Forbes, crypto, hacking and the fake news epidemic


We started Wise Cryptos because we were fed up with the fact that crypto news websites never distinguished between opinion pieces, real news straight from the source and sponsored advertorials (in a recent investigation 80% of crypto news sites were happy to post paid articles as their own words with no disclaimer). What you are reading now is a blog post, we keep our Wise Words blogs separate from the official cryptocurrency news because we have our own opinions (of course we do, we ALL do). But the longer we spend in the crypto space the more disturbing the crypto news landscape becomes…

Bitcoin miners will try and hack your website…

We haven’t always been too kind toward Bitcoin and what we have noticed is that shortly after we publish something either putting Bitcoin in a negative light or publishing an article praising one of the main competitors like XRP, our website gets hit with hundreds or thousands of hack attempts. These attacks range from technically pretty good attempts to the down right ridiculous (trying to gain access with the username “admin”, “wisecryptos”, “qwerty” etc like we are stupid enough to use something like admin as an administrator username).

The large Bitcoin mining giants and the early Bitcoin holders will do whatever it takes to keep Bitcoin in 1st place and keep the price high enough so that they can slowly sell out their profits without crashing the market.

… or they will try and buy it instead

The amount of so called independent crypto news websites that are funded by or outright owned by big cryptocurrency players is astonishing. There are huge corporations with their evil tentacles all over the media landscape and crypto media is certainly no different. Obviously the paid propoganda articles are all over the place but there are also media companies who count crypto and in particular bitcoin among their investment portfolios and in turn buy up small, medium and large crypto news sites in order to push their own propaganda and shill their investments. Some media giants are huge and own dozens of crypto websites.

And then there is Forbes and friends

Forbes used to be an unbiased financial news site but they were bought out by a Chinese / Hong Kong / Singapore company Integrated Whale Media in 2014. Since then the editorial stand point has been far from completely ethical and they now have staff and guest writers very much biased toward Bitcoin with notorious Bitcoin maxis like the infamous super-shill Tone Vays writing for them.

But even more than that, many once great media institutions now accept paid guest posts and these are just another way in which Bitcoin maxis try and sell their rhetoric to the unsuspecting public. The newbies in the crypto world are bombarded with news about bitcoin written by these paid shills and google searching comes up with many so called trusted sources endorsing the shill. While we all know that Bitcoin is an environmentally destructive force controlled by China and by the criminal Tether mafia and money laundering exchanges but try finding the truth by accident if you are not looking for it. Impossible.

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