7 Oceans slot Review

Few slots come any simpler than Microgaming’s 7 Oceans slot machine game. This slot is designed to look as close to an old school land-based casino slot machine as possible. While many gamers constantly seek the big progressive jackpot slots, there are still a lot of players out there who love the retro style classic slot machines, and they don’t come anymore retro and classical than 7 Oceans. The 7 Oceans slot features three enormously large reels and all the classic slot machine icons you would expect to find with such a slot. The pay table is nice and neatly arranged to the right of the reels, and the gaming screen is right at the bottom. All are easily identifiable and very simple to work.

Wagering and Prizes

7 Oceans is ideal for all gamers because it costs very little to play. It is a three reeled slot, with only a single payline. With a top jackpot of 4,000 coins which equates to $60,000 in real money, it is imperative that the wagering limits are right for this classic slot. They are bang on the money as it were, with coin values varying from 0.25 up to 5.00, and a total of three coins being permitted to be wagered per spin by the player. This gives the 7 Oceans slot, a wagering floor of 0.25 for the minimum bet, and a betting ceiling of 15.00 per spin, for the maximum wager. Players needn’t have to worry about paylines because, this being a classic slot machine game, there is only one. All this combined, makes 7 Oceans a remarkably cheap slot machine game to play, and ideal for players on all sorts of budgets.

Bonus Features

As with most classic slots true to their ancestors, there is precious little in the way of bonus features in the 7 Oceans slot. To be fair, this works to its advantage. An online classic slot that is full of bonus features wouldn’t theoretically be a classic slot, would it? So, without any bonus features such as wild icons or scatter symbols, and with no multipliers, free spins or bonus rounds to play with; how can you go about winning the top jackpot?

Three golden sevens will result in the player winning the top jackpot that this slot machine game has to offer. Failing that, three blue sevens will afford the player a 1,000-coin win, and any three sevens will cough up 500 coins to the player, but this is only if the players chooses to wager with three coins per spin.

Gamers playing with just two coins or one coin per spin have an entirely different selection of payouts that they can go for, namely the single, double and treble bar icons. Payouts with these icons vary from 3 to 45 coins for the one-coin game and 6 to 90 coins for the two coins game. Obviously, the more bar icons you accumulate on your payline, the greater the prize you will win.

Final Thoughts

To many players, the 7 Oceans slot might seem too simple to be enjoyed, or perhaps it doesn’t have quite as many bonus features as they might like. However, to any gamer who enjoys good old-fashioned slot machine gaming and isn’t partial to a classic slot; they will find the 7 Oceans slot machine game one of the finest representations of the genre currently on the market.

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