Vericoin Wallet 1.5 Released Packed With New Features


A new version of Vericoin Wallet was released earlier this week, on Friday January 23rd to be exact. Vericoin Wallet version 1.5 is now available for download. The new wallet brings many new and exciting features to Vericoin and the cryptocurrency community. To all of you who are familiar with Vericoin knows that the wallet extends further than most common cryptocurrency wallets on the market today. In version 1.5 there is even more features being introduced. In the new tabs you can find BlockChain, Chat, Forums and SuperNET These are important indicators how hard the Vericoin strive to tie the community together with the wallet itself. By integrating all aspects into the wallet the Vericoin user don’t have to leave the wallet as soon as he wants to check on a transaction or block, chatting with friends or asking for support. The team behind Vericoin has also introduced the option to set the number of decimal places, a real-time scrolling news ticker, as well as, added more avenues to acquire VeriCoin with the Get VRC Tab.

The extended feature list does not end there. The Vericoin team has also been working hard to improve wallet maintenance. With the new feature Auto-Update the wallet automatically looks for updates periodically and notifies users as soon as a new version is available for download. Turbo Bootstrap is another interesting feature it downloads the entire blockchain from scratch with just a couple of clicks in a matter of minutes.

New Features in Vericoin Wallet 1.5

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