Ethereum and XRP Price Analysis: Strong technical analysis says what?


“Oh my goodness will somebody please make them stop!”

These cries of despair can be heard all over crypto land every time somebody opens up a cryptocurrency news aggregator.

“I wonder what is going on in the cryptocurrency landscape today” we ask ourselves… “Any major breaking news? New partnerships for my favourite crypto? A crypto project is about to go live with their mainnet? Hacks, scandals, exit scams?”

No, when we open up our beloved crypto sites all we get faced with every single day is amateur know nothings filling in their daily quota of 600 words with inane price predictions based on nothing and with no research or even care.


Surely these massive media companies who own most of the top crypto sites know a little something about media? And about their readership? Don’t they know that people want quality rather than just any old made up bull shit? This is not 2017 when everyone was blindly and obsessively reading any price prediction going?

Or is it just me? Am I alone in wanting FACTS rather than empty hot air or stupid promises? There are some very good traders on Crypto Twitter, Discord, Telegram, etc (though there are far more useless charlatans so do your research before following any). Some of these guys have decent success rates but more importantly they have systems for protecting against big losses. But these traders and technical analysts are not writing 600 words per day for $0.03 per word on these “news” sites.

There are big crypto sites I read quite often. But there are a lot I will never ever visit again. So I ask these publications, please raise the quality of your cryptocurrency articles or you won’t have any readers left to click the barrage of ads and links you force upon us.

I know I have ranted about this before but I couldn’t help myself after seeing one websites “Ethereum and Ripple price analysis” blogs this week which I will run down for you (just the headlines):

Ethereum Price Predictions:

“ETH Price Analysis: Ethereum going to crash” Published 4 hours ago on March 8, 2019
> Result = Nothing happened yet but didn’t you just tell us yesterday ETH was bullish?

“ETH Price Analysis: Is Ethereum in a bullish zone?” Published 1 day ago on March 7, 2019
> Result = Nothing happened.

“ETH Price Analysis: Ethereum in critical zone” Published 1 week ago on February 28, 2019
> Result = Nothing happened for a few days till Bitcoin miners pooped on the entire market to pay their electricity bills.

“ETH Price Analysis: Ethereum about to fall?” Published 1 week ago on February 27, 2019
> Result = There was a flash crash and ETH quickly returned to normal.

Ripple Price Predictions (XRP):

XRP Price Analysis: Ripple going to crash to $0.3? Published 2 hours ago on March 8, 2019
> Result = There has been a little bit of very minor ups and downs so far but yesterday you told us it was going up didn’t you?

Ripple Price Analysis: XRP above to break major resistance? Published 1 day ago on March 7, 2019
> Result = Down fractionally.

XRP Price Analysis: Where is Ripple heading towards? Published 2 days ago on March 6, 2019
> Result = It went up, thanks for nothing.

XRP Price Analysis: Ripple Bulls ready for action? Published 1 week ago on February 28, 2019
> Result = 1 or 2 percent rise. Well played sirs but yesterday you were bearish so covering both sides means you can’t win and can’t lose.

XRP Price Analysis: Ripple in a bearish momentum? Published 1 week ago on February 27, 2019
> Result = it went slightly up and then slightly down again.


What is the point of these articles? I honestly don’t know. Please stop. Save yourself your 3 cents per word generic content writers and focus on quality. Or if you are like me just have the odd rant and rave about things that excite you or piss you off. But no more price predictions OKAY?

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