Binance introduces sub-accounts


Cryptocurrency exchange Binance today announced the launch of sub-account support. This is a much requested feature, and Binance have listened to their customers.

Binance introduces sub-account support

Fellow Binancians,

We are excited to inform you about the release of our long-anticipated Sub-Account feature, which will serve entities looking to set up multiple trading accounts within a single organization and provide control access on an account level.

Features include:

  • Up to 200 sub-accounts supported under each Master account.
  • Account and trading activity overview across all sub-accounts: including login history, order management, asset management and more.
  • Zero-fee transfer of funds between each sub-account.
  • Full control of sub-accounts: including resetting 2FA, removal of API keys, orders and passwords, as well as the ability to freeze specific sub-accounts.
  • VIP tiers and corresponding discounts to be determined by the aggregate trading volume of all sub-accounts under the respective Master account.
  • Each sub-account will have its own set of API limits, enabling each account user to trade with more freedom and at a higher capacity.

Note: The new sub-account feature is available to corporate users and individuals with VIP 3 tier (or higher) accounts only. You may navigate to the “User Center” to try it out, or read through our FAQ to learn more.

If you have any further questions – please reach us at by email

Thanks for your support!

Binance Team



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