Interest in crypto down almost 50% over the last 6 months


Many in the crypto community get offended whenever anyone tells them crypto is dead. Of course it is not all dead, there’s still maybe 5 or 10 cryptos from the 5,000 in existance that are really doing things.

Maybe up to a dozen of the current ocean of mainly shitcoins will survive in the long term once all the scams, ponzi schemes, no use case coins, Bitcoin clones, etc are long forgotten. Privacy coins will eventually be banned in enough countries to see them all die. Proof of Work coins like Bitcoin will also eventually be banned due to the ridiculous environmental costs involved so they either adapt or die. How long this will actually take is anyones guess, could be months, could still be years away. But it will happen if they haven’t all died by themselves in the meantime.

So while crypto isn’t dead, the apathy in the general public toward crypto is at an all time high. Nobody cares. Nobody around your water cooler at work wants to talk about it and try and bring the subject up in a bar and you will probably get told to “Shut the f*** up about that stupid bitcoin rubbish mate”.


Long gone are the heady days of 2017 when everyone was talking about Crypto, Bitcoin and Ethereum. Even the first half of 2018 there was hope of a recovery or that the one useful crypto XRP would save the day. Interest in crypto has dried up completely over the past 2 years with a steady month over month decline. Even over the last 6 months we have seen interest in crypto almost halve and we have the stats to prove it (stats provided by Similarweb).

We took 20 of the top crypto websites and compared the numbers over the second half of 2019 and the results are damning.

Note: we disqualified Crypto Daily for having fake volume and we did not even take into account the one time number 1 crypto site CCN who ditched crypto completely in favour of turning into a video gaming and sports website.

Crypto news sites visitors over the last 6 months

Website July ’19 Dec ’19 %
AMB Crypto 440,000 960,000 218%
Coindesk Japan 120,000 120,000 100%
Bitcoin dot com 2,280,000 1,840,000 80%
News BTC 160,000 120,000 75%
Coin Central 100,000 75,000 75%
Coindesk Korea 200,000 138,000 69%
Bitcoin Talk 4,400,000 3,000,000 68%
BTC dot com 1,550,000 1,050,000 67%
Coin Gecko 9,550,000 6,350,000 66%
XRP Chat 190,000 120,000 63%
Coin Telegraph 7,550,000 4,550,000 60%
Bitcoin dot org 1,750,000 1,050,000 60%
Crypto Compare 4,500,000 2,500,000 55%
Crypto Watch 5,650,000 3,110,000 55%
Coindesk 5,950,000 3,100,000 52%
Coin Market Cap 59,400,000 29,300,000 49%
Coin Speaker 166,000 80,000 48%
Cryptopolitan 270,000 109,000 40%
Coin Nounce 2,390,000 381,000 15%
Tron Weekly 56,000 8,000 14%
Total 106m 58m 54%

As you can see, the big winner with traffic more than doubling was AMB Crypto. The only crypto website in this list whose traffic grew. 18 of the 20 dropped off dramatically and it was a calamity for Coin Nounce and Tron Weekly.

The general public are not stupid. But they are also not willing to waste their time trawling through endless crap trying to find worthwhile information. By playing the same tune over and over again the crypto media have completely alienated the public. There really is nothing for them to grab onto. We are still talking about Bitcoin but the average Joe sees absolutely no value in it. It doesn’t do anything. And they really don’t want to see 100 price related articles every single week. It is boring and completely pointless.

How to generate excitement in crypto again?

So how can we re-ignite public awareness again? The only way is through a complete change in mentality. Talk about real things. Talk about progress, fundamentals, partnerships, adoption and progress. Talk about the coins with a real team behind them, with good tokenomics, working products and real world application. Give the masses something they can identify with. Stop the FUD attakcs on the coins with real world value.

And stop talking about the bloody prices all the time.

Wake up crypto media. You are digging your own graves right now.

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