Making introductions using Bitcoin


When we think of ways to expand on the Bitcoin ecosystem, it invariably involves introducing vendors to the concept of Bitcoin, explaining its pros and cons compared to whatever other payment systems they’re using, and if all goes well, integrating Bitcoin as a payment option on their website.

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Bitpay offers a fantastic service to help enable this, charging a fee of just 1% and delivering cash to the sellers account the next day. Compared to credit card fees that can be triple that, Bitcoin offers a winning proposition. And, as time goes by and the seller learns more about Bitcoin, hopefully becoming more comfortable with it, they may end up choosing to hold onto some portion of the Bitcoins circulating through their site rather than convert to dollars immediately. That is a second step, only able to be taken once the seller has gained more knowledge about Bitcoin and is comfortable with its attendant risks.

Convincing a seller that they should accept Bitcoin is only one step of the process; what good is it to accept Bitcoin if no one is offering to pay with it? The next step for any of us “Bitcoin Evangelists” should be to introduce the company itself to the the community, so that the community itself has a chance to welcome them to the fold.

To that end, I would like to introduce Berksire Grain, a small granola manufacturer located in the hills of Western Massachusetts. Though they’re been in business for several years now, they’re only now making a push to sell their products straight to consumers.

They have a small but growing selection of granola, gluten-free scone mixes and, my personal favorite, wine & ale jellies, which are truly a treat! Each product is quite affordable, and, as mentioned, everything on the site can be purchased with Bitcoin, so please, guys, give Berkshire Grain a warm welcome, and give their foods a try!

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