KeepKey LLC Buys Multibit the Bitcoin Wallet Software

Today MultiBit announced that KeepKey LLC the creator of the intuitive Bitcoin hardware wallet will be buying the wallet client MultiBit. According to the statement posted on Multibits website the transfer of the product, code and website will take some time and will be finalized in the coming weeks.

How will this affect the Bitcoin users?

MultiBit HD users will be largely unaffected once KeepKey take over the MultiBit website and code base. The most visible difference will be that the MultiBit HD installers will no longer be signed by Jim Burton and instead be signed by KeepKey LLC. This will also include new PGP signatures for new releases. This change will occur at the next upgrade.

KeepKey are committed to maintaining MultiBit HD as an open source MIT licence project going forward. They are of the same mind as us regarding MultiBit Classic which has reached its end of life. We strongly urge anyone still remaining on Classic to migrate to HD as soon as possible.

MultiBit tips the hat and says thanks!

The existing MultiBit team have been developing, releasing and supporting MultiBit HD and Classic since 2011. We would like to thank the many developers and localisers that have contributed their efforts to the MultiBit project over the years.

Developing MultiBit has been a fascinating experience for both of us, but we feel that it is now time to move on to other projects. We are happy to have found a new home for MultiBit and are looking forward to KeepKey continuing the project’s journey.

We wish them all the best !

Jim and Gary

MultiBit Developers (2011-2016)

What KeepKey intend to do with the MultiBit software has not yet been confirmed.

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