KPN voted in as NEO MainNet consensus node


Today NEO confirmed that KPN has been voted in as cryptocurrency NEO MainNet consensus node to speed up the decentralization process. The press release can be found in English, and Chinese.

22nd October 2018: 

NEO consensus node page released recently was a major step towards decentralization. Now, KPN has been officially voted in as a NEO MainNet consensus node, indicating a further step towards decentralization. Previously, 6 of the 7 mainnet consensus nodes were hosted by NEO Foundation while 1 was hosted by CoZ.

NEO MainNet officially launched on Oct 17, 2016 and has been running in a stable capacity for two years. Since the mainnet release, decentralization has been written in the project roadmap as a major goal and pursued unwaveringly by NEO in the past two years. On July 4, 2018, NEO Developer Community CoZ became the first entity other than NEO Foundation that hosted a consensus node on NEO MainNet, bringing NEO into the era of decentralization. As a key partner in NEO ecosystem, KPN began to act as a consensus node on NEO TestNet in July 2018 and has since maintained stable operation that has been widely acknowledged by the community. Therefore NEO Foundation determined to complete the MainNet election 3 months ahead of schedule.

In the latest NEO consensus node election, KPN was officially elected a consensus node running on NEO MainNet at 6:13:12 on October 20, 2018 (GMT+8). The number of consensus nodes controlled by NEO Foundation now decreased from 7 to 5, indicating a further stride towards NEO decentralization.

The NEO consensus node page updates the latest node status and votes with a visual display of applicant info for “on-chain governance” and “off-chain governance” respectively. In the future, NEO Foundation will further delegate the consensus nodes to reliable, trustworthy and qualified partners to fully realize decentralization.

7 consensus nodes currently running on NEO MainNet:

  • 5 maintained by NEO Foundation
  • 1 maintained by CityOfZion
  • 1 maintained by KPN

7 consensus nodes currently running NEO TestNet:

  • 2 maintained by NEO Foundation
  • 1 maintained by NEO Global Development
  • 2 maintained by CityOfZion
  • 1 maintained by KPN
  • 1 maintained by Swisscom Blockchain

NEO Decentralization Timeline:

November, 2015: TestNet launched.

April, 2016: ANTSHARES-GUI consensus node voting system went live.

October, 2016: MainNet launched with 7 nodes hosted by NEO Council voted in as consensus nodes on NEO MainNet.

July, 2017: ANTSHARES-GUI was renamed to NEO-GUI and a latest update was released.

January, 2018: The voting algorithm was optimized.

January, 2018: NEO-GUI was adapted to the optimized voting algorithm.

January, 2018: CoZ ran consensus node on TestNet.

January, 2018: KPN, the largest telecom service provider in Netherlands, ran consensus node on TestNet.

May, 2018: P2P network was improved.

July, 2018: Consensus node candidate information website was released.

July, 2018: CoZ was voted in as a mainnet consensus node by NEO Foundation.

September, 2018: Swisscom Blockchain, was voted in as a consensus node by NEO Foundation on TestNet.

October, 2018: KPN was voted in as a mainnet consensus node by NEO Foundation.

2019: NEO is scheduled to fully democratize the election of consensus nodes.


22nd October 2018: NEO 共识节点页面于近日正式上线,推进了去中心化进程。此前,NEO 主网 7 个共识节点中,NEO 开发者社区 COZ 运行一个,其余六个均由 NEO Foundation 运行,现在,荷兰皇家电信(KPN)正式成为 NEO 主网共识节点,标志着 NEO 去中心化再进一步。

2016 年 10 月 17 日 NEO 主网正式上线,目前已稳定运行两年。在这两年的时间里,去中心化始终是 NEO 的发展重点,2018 年 7 月 4 日,NEO 开发者社区 CoZ 成为首个非 NEO Foundation 运行的共识节点,拉开了 NEO 去中心化时代的序幕。作为 NEO 生态的重要伙伴,KPN 从 2018 年 7 月开始在 NEO 测试网运行共识节点,迄今为止 3 个月中 KPN 运行的共识节点保持稳定,获得社区的高度肯定,NEO Foundation 决定提前 3 个月完成主网投票。

在 NEO 最近一轮共识节点投票中,KPN 于 2018/10/20 6:13:12(北京时间)正式当选 NEO 主网共识节点。KPN 成为主网共识节点后,NEO 主网上 7 个共识节点 NEO Foundation 运行数量减少为 5 个,对 NEO 的去中心化进程是具有重要意义的一步。

目前,NEO 共识节点页面中提供了节点运行状态,节点投票数据等信息,并将 “链上治理” 与 “链下治理” 的共识节点申请提供了可视化信息。未来,NEO Foundation 运行的共识节点将逐步分发给可靠、可信、具有出色技术能力的合作伙伴,以完成完全去中心化。

目前主网的共识节点共有 7 个

  • NEO Foundation 维护 5 个
  • CityOfZion 社区维护 1 个
  • KPN 维护 1 个

目前测试网的共识节点共有 7 个:

  • NEO Foundation 维护 2 个
  • NEO Global Development 维护 1 个
  • CityOfZion 社区维护 2 个
  • KPN 维护 1 个
  • Swisscom Blockchain 维护 1 个

NEO 去中心化进程:

2015 年 11 月,测试网上线。

2016 年 4 月,ANTSHARES-GUI 共识节点报名投票系统开放。

2016 年 10 月,主网上线,NEO 理事会 7 个共识节点选出。

2017 年 7 月,ANTSHARES-GUI 更名为 NEO-GUI,发布更新。

2018 年 1 月,投票表决算法优化。

2018 年 1 月,NEO-GUI 更新以适配优化后的投票表决算法。

2018 年 1 月,CoZ 在测试网运行节点。

2018 年 1 月,KPN 在测试网运行节点。KPN 是荷兰最大的电信公司之一。

2018 年 5 月,P2P 网络改进。

2018 年 7 月,共识节点候选人一览网站发布。

2018 年 7 月,NEO Foundation 投票选出主网共识节点 CoZ。

2018 年 9 月,Swisscom Blockchain 开始在测试网运行节点。

2018 年 10 月,NEO Foundation 投票选出新的主网共识节点 KPN。

2019 年,NEO 计划全面开放共识节点的选举和投票。


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