All About Jackpots


They’re the kind of wins that dreams are made of, landing the big one, the life changer. There are certainly plenty of jackpot slots about, with the biggest of them offering jackpots running into the tens of millions of pounds – the potential wins from Jackpot Slots draw in huge player numbers.

We’re going to take a look at some of the different types of Jackpot Slots that you’ll see around many casinos in this guide and give you some snippets of advice to help you try and land that big hit!

Shared Progressive Jackpots

These are the big ones, the kind of numbers you have to look at twice to make sure that you’re reading it right. Game providers such as Microgaming offer up one huge jackpot game and the game is then played on many different casinos, with all players chasing the same central jackpot(s). These huge jackpots, while they are hosted by the casinos, are paid out by the actual game providers.

A popular example of a slot like this is Mega Moolah – at the time of writing the jackpot for this is £4.6 million – take into consideration an $8.1 million jackpot was won from this slot just 10 days ago, the amounts here are astronomical.

Mega Moolah is a game that’s played across hundreds of different casinos all over Europe, the average jackpot is around £7.2 million but the biggest win by a UK player is £13.2 million and one lucky European player bagged over 18 million Euros in September 2018 from a 75cent stake!

Given the number of casinos and players that use these kind of shared progressive jackpot slots, the chances of hitting the big one are of course extremely small, which is why the jackpots are so big – it would be similar to winning the lottery.

Linked Jackpot Slots

A series or group of slots can often share a set of jackpots and these would be localised to the casino that you’re playing at.

A good example of these are the Red Tiger games offering ‘Must Drop Daily Jackpots’. A group of slots from the same provider all offer the opportunity to trigger the Jackpot round, with this particular set of jackpots they must be won by a certain time (with the exception of the Big Drop Jackpot which can be won at any time), so a great tip is to always look at how long the jackpot has to be won and if it’s not far away that may be a good time to play!

all about jackpots

If you look at the jackpots above, 2 of them must be won today and the smaller one must be won within the next 40 minutes so these games can become more appealing.

Individual or Local Jackpot

It is also very common for slots to have their own independent progressive jackpot feature. This would mean that the slot is ‘compensated’ – this means that when you place a wager (spin the reels) some of your stake is used up to increase the progressive jackpots. Only the players in the casino you are in are making the jackpot increase when they play the slot so they cannot be won outside of that casino.

Are Jackpot Slots worth playing?

Of course it’s always worth a punt however many jackpot slots offer low volatility and lower player returns because they are compensating for the jackpots.

Many jackpots slots are quite tedious to play and the bigger paying jackpot slots offer relatively disappointing bonus games and slow paced gameplay.

Overall, we wouldn’t recommend extended periods of play on jackpot slots, in particular the slots offering huge jackpots – the low volatility of many jackpot slots often means small returns to the player eventually resulting in a bust.

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