Darts Casino Game (Playtech)


The object of Darts is to guess what position on the dartboard the darts will hit.

The dartboard consists of 20 numbered sections. The largest part of each section is the so-called single ring. Each section also has the so-called double ring, which is the outermost strip that is colored differently than the rest of the section, and the treble ring, which is the differently colored strip in the middle of a section that divides the single strip into two different parts. Furthermore, the very middle of the dartboard contains two small circles – the Inner Bull (the innermost red circle) and the Outer Bull (the green circle surrounding it).
The single ring of a section scores as many points as the section number. The double ring scores two times as many points and the treble ring scores three times as many points as the section number. The Inner Bull is worth 50 points and the Outer Bull is worth 25 points.

To play the game:

  • On the lower right part of the game window are icons of chips with different values. Click on a chip with the desired value to select it.
  • To place your bet:
    • Click on a section on the dartboard to place a section bet. The section bet is a bet that a dart will hit a particular ring. You can choose either the single, double or treble ring of a section. You can also select the Inner or Outer Bull. Is also possible to select the outer ring bet by clicking on the dark area near the section number. In this case, if a dart hits any of the rings of this section, the player has won.
    • You can also place a dart combination bet in the upper left part of the game window under the Dart Combinations heading. The dart combination bet is a bet that the darts will hit a particular combination (color or rings) a certain number of times (0x, 1x, 2x, or 3x). In the case of colors, the selected number of darts has to hit sections or rings of this color (black, yellow, red or green). In the case of rings, the selected number of darts has to hit this type of rings (single, double or treble).
    • You can also place a total score bet in the lower left part of the game window under the Total Score heading. The total score bet is placing a bet that the total score of all the darts is within a particular range. The score values of each field and section are described above, in the chapter describing the dartboard.
  • When placing a bet, holding the mouse cursor over a particular bet shows its bet odds in the middle right part of the game window under the Bet Odds heading. Bet odds can be shown in two formats, decimals and fractions. The format type can be changed by clicking the button that says either Show Fractions or Show Decimals, depending on which format is currently enabled.
  • All the sections and bet options that you placed a bet on are marked with a chip.
  • Clicking on an already existing bet will increment its size by one selected chip value.
  • The minimum and maximum bet limits are dependent on your VIP level.
  • If you wish to increase the bet by a different amount, select another chip value and place your bet.
  • To decrease or remove a placed bet, click either Last or All under the Undo Bets heading in the middle right part of the game window. Last will remove the most recently placed chip and All will remove all the chips placed on the board.
  • You can place several chips into different betting areas simultaneously. Your total bet is shown in the lower left of the game window, in the field Wagered.
  • Click Bet to confirm all the placed bets and start the throwing of darts. If no bets are placed, the darts are not thrown and the player is shown an error message.
  • Three darts are thrown during a game round. The dart scores are shown on the lower right part of the screen under the Results heading. The color of the score number is the same as the strip color. If the dart hits a double or treble ring, the score is preceded by the letter D or T, respectively. For example, if the dart hits treble 16, the result window will show “T16 = 48” for this dart.
  • If you win, you will be shown the option to play the gamble round. See below for more information on this.
  • After a game round click Place New Bet to clear all bets, or Place Same Bet to place the same bets on the dartboard as during the previous round. You can still place other bets, if you wish.

After a winning game round you have the option to gamble with your winnings by playing the bonus round. In the gamble round the darts are thrown on a different dartboard that contains the Bullseye (3x), 2x, 1x, Half and Lose sections.

  • If the dart hits the Bullseye, the winning amount is tripled.
  • If the dart hits a 2x section, the winning amount is doubled.
  • If the dart hits a 1x section, the winning amount remains the same.
  • If the dart hits a Half section, the winning amount is halved.
  • If the dart hits a Lose section, the winning amount is lost and the player is returned to the regular dartboard.

Additional betting options
The lower edge of the game window contains the following game-related buttons.

  • Turbo Bet – Clicking this button enables the turbo betting mode. In the turbo betting mode, the dart throwing animations are significantly faster. The turbo mode also applies to the bonus round. When the turbo mode is enabled, this button is labeled Turbo Bet On.
  • Repeat Bet – Clicking this button places the same bet as during the previous game round.

Return to Player
The theoretical percentage return to player (RTP) in Darts differs across bet types:

Bet Type RTP
Single 92.56%
Double 95.05%
Treble 94.25%
Any 89.26%
Outer Bull 92.57%
Bullseye 91.49%
Hi-Lo 95.06%
Combinations (0x) 93.89%
Combinations (1x) 94.65%
Combinations (2x) 94.55%
Combinations (3x) 93.28%
Small 92.27%
Big 93.64%

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