Crypto (the movie) – Will it have any affect on the market?


Crypto (Movie 2019):

  • Rating: R
  • Genre: Film, Crime, Drama, Thriller
  • Release Date: 12 April 2019 (USA)
  • Stars: Kurt Russell, Alexis Bledel, Luke Hemsworth
  • Director: John Stalberg Jr.
  • Tagline: “Fear is the Ultimate Currency”

Crypto Movie: “Fear is the Ultimate Currency”

Crypto the movie stars Kurt Russell, Alexis Bledel, Luke Hemsworth, Beau Knapp, Vincent Kartheiser and is due for release in April 2019. Crypto is a fictional story and based on the trailer looks like your bog standard Hollywood affair. slots rtp is not a movie site so we’re not going to do a movie review (though we may add some ratings, Rotten Tomatoes and review snippets to this page once the film has been seen by the critics).

This movie has nothing to do with the infamous John McAfee, there is a movie due next year called “King of the jungle” starring Michael Keaton as McAfee (Johnny Depp was penciled in for the role but the brilliant Keaton got the nod from McAfee himself after a falling out with Depp, on the plus side for Depp he is apparently set to star in a biopic about Matthew Mellon instead). And for those of you with Netflix I would highly recommend you watch the documentary film “Gringo: The dangerous life of John McAfee”, a 90 minute roller coaster insight into the life of a complete fruit loop.

Apparently there is also a Crypto Kings movie planned, though I’m not really sure what to make of that. There is not much information and it almost looks like an ICO scam in the making (but don’t quote me on that).

Will the Crypto movie boost or harm the cryptocurrency market?

Given that the Crypto movie is a typical Hollywood trash affair about cryptocurrency being used to launder money (throw some of the usual anti-Russia propaganda into the mix as well) and we have a backlash from crypto proponents on social media (rightly) pointing out that fiat money is far better for criminals, terrorists and money laundering. Crypto has long since risen from the dark ages of the dark web so a movie of this nature surely has to have a negative impact right?

Well I would beg to differ. On the one hand kids and wannabe gangsters will always think illegal is “cool”, on the other hand investors worth any salt will look past blatant Hollywood artistry and look into the projects with real world potential, solving real world problems and doing things the right way, the legal way and the legitimate way. So there’s not going to be any negative impact.

In fact I would hope that even if the Crypto movie doesn’t boost the crypto market significantly, that it will at least get cryptocurrency back on the average Joe’s radar again after the 15 month bear market. That seeing crypto back on tv (via trailers), all over the internet and in the press(movie reviews etc) and all over the land (via billboard posters) will reignite enough people to take another look at how the crypto market is today.

Since the bear market took hold strongly, nobody (on the outside) really cares about crypto anymore. When the smoking room or water cooler at work was once nothing but Bitcoin and Ethereum talk, for a year now nobody talks about it. Nobody is interested. Nobody cares. But people tempted to have a quick catch up on the state of play will see cryptocurrencies like XRP with hundreds of partners and many real world use cases in progress. They will see BitTorrent Token on the Tron network, Stellar working with IBM, Cardano making progress, etc. They will also see all the Wall Street big names jumping in as well as legitimate stock markets all over the world.

The timing of this Crypto movie release could actually not be any better as the blockchain and cryptocurrency markets are maturing nicely. We can only hope that the movie reviewers actually do a little bit of research before writing their reviews as we don’t need any more fake news, inaccurate information or plain FUD about the real crypto.

Crypto Movie Reviews

We’ll grab some movie review snippets from around the web for you (at time of publishing there are only 2 reviews available online, more coming later as they get published):

1) This one looks like a “paid for” positive review.

Review By: Wesley Collins

Crypto Movie Rating 5 / 5

A critical factor to the greatness of a film for myself is appropriateness and its accuracy with respect to the current socioeconomic and geopolitical spectrum in our world. Crypto is an undeniable hit and it’s incredibly fitting for today’s audience. I loved it! I watched it back twice after my original viewing. Crypto is centered around a brilliant young banker, whose misfortune has forced him back into a town he’s tried to forget all while uncovering an impossible conspiracy.

The world today more than ever is shrouded with the thought of, “the next leader in currency”. We all know that day is coming when the U.S. dollar no longer dominates as the world’s leader in exchange of currency. Many believe that Crypto Currency will be that new leader. Lead actor Beau Knapp plays an awkward and inquisitive banker who’s thrown into a world of death, deception, crypto currency and bad business as his career takes a turn for the worse.

I truly don’t believe anyone will see Crypto and not love. It literally has any and everything you want in a film as it connects with all the emotions. The characters are also extremely relatable, that in conjunction with the appropriateness of the film makes Crypto a phenomenal movie in my eyes. It’s a movie for all ages. It’s watchable. It’s lovable. Simply put, it’s amazing!

Opening April 12th in select theaters and everywhere On Demand!

2) This review looks more realistic and from somebody who has actually seen the film. And not written by a crypto aficionado (a “no coiner” so to speak).

Review by Allison M.

Crypto Movie Rating 2.5 / 5

Tonight, I saw a sneak peek of Crypto.. It centers on Martin Duran (Beau Knapp), a New York banker who is exiled to his hometown of Elba. The first act was caught up in explaining banking practices as if we needed to make sure the audience knew that the writers knew what they were talking about. Unnecessary and boring.

As the story unveiled, it got interesting. Some of the editing let us know what was going to happen ahead of time, but once again it was unnecessary and minimized the effect of some of the reveals.

The main draw would be the solid cast with some decent names. I mean, Kurt Russell? Count me in. Also, Luke Hemsworth revealed in the Q&A that the movie was about potatoes… Don’t worry. He was totally joking.

Perhaps the movie should have been called Cryptocurrency as Crypto isn’t as specific. But once it starts getting into the cryptocurrency instead of relying on banking jargon, things start to get interesting.

Some sloppy things: Martin Duran receives an email to “Martin Durant” so not everything is consistent when they are trying to establish who he is.

Q&A with John Stalberg Jr. (director), Carlyle Eubank (writer), David Figerio (producer), Brian Berdan (editor), Nima Fakhrara (composer), Beau Knapp (actor), Luke Hemsworth (actor), Malaya Rivera Drew (actor), and F.X. Feeney (moderator).

Vegan alert: The exterior of a steakhouse is shown.

3) Twitter reviews and comments.

  • Caught a screening of #cryptomovie tonight. Cool #cybercrime flick with a dose of drugs, and a side of sweet family loyalty to take the edge off. I still don’t know what crypto is tho…
  • Just saw #cryptomovie premiere last night, Beau Knapp was great in that too.
  • The movie Crypto will be released April 12. It has already been criticized for being outdated and misguiding as the movie reflects on the early days of crypto.
  • not sure Crypto the movie is gonna help the cause… hahaha
  • Remember when the Big bang theory bitcoin episode came out and the price went stupid? Anyways the movieCrypto” comes out next Friday.
  • The world will learn more about bitcoin
  • So the trailer for the 1st ever cryptocurrency crime movie #Crypto is out. it’s nowhere how Bitcoin, ethereum, Ripple, litecoin, SatoshiLite, eos, Tron foundation, Stellar Org, Dashpay, monero work, & the crypto community doesn’t like it.
  • Kurt Russell’s new bitcoin crime movieCrypto” looks so bad and we can’t wait
  • The “Cryptomovie is about to be released. Best thing that could possibly happen for Crypto right now.
  • It’s not exactly a feel good movie more of a criminal aspect but it’s going to bring exposure…
  • HODL! Crypto Mass Marketing & Adoption is Coming!

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