DNP Collaborates with Fresh Supply Co and Vechain in Their Circular Economy Project


The Dai Printing Group (DND Group) introduces a circular and sustainable economy project to be powered by VeChain ToolChain contributing to the environmentally friendly economy. This is projected to aid the achievement of the vision 2030.

All United Nations member states adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in 2015, where there are 17 sustainable development goals addressing issues such as climate change calling for environmentally-friendly lifestyles globally. Achieving these goals can be too costly as well as difficult; however, blockchain technology can be the answer to the issues surrounding sustainability.

The DNG Group is one of the largest printing companies in the world with over $10 billion market capitalization and $12800 million in annual revenue. DNG also produces over 30% of all drinking bottles in Japan. A Japanese Corporate accelerator program, DBIC connected DNG with VeChain Foundation leading to this collaboration. 

DNG made a presentation of the Time for Social Good project on 15th October 2019 during the DBIC innovation acceleration program demo day. The project aims to offer people an incentive to recycle coffee cups by the use of blockchain technology to track their behaviour.

Time for Social Good Project

Fresh Supply Co (FSC), a partner in the Time for Social Good project, provided digital identity software which allowed users to scan the QR codes on their coffee cups and post a photo of the cup on the designated recycling bins. This technique allowed DNP to capture consumer information as well as the geolocations of the scans. 

Once a photo was uploaded, the user earned social good points, and the cups changed their state from purchased to recycled. Every upload was recorded on VechainThor Blockchain where the transaction can be verified. The users would accumulate several social good points, and they would redeem a bamboo flask, handcrafted in Indonesia.

VeChain ToolChain Aids in the Recycling Coffee Cups

Through this project, coffee drinkers were educated on the correct way to recycle coffee cups VeChain ToolChain allows businesses to adopt blockchain technology easily. Junichiro Yamashita of DNP stated that blockchain technology is cost-effective when it comes to recycling. 

The project used the user’s smartphones as smart devices to track the life cycle of coffee cups. This shows the ability of blockchain technology to offer solutions to sustainability issues. With the VeChain ToolChain, DNG was provided with not only a traceability system, advanced marketing, information integration and interaction models making it a great open platform where various partners can freely collaborate working towards a common goal.

This collaboration between VeChain, DNG, and Fresh Supply Co is just a start, VeChain Blockchain solutions are likely to be integrated into the DNP business activities in the future. Fresh Supply Co, on the other hand, will continue to introduce and implement VeChain Toolchain to their clients.


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