Jackpot Darts Casino Game


Update: Jackpot Darts is no longer available

Jackpot Darts is another example of an inviting online slot machine that you can play and win huge prizes from, as mentioned in the title, ‘jackpot’ prizes. Jackpot Darts is brought to us by Playtech, which is you are familiar with online slots and have played a few yourself, you may be familiar with some of their productions.

Jackpot Darts allows you to sit back and watch as darts are thrown onto the board, allowing you to rest those aching arms after your intense game of darts in the pub with mates. What you will be doing instead, is predicting the outcome of the darts, per throw. The setting and lay out of this casino game are very traditional and kept simple, which is what a key part of playing darts needs to be like. The visuals consist of a generic darts board, as well as a score chart on one side and the betting options on the other, as well as the darts placed in their holders.

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How to Play:

There are many different betting options that you can choose for this casino game. You can predict a number of outcomes, which include the following:

  • Single bets – This betting selection will allow you to predict how many darts are going to hit a certain number.
  • Double bets – Here you can predict how many darts can hit a double number.
  • Treble bets – As predicted, this betting type will allow you to wager on how many darts hit a treble number.
  • Outer Bull – This selection allows you to bet that at least one dart will hit the outer bull.
  • Bullseye – Bet that at least one dart hits the bullseye.
  • Lo/Mid/Hi – This is where you can bet on different ranges, such as 3-38, 39-41, 41-180.
  • 1-20 Singles – This will allow you to bet that at least one dart will hit the single area of a section of totals.

There is also a progressive jackpot bonus, which can be rare to find in casino games. These types of bonuses are what is going to land you the biggest prizes. Players have to opt into the progressive jackpot game in order to by choosing the Jackpot button. This allows you to get an extra bet, which includes the outer ring of the bullseye. The pay-outs for this are huge: one dart in the outer ring lands you 20x your betting stake, 2 darts in the outer bull will reward you with 2000x your betting stake, then if all 3 darts land in the outer bullseye, then you land the massive jackpot win.

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