/Ritchie (R3)

Ward/Carlin v Wilkinson/Siepmann/Kciuk (R3)

Pallett/Doets/Thompson v Simon Stevenson (R3)

Hunt/Sedlacek/Bates v Burness/Leitinger/Murnan (R3)

Session Schedule

Friday March 6

Afternoon Session (1100 GMT start – 1200 GMT start on Main Stage)

First, Second & Third Rounds

Main Stage, Stage Two & Stages Three-Eight

Evening Session (1900 GMT start)

Fourth Round

Main Stage, Stage Two & Stages Three-Eight

Saturday March 7 (1530 GMT start)

Fifth Round

Main Stage, Stage Two & Stages Three-Four

Sixth Round

Main Stage & Stage Two

Sunday March 8

Afternoon Session (1245 GMT start)


Main Stage

Evening Session (1900 GMT start)

Semi-Finals & Final

Main Stage


First, Second & Third Rounds – Best of 11 legs

Fourth, Fifth & Sixth Rounds & Quarter-Finals – Best of 19 legs

Semi-Finals & Final – Best of 21 legs

Prize Fund

Winner – £100,000

Runner-Up – £40,000

Semi-Finalists – £20,000

Quarter-Finalists – £12,500

Sixth Round Losers – £7,500

Fifth Round Losers – £4,000

Fourth Round Losers – £2,000

Third Round Losers – £1,000

Total – £450,000

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